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Sustainable Swansea

Swansea (Abertawe ) - Wales - United Kingdom - Europe
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Sustainable Swansea
Abertawe Gynaliadwy
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About this Mapmaker

Sustainable Swansea helps to make Swansea a more sustainable place to live, work, visit, and enjoy!

Declaración de Intención

The Sustainable Swansea initiative is comprised of a range of projects that are helping Swansea to become more sustainable, through working in partnership across the county. Sustainable Swansea helps to facilitate change by raising awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, by educating people and offering support to developing schemes, and by highlighting and rewarding good practice.
Projects include;
Swansea Sustainability Trail
Swansea Green Map
Sustainable Swansea Awards Scheme
Swansea Alternative Transport Map
and the new Planet Penlan Community Green Map

Visión General en el Idiomal Local

The Swansea Green Map was the first to be published in Wales. There are now nearly 300 locations on the map, highlighting the amazing array of resources available in the Swansea area. This is a well established and constantly developing project;
The recently updated leaflet contained so many new locations, that it was hard to fit them all on!
Plaques have been made for locations on the map, so now when you walk around Swansea it is like you are inside the Green Map.
The Swansea Interactive Green Map gives far more information than is available on the leaflet, and gives wider information about sustainability.
Planet Penlan is a project focusing on a particular community within Swansea, and is helping the local residents make their own Green Map of Penlan. By providing free training in Basic IT skills, digital photography, image editing, and internet and websites, the community will be able to maintain the interactive map, after the project ends. This is a pilot project, and if successful will, be rolled out in other Swansea communities.

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