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China-Beijing-Friends of Nature

Room 406, Building C, Huazhan Guoji Gongyu, No. 12 Yumin Road (Chaoyang district ) - Beijing - China - Asia
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Friends of Nature
+86 10 65232040
Xiao Wu
Project leader
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Friends of Nature (FON) is the first environmental NGO based in China that has officially registered with GMS since 1994. It has been promoting environmental awareness and calling attention to China’s most pressing environmental problems for over a decade. FON became a participant in the GMS network in 2005. Because of its influential position and rich experience in environmental education, FON became the Regional Hub Leader for the Chinese mainland.

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We have successfully finished our first Green Map in 2006 featuring bicycling resources. We have worked with many community and company groups. Our next goal is a series of community Green Maps, which will track and highlight the changes in Beijing before and after the Olympic Games in 2008, and 8 small community Green Maps will be published in late 2009-early 2011. We are also aiming to develop a flatform and a set of tools for volunteer and citizen participation in environmental activities in Beijing.

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