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Green Map Services and Consulting

There are many compelling reasons to engage Green Map System's services and involve us as your sustainability and community consultant.

For the past fifteen years, we have worked successfully across cultures with educational, governmental, commercial and civil society organizations to inspire communities to connect with, care for and improve local sustainability resources. With a network of over 900 locally-led projects in 65 countries, we have developed and promoted adaptable tools and methodologies that help a broad range of stakeholders plan, publish and disseminate hundreds of unique Green Maps that contribute to healthier institutions, workplaces and neighborhoods. Most Green Map projects work independently with the array of resources they can access once they have registered, but for others, our affordable custom services can strengthen the project and enrich its outcomes.

Our team of experienced project managers, designers, social media and technology specialists, educators, and communicators has helped businesses to be better corporate citizens, government agencies and nonprofits to take leadership on sustainable community development, and universities and schools to undertake informed, climate healthy activities with their students.

Green Map System’s consulting and services can help you take the next step towards greening your institution, business or agency, including:

  • Strategies for increasing direct local participation to meet your sustainability mission’s goals
  • Resources for organizing and networking sustainability projects across cultures and borders
  • Capacity building and leadership development strategies
  • Green marketing, sustainable design and social innovation that changes perspectives
  • Curriculum that brings classroom into the community, informing and inspiring the passion of youth and adults to care for their home place
  • Designing customized approaches to Green Mapmaking that have measurable 'beyond the map' impacts

  • Green Map System staff and Mapmakers around the world have worked with diverse stakeholders, sectors and sustainability needs, as shown below. Explore brief case studies in each section to learn about our practical, inclusive approach.

    Spur efficiencies, shift corporate culture towards greening, and support community interactions/relationships that underscore corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programs. Download PDF or learn details in More...

    Facilities managers, faculty and students become aware of ongoing programs and new opportunities to green the campus and strengthen community connections while meeting academic goals. More...

    Engaging inclusive participation in sustainable community development is our mission. Bring our experience in and engage your constituents in high-profile events, campaigns and curriculum with community-wide benefits. Download PDF or learn details in More...

    Our in school and in out of school programs can have a transformative effect on children and youth while meeting educational standards. Moreover, the place-based skills involved in Green Mapmaking are effective green job training. More...

    Seeking a way to bring a range of programs together and make it easier for everyone to get involved? We can help! More...

    View a list of services here or contact us for more information.