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Partnerships for Parks

New York City - NY - United States - North America
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City Parks Foundation
Carlos Martinez
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Partnerships for Parks is a joint organization of The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and the City Parks Foundation, the only independent, nonprofit organization to offer programming in parks throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

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As part of its Catalyst Program, Partnerships for Parks strives to help communities reclaim their waterfront parks. The Catalyst Program is a four-year project that identifies three to four historically under-served parks and dedicates itself to galvanizing support for and commitments to convene people to identify and work toward shared priorities, facilitate collaboration through communication and problem-solving, and link grassroots efforts to financial resources and decision-making opportunities. By building community interest and involvement, connecting community partners to each other, and promoting sustained leadership and involvement, the Catalyst program helps to support the actualization of the potential possessed by a community’s park. The program is currently working in communities near East River Park in Manhattan, Kaiser Park in Brooklyn, and Soundview Park in the Bronx. These parks all offer access to the waterfront, in addition to possessing sports fields; park houses; passive recreation areas; and pathways for walking, jogging, biking, and relaxing—known as greenways.
Catalyst uses GreenMap to illustrate the positive sites and resources located in the communities, as well as to help community members envision how the areas can become more sustainable and socially just in the future. By using GreenMap Systems, the Catalyst program highlights areas within the communities that are environmentally or socially positive, from a community garden that offers free water color painting workshops, to a scenic view of the Bronx River to an organization which provides after school programs for local youth. In line with Catalyst’s mission to help neighborhoods reclaim and improve their waterfront parks, A GreenMap can also serve as a tool to map and note what the community needs or is lacking. The map can be used to find helpful resources, organizations, and locations that can help raise awareness while uniting different community groups and individuals, or just so a resident can navigate their community in a new way.

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