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Pingtung City GreenTransportation Map

Pingtung City (屏東市 ) - 屏東縣 - Taiwan - Asia
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Pingtung City Government
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+886(08) 7518772
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We are estabishing a LOHAS city for Pingtung citizens

Declaración de Intención

Environment pollution, biodiversity loss, and global warming are the common devastating crises human being have to face in the 21st century. Making green map by the locals is a method to encourage people considering their living environment, and changing behaviors to be environmental friendly.
The current transportation condition, which causes complication, crowdedness and severe pollution, is the major environment problem of Pingtung City. Establishing a green transportation system will be the best solution. The Mayor of Pingtung City Mrs. Lin has launched a policy to build a city cycling net. Deriving from this policy, we introduce a worldwide valued system called GMS, using the Open Green Map Platform to establish a Pingtung City Green Transportation Map. It functions as revealing our environment situation and cycling route to help our citizens and tourists more easily find the green sites and green routes of our city. It also inspires people to participate in environment improvement. Through this global collaboration, little by little, we hope to reverse the current pessimistic tendency of climate change and environmental deterioration, and create a healthier and sustainable environment in the near future.

Visión General en el Idiomal Local

環境汙染、生物多樣性消失、全球暖化造成氣候變遷等是21世紀人類必須面對的諸多難題,透過製作綠活圖來關懷環境,策勵我們改變不良生活習慣,達成建立健康與永續的生活環境是台灣各級政府的手段。行政院2013年核定的「市區道路人本環境建設計畫」,包含了「全鄉(鎮、市)型綠色樂活地圖」項目。2015年屏東市公所獲得內政部營建署補助辦理「屏東市綠色交通樂活地圖計畫」。複雜、擁擠與高汙染的交通狀況是屏東市的重要環境問題,綠色交通是解決問題的良方。市長林亞莼女士首先推動屏東市的自行車道網絡計畫,我們選擇了世界通行的綠活圖系統(Green Map System)來作為我們執行計畫的工具與平台來關懷我們生活的環境、找到我們的目標,策勵我們積極努力改善生活環境。透過全球的合作,積水成河、積沙成塔,以使全球逐漸惡化的氣候與環境有緩和及逆轉的機會。

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