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Website Changeover Soon!

Transitioning from website to website, 2007

You may have noticed a launch party announcement, set for December 10, 2018

During the next few days, this 2007-2018 website known as the 'Greenhouse' will be replaced at so you may notice a moment of disruption or two.

We are so grateful to all the people who have contributed to this website over the years! It will still be online, and accessible at, as long as Drupal 4.7 is supported. It was built out over a two year period, led by Thomas Turnbull, with Carlos Martinez, Beth Ferguson, Wendy Brawer, Gottfried Haider, Yelena Zolotorevskaya, Maddy Goldfarb, Miikka Lammela and Yoko Ishibashi, plus Openflows and most recently Ciprian Samoila, who is also taking the lead on the new website. read more »

Dec 10! Join our Open Event!

A Green Map Update!
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you are invited!  

Put a healthy, sustainable future on the map! Please contribute today.

Save the date! Join Green Map System
for the opening of our OPEN initiative

You are invited to the big reveal!

Green Map's OPEN Celebration
Monday Dec 10
7 - 9pm
Thoughtworks NYC
99 Madison Avenue

Green Map System is now an open source organization, paving the way for new collaborations and innovations that directly address climate urgency while building local capacity for change. Already, there are exciting developments benefiting from our 22 years of experience, network and impacts worldwide. 

Join the party! Be among the first to see our new website that supports this new approach and celebrate  as we look forward together. Please put the date on your calendar now, and watch for details in November. All are welcome! read more »


Get the Gifs at

Join the #AnimateChange campaign
share your resiliency and readiness actions with our new Animated GIFs!

With your phone, it's easy!
Visit to make your social media, texts and websites unforgettable!

Tag it #GreenMap and #animatechange please! Take part in October!
#AnimateChange on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as your blog, text messages, emails, iMessages, etc.

Green Map Icons are featured on these animations, find tips and embeds below.

Thanks to all who contributed to this project using the guide here! We selected, re-mixed and posted at Use these to amplify your positive actions!

#animatechange campaign created by Green Map System with support from LES Ready, new media artist Jamie Leo and Parsons School of Design Sustainable Systems class with Professor Jean Gardner during the school's Crisis Week: Ana Maria Cano Villazon, Binghang Chen, Siyu Hang, Sophia R. Hayes, Hyun Ji Jo, Ava L. Kershbaumer, Jiwoo Lee, Yea Sun Lee, Sunny Li, Maria Margarita P. Mapa, Alexa Murray, Valentina Outumuro, Hyunji Song, Ching Ju Su, Qian Sun, Haoran Wang, Siyi Zhang and Yunzhe Zhu.

Follow at too!

    read more »

New Michigan Green Map

River Raisin Institute's Resilient Monroe Green Map initiative

It wasn't very long ago that the River Raisin Institute registered and voila! Thanks to the project team of Kelly Salchow-MacArthur, designer; Danielle Conroyd, Sharon Venier, Brittany Santure, the new Green Map is making quite a splash - here's a post from the team at RRI, and you can download and enjoy the map below. We love how it's packaged up, ready for collecting your own observations and favorite sites!


Our Resilient Monroe Green Map initiative goals are to:read more »

Launched! Mapping our Common Ground, V3

On May 31, 2018, Green Mapmakers celebrated the debut of Mapping our Common Ground, third edition in two locations, simultaneously!

Download your copy free at!

• The main event took place at an international conference in Budapest, Hungary. Maeve Lydon of the Common Ground Community Mapping network and Crystal Tremblay of University of Victoria presented the eBooklet at the morning session of the Living Knowledge Network - Science Shops workshop sessions.

• The Bistrita Green Map was launched by the Asociația Harta Verde România at the same time. Since co-author Wendy Brawer was taking part in this Green Map workshop along with program coordinator Ciprian Samoila, the new Mapping our Common Ground was also introduced to this local audience at the beautiful Biblioteca Judeteana Bistrita-Nasaud.

