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Our Services

Discuss your needs with Green Map System staff and regional members of our global network. We would be delighted to help you reach your sustainability goals. See’s About section for more background, especially the staff page, or contact us today: info[at]greenmap[.]org or by phone at +1 212 674 1631.

Green Map System’s Consultancy Services focus on:

Community organizing
Usability and universal design
Organizing and collaborating across cultural barriers
Communication for climate healthy sustainability projects
Feasibility and strategic planning
Social innovation and green tech applications
Systems design

  • Strategic planning and project methodology
  • Project management
  • Map design workshops
  • Curriculum development
  • Production and promotion
  • Licensing Green Map Icons for signage, applications, books, products, etc.
  • Developing custom symbol sets
  • Icon Sponsorships
  • Icon products
  • Strategy and Campaign Implementation
  • Green and social marketing
  • Hands-on building of “community capital”
  • Multilingual Speakers
  • Workshops and demonstrations
  • Green Map parties

  • Some skill-building and project developments outcomes through Green Mapmaking

  • Technology, communications and ecological literacy
  • Promotion for the social and green economy
  • Cross-culture collaboration and exchange
  • Create a lasting record of change
  • Experiential and service learning
  • Place-based planning and visioning
  • Voice assessment of current issues and innovations
  • Orientation to community assets and challenges