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Banqiao Taiwan

'Banqiao Dist','Jinshan Dist','Pinglin Dist','Yingge Dist','Bali Dist' - New Taipei,Taiwan - Taiwan - Asia
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Environmental Protection Departmart,New Taipei City Government
wei-chih Liao
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The nation's first independent work is performed in units of local government carbon reduction, and energy saving, green transportation, recycling, low-carbon life, low-carbon industrial policy as a five spindle, in addition to build the country's first low-carbon city seat as the goal, the future is more to green building, green energy, recycling resources, green transport, sustainable living environment for the development of the five-oriented strategy, the new Taipei Looking prospective new era of green city.

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New Taipei City Government Environmental Protection Agency partner in local residents, local volunteers together to discuss together after making field visits.

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