Updated and expanded, this free 64-page eBooklet is a comprehensive guide based on the participatory community and Green Mapping experiences of the Common Ground Community Mapping network, the University of Victoria Community Mapping Collaboratory in Canada, and the worldwide Green Map network. Our thanks to dozens of Green Map projects and global partners that contributed to this third edition.

Download the presentation below!

Co-produced and written by Wendy Brawer, Ken Josephson and Maeve Lydon. Originally published in 2006 with a Spanish version produced in 2007, this 2018 updated edition reflects the progress made in community mapping and technologies, featuring campus curriculum and research, digital technologies, participatory planning and co-development, and more.

read more »

NYC Ranger Conservation Corps' Mapmaking

When the first Green Map of NYC was made back in 1992, people were surprised to see the abundance of nature in the city. We realized the importance of promoting our wealth of parks, beaches and other natural places as a way to promote ‘staycations’, support engagement, protect the wilderness, reduce sprawl and improve quality of life, across the board.

That’s why we are especially excited to share the first Green Map made by the Manhattan Ranger Conservation Corps! Created with a cool after-school program run by the Urban Park Rangers of NYC Parks, you can check out their map at It provides an enticing look at the lovely places that host classes, walks and workshops. Join the Urban Park Rangers on an upcoming program – there’s a calendar full of terrific events on the NYC Parks website - it’s quite remarkable!

read more »

UN 2030 SDGs

We have been developing a unique, community-based approach to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Popularly known as the SDGs, and recognized with the rainbow ring that signifies the 17 priorities, you can review our project here:

As our network expands the uses of the SDGs, we are adding them to a Slideshow. With both actual and aspirational projects, we hope these applications will inspire you.

Download the poster that compares Green Map Icons to the SDGs in English and French. Soon, this chart will be available in Chinese! Want to pitch in on another language or develop an experience or application with us? We look forward to hearing from you!

SDGs via GIPHYread more »

Award List

Some of Green Map's awards

We were recently asked to post a list of our awards. Find details and honors to our network and team in our Awards section too!

Honors for Green Map System:

2017: TED Residency ( is our director's TED Talk on Green Map)
2015: Certificate of Appreciation, International Visitors Program, US Dept. of State
2013: Creative Climate Action Award, NYC
2012: Google 24 Hours of Good
2011: NetSquared Invitational Winner
2011: Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award
2011: Treehugger Best of Green - Smartphone App
2010: Living Labs Global Winner
2010: Treehugger Best of Green - Best Eco Travel Resource
2009: Index Awards, finalist - Social Design, Denmark
2009: We Media, finalist - We Media and Ashoka Changemakers USA
2008: Maps in Apps, third place - Tele Atlas USA
2007: Environmental Quality Award - US EPA, Region 2
2005: NGO Global Village Exhibit Award - Aichi EXPO 2005, Japan
2002: Spirit of the Land Award - 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics USA
2001: Technology Benefiting Humanities Awards laureate - The Tech Museum USA
2001: Certificate of Merit - Municipal Art Society USA
2000: Project Around the World - EXPO 2000, Germany
1999: National Award for Sustainability - President's Council on Sustainable Development
1998: Global Best Practices 100 List - United Nations Habitat, Kenya

Ahead to 2018

Mapping for Change in 2018
A Green Map Update!
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Make our 2018 powerful

Put a healthy, sustainable future on the map! Please contribute today.
Story Map by Jake Greenberg (Brandeis 2018) made during his summer with us at Green Map

We are coming to the end of a difficult year for the environment. At Green Map, our work to engage people at the local level is more important than ever!read more »

TED Talk!

2017 began in an exciting way - our founding director and Green Map were selected for a TED Residency. Now after a wonderful stint working at TED being connected with new ideas, new media and great people, we are delighted to present Wendy’s TED Talk.

