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Instituto Brookfield

Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo - Brazil - Latin America
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Instituto Brookfield
Maria Oliveira
About this Mapmaker

Instituto Brookfield is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable development of the areas of acting of its maintainer, Brookfield Incorporações.

Instituto Brookfield develops and gives support to projects and environmental actions and is being supported by Brookfield Incorporações since 2008.

Declaración de Intención

The Friends of The Earth School Program was created by Instituto Brookfield in 2007 to promote environmental education (EE) practices and principles in the public schools of Santana do Parnaiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The main objective is to build a practical and thoughtful environmental education process at school, involving students, teachers and the community in actions to improve their quality of life and environment in an interdisciplinary and integrated way.
Since the Program started more than 56 schools, 120 teachers and 5.000 students participated in the EE actions. At least 37 EE projects were made and 12 are in progress in schools at this moment.

(1)EE formation for teachers and school directors
(2)EE Projects for schools (including participative diagnose)
(3)Support the implementation of EE projects

Topics of work
(a)Our city: exploring past and present to build a sustainable future
(b)EE: tool for change
(c)Water: treasury of life Biodiversity: preserving all forms of life
(d)Is that Waste? Meeting conscious consumption
(e)Changing for climate
(f)Build an EE project at school

Integrating the Earth School Program and Green Map System
In 2010, aiming a broader engajament of the schools into local reality we decided to integrate the Green Map System to our Program. This decision was made considering that the Green Map System proposal (to promote inclusive participation in sustainable development) is very close to our objectives and also that Green Map icons are lined up to our topics of work. We substituted our participative diagnose tool for the Green Map mapmaking process.

Location and target group
Our Green Map project is located in Santana do Parnaiba and is going to be made by school-related communities (teachers, students, leaderships, parents and others).

•Creating green maps of schools and their neighborhood in order to empower school-related community to create projects and practices that enrich/improve local attributes (natural, social and cultural).
•Promoting dialogue and connectivity between the schools in Santana do Parnaiba and other experiences and cultures (from mapmaking processes, challenges and results).

Starting the Green Map process
We decided to start with a public school called Juscelino Kubitschek, in Cidade São Pedro, one of the poorest locations in the city. Mapmaking process will engage 23 school teachers and 304 students from 5 to 13 years old.

Aims for 2010:
Green Map of Cidade São Pedro

(1)EE formation for teachers
Workshops on mapmaking processes and themes.
(2)Supporting mapmaking process at school
Environmental educator from Instituto Brookfield will work with teachers to produce the Green Map.
(3)Public consults in the neighborhood
Once thematic green map is chosen and finalized at school we will schedule public consults at NGOs, other schools and organizations located in the neighborhood.
(4)EE Projects for schools
From Green Maps of the schoool and neighborhood we will construct participative projects to improve community quality of life and local environment.

Visión General en el Idiomal Local

O Instituto Brookfield é uma organização dedicada ao desenvolvimento sustentável das regiões de atuação da sua principal mantenedora, a Brookfield Incorporações. O Instituto trabalha com as seguintes linhas de atuação: Conservação e Educação Ambiental e Desenvolvimento Local.

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