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Barcelona City Council

Barcelona (Barcelona ) - Barcelona - Spain - Europe
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Barcelona City Council
Ajuntament de Barcelona
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Barcelona City Council is a local government formed by 41 city councillors, elected for a four-year term by universal suffrage. Is one of the two biggest cities of Spain

Declaración de Intención

Promoting Barcelona’s culture of sustainability through the creation of an interactive map, carried out collaboratively by citizens, businesses, organisations and the public authorities. The map seeks to present initiatives and/or resources that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment, the creation of a fairer and more inclusive social structure as well as the enrichment of community and neighbourhood relations.

What --> It's a virtual interactive map, linked to the Open Green Map and it's now a social network for smartphone users, which brings together the city’s key social-environmental initiatives. Essentially, the map provides practical information on points of interest (e.g., shops, accommodation, services and infrastructures), routes marked with QR codes, and citizens’ experiences of the city (textual accounts, photographs, activities).

Who --> The +Sustainable Barcelona Map is a tool for fostering community relations, a joint project between the public authorities, businesses and third-sector organisations. The concept behind it came from the Catalan Society for Environmental Education, the Centre for Research and Information on Consumer Affairs and the Fàbrica del Sol municipal facility.

It is an ongoing dynamic mapping project open to everyone; as it expands establishes itself, more and more third-sector and other organisations will be able to get involved. It is a participatory project that seeks to foster sustainability within the city, as well as strengthen and promote Barcelona’s civic networks.

How --> The initiatives included in the map are mostly selected through public-participation processes, by organising days when points of interest in and itineraries through Barcelona's various neighbourhoods and districts are mapped collaboratively. Points of interest, photographs and textual accounts may also be added individually.

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La organización del Mapa Barcelona más Sostenible se lleva a cabo mediante la colaboración de la Administración, empresas y entidades del tercer sector. Ha sido conceptualizado por la Sociedad Catalana de Educación Ambiental, el Centro de Investigación e Información sobre el Consumo y el equipamiento municipal de la Fábrica del Sol.

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