This talk shares the future of Green Map, which has gone ‘open source’ to encourage fresh new kinds of mapping and projects that advance our mission of inclusive participation in sustainable, resilient community development. We’re excited to see what this new approach (with a Creative Commons 4.0 license that invites users to freely use the Green Map Icons on non-commercial projects of any kind, adapt and share them provided that you give credit to Green Map System (yes, we are happy to discuss commercial uses, too!). More on this in our soon to launch new website! read more »

At PECSII in Mexico with Green Map

(ver español debajo) In November 2017, Mapa Verde Irapuato and Green Map System joined the PECSII conference on "Ecosystem Change and Society" in Oaxaca Mexico. For us, it was a great opportunity to think more widely about the benefits Green Mapmakers provide to nature as well as community.

In the session on tools and strategies for sustainable cities, Wendy Brawer, our director opened with a 10 minute presentation on the global program, highlighting themes around participatory regeneration, climate change and Latin America, especially Cuba and Brazil. Her talk included the latest local initiative from New York, which is testing the waters of ‘going open’ with placemaking activities. read more »

Climate for Change - Our Actions & Events

A Green Map Update!
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Climate on our Mind

think global, map local!

With extreme flooding, record-breaking hurricanes, and too many places under threat, climate action remains our gravest challenge. How can we, together, best face this existential crisis?

Let's do more for our home planet. Join us at three events listed below. 

At Green Map, we have worked to reduce climate impacts at the community level since Day One, providing a direct means to communicate local options for sustainable living and towards a healthier, more just and lovable city.  As we give people the tools needed to conduct local eco-assessments, we equip them to make real change, shifting perspectives about community assets and liabilities and contributing to positive, cross-cutting actions with across the board benefits. 

Climate-themed Green Maps have been made in Thailand, South Korea, Spain and other places, as presented at the Crisismappers conference.
In addition, we have placed climate action on many NYC Green Maps and encouraged more engagement through events, media and consulting. Indeed, every Green Map we've made has included energy efficiency and renewables!read more »

Virtual Mapping of Public Libraries

After thinking about which public spaces in my local community have had the biggest impact on me, I considered one which has helped me further my education and bolstered my enjoyment of reading: my public library! The Northern New Jersey Public Libraries Map highlights this invaluable resource which encourages literacy, education, research, and social interaction, all for free.

With this community resource in mind, I started to think about how to map them. After doing some research, I discovered that my local library was part of a larger system called the Bergen County Community Library System (BCCLS), and found the organization’s website extremely helpful. After finding the names and addresses of all the local public libraries, I knew I needed to find their coordinates to map them, so I used the geocoding platform, My Geo Position. With all of this information on a spreadsheet, I was ready to publish the northern New Jersey libraries on the Open Green Map platform, and after a few days of data entry had an interactive Green Map with 80 sites!read more »

Learning Tech for Sustainability with Green Map System

Jake Greenberg and Wendy Brawer at the People, Power, Planet Party Street Fair on the Lower East Side

Hi! My name is Jake Greenberg, I am a rising Senior at Brandeis University (a college in Waltham, Massachusetts) who has been volunteering at Green Map System during the Summer of 2017. Work is always exciting at Green Map System and I have had more opportunities here than I could have ever expected. With that, I am excited to share some highlights from my experience so far!

I began by assisting Green Map System in incorporating new technologies for community mapping and working toward the launch of its new website, planned for fall 2017. With a background in GIS from college, I have specifically been helping Green Mapmakers utilize advanced platforms like Story Maps on ArcGIS online, making an example map, the Northern Valley of New Jersey Story Map, to demonstrate how the platform works (and to help finalize the tutorial kindly donated by Esri Canada). My map has pictures, videos, and descriptions, each of which makes the Story Map come to life. read more »

Cape Town wears the biodiversity crown!

We are really proud of the amazing Cape Town Green Map team - check out their latest post

""Cape Town is the most biodiverse urban area in the world" reports Dave Chambers in The Times.

The stability of Cape Town's climate on the southern tip of Africa has enabled it to become home to approximately 3000 species of plants, 361 species of birds and 83 species of mammals. read more »

Baltimore Update

Think Global. Map Local. Hi Tech, low tech, both have their charms.

