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Salt Lake County Green Map

Salt Lake County - Utah - United States - North America
Imagen de Salt Lake County Green Map
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Repertory Dance Theatre
(801) 534-1000
Linda Smith
(801) 534-1000
Executive director
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Founded in 1966, RDT create, performs and preserves classic and contemporary modern dance choreography and is committed to finding ways to engage new audiences with performances, educational activities inspired by literature, poetry, music, visual arts, environment, ‘place’ and socially relevant issues. In addition to public performances, RDT produces a variety of community-based programs and has a long-standing commitment to arts-in-education. Outreach activities include lectures, informal performances, and teachers’ workshops, open rehearsals, annual summer workshops and year-round classes that serve to train and ignite the creative voice in people of all ages.

Declaración de Intención

Repertory Dance Theatre will create choreography and an arts-Green Map residency that will focus on developing a more sustainable future by utilizing the Green Map System tools for self recognition, enlivened by the art of dance, to inspire and stimulate a dynamic understanding of ‘place.’

RDT will:
• Initiate Green Map surveys to empower communities with understanding of their environment, economy, history, culture and trends.
• Collaborate with diverse community groups and organizations in the Salt Lake County to compose the many local Green Map segments, and catalyze their synthesis into the Salt Lake County Green Map. The survey will include an area encompassing 800 square miles in the Salt Lake valley, with rapidly-growing population exceeding one million and its prospering economy, an area including two mountain ranges and one of the nation’s most ecologically critical migratory bird habitats around the Great Salt Lake .
• Create movement language expressing Green Map icons. RDT has commissioned choreographer, Zvi Gotheiner and composer, Scott Killian to utilize the Green Map icons as springboard for dance and music.
• Assist community development of ongoing local Green Map utilization tools (physical map icons, web-based mechanisms, etc.).
• Create residency activities, classes, and workshops inspired by the Green Map survey.
• Create dance performances, integrating Green Map arts pattern vocabulary, incorporating movement, music, and other arts based on Green Map icons appropriate to a place.
• Reach new audiences and develop appreciation and understanding of the art of dance
• Encourage environmental responsibility and celebrate environmental progress.
• Inspire community action and partnerships and expand a community’s sense of
sustainable “place.”
• Recruit schools, neighborhood groups, community councils, municipal governments, environmental and social organizations, and agencies of state and federal governments to participate in the Green Map synthesis, to construct a dynamic mirror to our ‘place.’
• RDT will draw on staff and volunteers to stimulate the modern dance audience, partner-sponsors, institutions, universities and businesses to participate actively in Salt Lake County Green Map creation.

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