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Green Map Japan 03

GreenMap Japan ’03 was one of the first Green Map Hubs, a regional/national mapmaking support centers, and rapidly became a successful model. At the time of the publication of this page, there were over 30 independently led projects in Japan (there were 70 by May 2007!). Green Map Japan offers resources, including national meetings, a website, teachers kit, a listserve and workshops. With the Hub’s support, Japan has held major exhibits in Hiroshima and Tokyo; symposiums in Nagoya, Kamakura and Nishinomiya; publications of jointly written articles and publication of a 40-page Activity Guide, and the Mirai project to encourage youth mapmaking during the summer break.

Author: Green Map System, 2004.

You can download this story as a pdf using the link to the attachment at the bottom of this page. Some of the links cited in this story are:

Green Map Japan
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Mirai (The Future) by Youth Green Maps
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and added more recently, Kyoto's Open Green Map
list of Japanese Green Maps
Update on Japan, 3-11

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