Low tech works well for outreach. It's fun, immediate, and stimulates interesting conversations. Baltimore Green Map used icon stickers, 4 x 6 cards and a city map to collect new sites to be Green Mapped at Baltimore Office of Sustainability's annual Town Hall on April 18. We learned about several community gardens and orchards that are new to our map and recorded why there is pride in these community accomplishments. This methodology also became the vehicle to learn of several locations where residents see opportunities for major improvements. That points the way to new hyper-local mapping to give voice to their ideas. read more »

News from Curitiba Brazil

Participant at the Open University of Maturity

We're happy to share recent publication news from Profesor Rodrigo Botelho-Francisco and Joana Gusmão. provided by Maria do Carmo Duarte Freitas, professor at Universidade Federal do Paraná

Green Map Report - 2016

Local coverage:

Presentation of the Green Map Project on April 28, 2016, for a class of the elderly participants of the Open University of Maturity (approximately 70 people) and realization of a dynamic with the class using the Green Map icons and their meaning,

National coverage:

Enrollment of a poster about the Green Map Project in the Regional Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Science Progress (Palhoça/Santa Catarina), and the presentation of the poster on October 06, 2016. Access the abstract.

International coverage:read more »

UN 2030 SDG Goals & Our Icons

The United Nations’ work on sustainable development has been an inspiration to us since Day 1. Now, the UN has a new way of clearly setting out goals. We applaud this breakthrough on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs!

We have matched our award-winning icons to these 17 Global Goals. There's a PDF to download and share below, in English and French. At this page,, there's a slide deck about the products we have created to date, plus inclusive SDG concepts we would like to co-develop, too. read more »

Green Map & TED!

Excitingly, our director, Wendy Brawer is now a TED Resident!

With 14 weeks of support to further the development of Green Map as an 'idea that matters" the residency culminates in the making of a TED Talk (see some of the most popular and search all of them here).

As you can guess, Wendy is delighted that she and Green Map are included. Based at TED's NYC offices, the Residency program curates a co-hort of 20 accomplished people, all briefly introduced in TED's more »

Tororo's New Project - please help!

Liberty Conservation and Development Association was started in the year 2000 as a community-based organization located in Africa at Tororo Uganda. The aim of the organization is to protect and conserve the environment and to promote sustainable development. Liberty CDA consists of men, women and youth committed to working together to transforming planet earth, starting at home. Here, we introduce 4 projects and invite you to help us achieve our new goal, which will benefit all of the residents and environment of Uganda.

Green Map Project

The first project implemented was the making of the Tororo Green Map. This was first Green Map created on the African continent, according to global nonprofit Green Map System.

This Green Map helped everyone identify, promote and link areas of environment importance in Tororo with the help of collectively shared Green Map icons. The map has acted as an eye opener as far as environmental issues are concerned. In addition, the map was used by policy makers to help make Tororo a better place, and led to the projects described here. Liberty CDA has been using this map to help promote more friendly green sites, and as a way to build capacity. read more »

Cuba's Mapa Verde Network


In November 2016, our director, her partner and Irapuato Mexico's Green Mapmaker, Nathalie Castiaux, met with leaders from the Centro Felix Varela, an NGO in Havana Cuba. Following a welcoming lunch with the whole staff, we learned about the wonderful week planned by the Green Map team. This group has led Mapa Verde Cuba for more than 15 years!

Update post-Hurricane Irma: Liana Bidart, director, wrote, "In the Rincón de Guanabo, Irma devastated the dune and all the vegetation of the beach, but the Mangroves resisted the attack and protected the infrastructures of the station. This place had the least impact in Guanabo, while in other communities of the coastal north coast the damage was terrible. The office in Havana lost furniture, documents, and office material, but could reopen in a week and Green Mapmakers in the province of Ciego de Avila were strongly affected but there were no losses of human lives". Let us know if you can help in some way.

Led by biologist Liana Bidart, a team of five organized an on-target three day workshop with 40 Green Mapmakers at a seaside hotel. This terrific event included exhibits from eight 'nodes' that include 1863 members across the country, presentations by every group and co-development of 2017 goals, which include stepping up on climate change and women's empowerment. We also toured a community center and heard from youth, seniors, project leaders and partners, rounding out the story of this program's impacts. 

