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Global Meeting 02

The Global Mapmakers Meeting 2002 in Bellagio, Italy was the first time a large group of Green Mapmakers from all parts of the world gathered together. Some of the outcomes of this exciting week included:

• the initiation of new regional and national Green Map Hubs,

• the concept for the Green Map Atlas (which became the template for this website's Mapmaker Profiles),

• our community mapping book "Mapping our Common Ground" in English and Spanish

• Green Map Icons, version 3, and a rich cross-cultural exchange of methodologies, concepts, design strategies and more.

Read about this historic meeting, its diverse participants, and some of the specific outcomes in the illustrated PDF attached below. If you would like to help us return to Bellagio, please contact us.

Author: Green Map System, 2002-2009. 

Some of the links cited in this story are:

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Green Map Atlas by Green Map System & Green Map Japan
Mapping Our Common Ground by the Common Ground Community Mapping Project and Mapas Verde Americas Network

Bellagio Photo Album

Bellagio Report II (Highlighting Diverse Outcomes)2.38 MB