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Media Resources

These videos are recommended for students and teachers. For more videos visit our Green Map Channel at YouTube!

Educational Videos

Energy & Environmental Exploration Modules

Summary of video:

An overview of our Energy & Environmental Exploration Modules, and how to create a Green Map based on the modules (which you can download in local or New York editions). Includes overview of global Green Map program and preview of Green Teens Green Map.
7:23 minutes

Healthy Living Harlem: Green Mapping for Eco-Justice

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Summary of video:

Faith leaders and community activists of Harlem have joined forces with Columbia University's Science and Religion program to fight for environmental justice through a Green Mapmaking project that identifies both green places, such as parks, and environmental hazards, such as places with high emissions. Check out this detailed article or the Harlem Eco-mapper's Profile for more info. This video was selected for the 2009 festival: "Representing Ourselves: from the Grassroots"!
8:47 minutes

How Green is My City?

Summary of video:

This short video explains how the Open Green Map can help you create an instantly available, easy to update and enhance Green Map. More about exploring and sharing Open Green Maps is here.
3:25 minutes

Jersey City: Farm in the City

Summary of video:

Using a mix of Green Mapmaking and appreciative inquiry methods, 75 people took part in the first Farm In The City visioning in Jersey City NJ in August 2010. Sustainable Jersey City, Washington Park Assn, JC Food Coop, JC City Planning, Real Returns and many other participants made this a powerful event! Find more at SustainableJC.org.
1:01 minutes

International Projects

Gotica a Gotica / Drop by Drop (in Spanish with English subtitles) - 3 Parts

Summary of video:

Gotica y Gotica/ Drop by Drop, a moving portrait of Green Mapmaking in Cuba by Ana Margarita Moreno and Centro Félix Varela. Created in 2004, this project has impacted more than 100 communities across this resilient and resource-efficient island country. Find an update in this 2014 blog post.
25 minutes in total

Green Map Neuköllnische Heide

Summary of video:

This video is a documetary about students from the Kepler School in Berlin, Neukoelln, who have discovered and mapped their socio-ecological nearby neighbourhood and add the information in a Green Map. German with English subtitle, created by Berlin Green Map's Peter van de Loo and colleagues. For more info visit their website (in German) or take a look at their Mapmaker Profile.
2:56 minutes

Green Map Jerusalem

Summary of video:

The Green Map of Jerusalem maps all environmental and social sites and activities in the city, allowing residents and tourists to enjoy Jerusalem's urban environment in a sustainable way. Hebrew with English subtitles. Created by Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel. Find more info about this map by visiting their website in Hebrew (or in English) and by viewing their Mapmaker Profile.
5:20 minutes

Green Map Parati

Summary of video:

This community mapping project documents sustainable businesses, regional history, and ecological points of interest in the region of the Parati, Brasil. Led by Pace University's Dr. Claudia Green, through this process, tourism management students promote ecotourism development. Visit their Mapmaker Profile for more info about this map.
1:39 minutes