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Common Ground Project

British Columbia, Canada (Victoria ) - BC - Canada - North America
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Common Ground Community Mapping Network at University of Victoria
Common Ground
Maeve Lydon
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The Common Ground Community Mapping Project is a community-based mapping and planning project based in Victoria BC Canada, that provides mapping and learning resources for schools, neighborhoods and communities wishing to undertake sustainable community development and planning projects.

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The Common Ground Community Mapping project began officially in 1998 and stemmed from several projects and interests with local and global relevance and connections. Maeve Lydon facilitated bringing together a diverse group of people interested in sustainability, popular education, bioregionalism, green, asset and parish mapping, aboriginal worldview and rights, conservation, participatory learning, GIS…many interests converged around the common interest in getting citizens of all ages involved in mapping and planning their communities. Together they named the project.

Since 1998 Common Ground has helped more than a dozen local communities produce community maps, including five Green Maps. We maintain a Victoria and Region Community Green Map in both print and online versions. More information about our previous mapping and community engagement activities can be found at http://mapping.uvic.ca/ Our core team is Maeve Lydon and Ken Josephson.

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