40 terrific Cuban Green Mapmakersread more »

25 Years Today!

Wendy Brawer at the Papanek Social Design Awards in Vienna (photo by Peter Aiolovia, 2011)

The date was December 13, 1991. I was in a room full of environmental activists in New York City. The @UnitedNations Earth Summit ‘prepcom’ was coming up, where Agenda 21 would be negotiated prior to the main UN event in Rio. We were planning talks and tours for hundreds of governmental, sustainability and social justice participants who would soon arrive, some to stay a month.

I thought about these individuals coming from all over the world, and wondered, would they see the signs of progress that I was noticing: Community gardens, farmers markets, bike paths, solar sites and more? I considered their many languages and cultures, and decided I should make a map of these and other hopeful features. read more »

Nedbank Green Wine Awards – Honouring producers who conserve the winelands

Green Wine Awards Routemap

The Green Wine Awards also saw the launch of the new Nedbank Green Wine Winners Route in asociation with Cape Town Green more »

The Green Wine Awards, now in their eighth year and Africa’s only wine competition recognizes and honours wine producers who continue to play an integral role in the provision of ecofriendly wines, which embody farming for the future practices. The awards also seek to celebrate wine producers who are passionate about conserving the land while making greener, finer wines and lowering their carbon footprint.

Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible

What is the Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible?

Is an interactive map of Barcelona, done in a collaboratively way among citizens, businesses, organizations and government initiatives that shows initiatives and resources that contributes to the improvement of the urban environment, that helps building a more equitable and inclusive social structure and that enriches the community and neighborhood more »

Bike Ready

Generating action to respond to climate change is among the many things Green Map System does, as seen here. In May 2016, we worked with local film makers to create a new resource:


Framing cyclists’ response in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, this film has become a springboard for local preparedness. Along with the 4-minute film, in 2016, we created an adaptable Bike Ready Organizing Guide you can download as a PDF or .Doc so you can be #BikeReady too.

read more »

Hola LES NYC Green Map

Mapping the green spaces of today and tomorrow’s developments

The Hola LES Green Map charts the speculative future of the ever-changing Lower East Side, highlighting existing resources as well as conceptual projects that contribute to the community’s sustainability and sense of place.

Manhattan's vibrant Lower East Side is on the forefront of climate change, like all coastal communities, and this map was developed as a resource to help increase the green spaces, sustainability and resiliency of the neighborhood. The Hola LES map highlights existing green living resources, development projects that are transforming the neighborhood, and speculative design ideas that can increase sustainability and resiliency.

The map (linked here with legend) includes research gathered during three mapping workshops, interviews with community members, historical research, and through participation in Community Board 3 meetings. It was built using the Carto mapping engine platform and Green Map icons. Below, find the embed code to add this to your website!

A nice crowd joined on a tour to celebrate this map's launch on Saturday May 7, 2016 - the event was both a Jane's Walk and a LES History Month event. Excitingly, later in May, our Director was named an LES Community Hero (photo to come).

The goals of the mapping workshops, which were held in Siempre Verde Garden in 2015, were two-fold: to map the current green space and sustainable living resources and to find underutilized space with sustainable development potential. The workshop participants explored the 36 blocks between Sara D Roosevelt Park and Hamilton Fish Park from HOuston to DeLAncey streets (“Hola”). We discovered places where new green spaces could be created from currently vacant tree pits and swaths of bare earth as well as excessive paving that could be greened, an emerging Green Wall, and hidden-in-plain view gardens. We also learned where solar panels are powering neighborhood buildings, about cycling resources, initiatives to re-purpose Parks buildings for community use, and more.

Our workshops included discussion about green infrastructure to address storm water, a problem that confronts many New York City neighborhoods (the 15 ‘combined sewer’ overflow points in East River Park are evidence of this condition). We discovered underutilized green spaces that could be enhanced, gardens where rain barrels could be installed, asphalt that could become permeable, and bare earth around a housing development that could be utilized as a rain garden or bioswale. These solutions enable natural systems to work more smoothly, so that storm water is sponged up and slowed down, which will help prevent flooding in the community and the overflows that pollute the East River.

