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Recycle A Bicycle NYC-US

New York City neighborhoods - New York - United States - North America
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+1 (718) 858-2972
Lisa Stein
+1 (718) 858-2972
Executive director
People in the organization speak Spanish.
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RAB is an innovative and fun youth training and environmental education initiative that has taken root in New York City public schools and respected after-school youth programs. RAB promotes everyday bicycle use and teaches bicycle mechanics.

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To meet our environmental education mission, Recycle-A-Bicycle does a lot more than just teach bike repair. Since 1999 we have worked with Green Map NYC to create maps that document and explore environmental issues in New York City neighborhoods. To date we've made 6 maps, and a seventh is underway. Through our repair bike safety programs in Brooklyn and Upper Manhattan (Inwood), RAB has continued making Green Maps, always including justice issues. Through making these maps, kids learn how much fun it can be to make your community a better place.

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