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NEW!!! There is a brand new with a simpler request process - check it out HERE!

Green Map System is a collaborative project with important social and environmental impacts. Green Maps are direct, democratic communication, dependent on local knowledge, action and responsibility. Mapmaking teams have the commitment, networks, skills and spirit it takes to initiate and complete this challenging project. You are invited to volunteer to become the leader of your community's Green Map team and make a major contribution to your home’s healthier, more sustainable future.

Potential Green Mapmakers should explore the profiles in the Maps section, then go to the Mapmaker Registration page. Please explore our inclusive social mapping website, the Open Green Map, as this resource is also available to your Green Map team!

Student Green Mapmakers, please start with Youth or University introduction or explore the Maps by theme.

If you are interested in participating as a:

  • User of the Green Maps - please start in our Maps section.
  • Researcher for an in-depth project - check the Research Projects introduction.
  • Journalist – check the Press Room in our News section.
  • Supporter of Green Map System, see Support Us or use the Donation box on the right.
  • Global Citizens – check links on the top left to our multi-lingual resources.

If you are ready to become a Green Mapmaker, then go to the Mapmaker Registration Page.