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Green Maps that Engage Stakeholders in the Workplace

‘Company Green Maps’ represents our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Green Mapmaking can:

• Spur energy efficiency and resource conservation in various workplace settings, and chart successes that everyone can understand

• Encourage changes in the company culture to support corporate sustainability and climate change measures

• Motivate efforts to engage in collaborative projects with other stakeholders in your community that yield across-the-board benefits

Company Green Maps represent a relatively new component of our mission, first appearing in 2005. Created to spur environmentally-sound and socially responsible business practices, these in-house Green Map projects are intended to help the company's staff and management make progress toward more sustainable workplace practices. Below, find case studies from China, Japan and Taiwan.

Engaging awareness and action for a sustainable workplace

The resulting Green Map can be released to the public or shared in-house – each program has unique outreach strategies and practical outcomes:

• The process can include both indoor and outdoor areas of the corporate campus, and can extend to the surrounding community.
• The mapping can be used to identify and remediate problems, to showcase the CSR program's accomplishments or to plan future improvements.
• With their fresh perspective on local green living, Green Maps can help employees reduce impacts as they commute to the workplace or help orient newcomers.
• Green Maps can highlight biodiversity on land owned by or near to the company, highlight programs you have supported or form the centerpiece of interaction with local community groups.

Overall, the goal of the Company Green Map process is greater personal involvement and tangible improvements in workplace practices, procurement and production. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or an emerging social entrepreneur, these case studies will show you how companies have worked with local Green Mapmakers and Green Map System to significant improve conditions, raise morale and balance the people-planet-productivity equation. You may also be interested in applying our expertise as consultants in other ways. Download PDF overview.

Engaging the Whole Office

The first Green Map charting an office space was made in 2005 by corporate staff at Ricoh, an office machine company, in Nagoya Japan. An original concept of Tomio Shibagaki, a manager in Ricoh’s CSR Department, this small but important map was part of a prefecture-wide Green Mapmaking program that was presented at Aichi EXPO 2005 and seen by a million people. In office tours and other presentations, this Green Map was used to extend the concepts and practices successfully employed at Ricoh to other workplaces through a regional corporate responsibility network.

Delta Electronics - World-Wide Measurable Impacts

The Company Green Map pilot program was taken up by a Taiwanese-based company that introduced it in all their facilities worldwide over a two-year period – thus making them the first to create the first company-wide Green Map project! Guided by a network of Green Mapmakers based at Taipei’s Society of Wilderness and promoted internally by Bruce Cheung, Delta's Chairman and CEO Yancey Hai who stated:

"The most important mission of the Green Map is to use a graphic format to record all the facilities and activities that support environmental protection and energy conservation."

Indeed, each of the 18 Green Maps published by Delta Electronics features an accounting of the CO2, energy, water, waste and costs reduction achieved.

In China, the Wujiang Plants Green Map's savings were significant!
Each of the company's facilities had notable paybacks and outcomes (download a map).

The company created an animated interactive 'e-learning' tool to share what they accomplished with their 60,000 employees and to encourage them to extend the efficiencies to their own communities. Designed to appeal to all audiences, Delta Electronics' animation included a Green Vision along with each of the Green Maps and highlighted outcomes for each. Originally provided in English and Chinese, it's currently offline.

With facilities in China, Taiwan, Japan, The Netherlands, California and other places, Delta Electronics gained much through Green Mapmaking, and distributed packs of Green Maps to celebrate their 35th Anniversary. Championing the project from the beginning, Vincent Chen from Delta Foundation also wrote about the outcomes for our 2009 book, Green Map Impacts. Download Delta's story (or the entire book).

"...our colleagues enjoyed a collective creative experience completely different from their everyday work. At the same time, through on-site inspections of each factory, they were able to fully explore their work environment and discover green areas they had never noticed before...” Bruce Cheng, Chairman, Delta Electronics, Taiwan

At Green Map System, we were delighted to learn about the outstanding initiatives implemented both to successfully save precious resources and to address the ecological health of workers. Accolades to Society of Wilderness, whose efforts have successfully engaged thousands of people in Green Mapmaking in schools, outdoors and in workplace settings.

Keeping a New Green Building Green

Nokia’s new building in Beijing China received a Gold LEED Award from the US Green Building Council in April 2008. It's the first new commercial building constructed in China to receive this award. In order to ensure that all employees gain a deeper understanding of this building's green attributes and how to preserve and extend environmental sustainability, more than 20 members of the Nokia Environmental Ambassador Club volunteered to make a Green Map. Local Green Mapmakers at Friends of Nature Beijing trained them and a colorful, beautifully detailed Green Map was published. As a result of this effort, employees report a better understanding of their workplace environment.

Interacting with Campus Greening

At, explore New York University’s Open Green Map which charts a wide range of projects supported by NYU Green, the school's community-engaged campus-wide sustainability initiative. Now rated one of the 20 greenest universities by the Sierra Club, NYU's interactive map can be updated rapidly to chart changes. Each site on the map can be enhanced with the public's viewpoints, images, videos and impact assessments. NYU's Sustainability Task Force and staff at Bobst Library are behind this ongoing effort to engage students, staff and the surrounding neighborhoods in lowering climate impacts and increasing access to green living resources. Find out more about the Open Green Map and how this platform can increase involvement on your campus, too.

Involving the Community

On Green Walk Day, 2006, community members of all ages took part in Green Mapmaking along with Aichi Green Map and employees of Denso Group. Teams set out with base maps to mark the green sites through direct observation, and all sites were added to a single Green Map at day's end. While this was a group activity that coincided with a citywide event, it's also possible that a workshop with staff could lead to Green Map projects with local community groups and schools throughout the year.

The case studies shown here used our adaptable resources for making printed Green Maps. Now Green Map System has new tools that can make the process of creating a workplace or community Green Map a more interactive process. Using the new Open Green Map platform, a public or in-house Green Map can be charted, enhanced and updated quickly. Green Map staff and Mapmaking partners can assist your Human Resources or CSR department in the training of staff to work with their children’s schools or community groups to extend the benefits beyond the workplace with our educational modules.

If you are interested in starting a Green Map project in your company with your sustainability or CSR program or engaging us in related projects, we invite you to download an overview and contact us with your questions and ideas.

Business involvement is a key element in promoting sustainable practices worldwide! Let Green Map System help you create more healthful workplaces for your employees, your families, and communities.

Want to help us? You can sponsor a program or give a tax deductible donation. We're in the 1% for the Planet program too!

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