There are several development projects currently underway that impact the Lower East Side and are relevant to the sustainability of the Hola LES neighborhood. The largest is the Essex Crossing development that will add 1000 new apartments and new retail spaces to the area. In addition, gentrification is an ongoing process, with older buildings being torn down or converted to luxury housing. The map charts these new building developments from 2005 to the present.

The Big U is a 335 million dollar project that will create a barrier around lower Manhattan to reduce storm surge impacts. With community engaged in planning, the first section will break ground due east of Hola LES in 2017. NYC Community Garden Coalition's 2-million dollar "Gardens Rising" project will add another sustainable layer to the neighborhood. Launched in November 2015, green infrastructure will be planned with 47 community gardens, including the five on the Hola LES map.

Other, more local projects include: the updating of the landmarks spaces Bluestocking bookstore, the Essex Market and ABC No Rio; the Suffolk Tree Stewards, who have taken the initiative to improve the trees and tree pits in and around their block, and the projected "Lowline"project, which could become the world’s first underground park.

The Lower East Side has a unique built environment. Looking back via the Viele Map and historical references, we can see how waves of immigrants transformed land where the Lenape people had lived, building tenements, places of work and worship as the population grew. Today, income disparity, litter, lack of green space and car traffic are challenges that we residents of the Lower East Side must address to assure the vitality of this dense, diverse community.

And yes…. read more »

Our Beautiful World

For our Beautiful, Changing World
A Green Map Update!
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Turning Point Year

Connecting Changing Communities

Green Map Curitiba Brazil is an ongoing cross-disciplinary program at UFPR, the Federal University of Parana, featured in the Impacts book

2015 was our 20th year as a PR service for the hometown environment. We are proud of the role Green Map System has played in support of our beautiful planet, her people and home places. Much more than maps have been made as our network shares knowledge and skills that contribute to community greening and resiliency across the board in 65 countries.
Help us make a 2016 climate wise turning point for communities, near and far!
In the wake of the Cop21 agreement in Paris, we’ll be starting off right, looking ahead with a New Year Board retreat. We are grateful to these men and women, listed on the right, who continually make our efforts more impactful. read more »

From Island to Island

Island to Island with Green Map
A Green Map Update!
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From Island to Island

think global, map local!

The season is off to an exciting start at Green Map System. We’re just back from working with great project leaders in Iceland and United Kingdom, where we delivered six talks and workshops. read more »

The Sustainable Look of the "Third-Age" for Future Generations

 Grupo UAM 2015

“As my grandmother used to say: No one can alter nature, but everyone can improve it”

Several events related to ecology and the understanding of Curitiba were held in 2014 and 2015: The Green Map team from Curitiba conducted, in partnership with the Extension Project of the Open University for Maturity (UAM), an activity targeted at the social value of the elderly in order to contribute and promote quality of life and the cultural and social development of the participants. Workshops with 53 (2014) and 74 (2015) elderly participants were held within this program, in the Botanical Garden campus at the Federal University of Paraná. These sought to raise awareness and record ecological elements in the city related to good and bad practices of sustainability, leading them to understand these actions near where they reside or more »

Cape Town Green Map Congratulates Lumkani Fire Detection

Lumkani Fire Detection

Lumkani Fire Detection has been announced as one of the top 5 final winners for Chivas Regal’s search for the next big idea in social enterprise, The Venture.

Lumkani went head-to-head with 15 international contenders at the Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco and walked away with $75K (about R950 000) for their low-cost fire detection device.

Lumkani is a social enterprise that seeks to address the challenge of shack fires and to minimise the displacement of families in urban informal settlements in South Africa and across the globe.

“It's incredible to be selected as a finalist for The Venture among some of the brightest young entrepreneurs in the social enterprise sector. Being part of The Venture has been a brilliant journey which culminated in the accelerator week in Silicon Valley and now this win. We are very proud to represent Africa,” said Lumkani’s Managing Director, David more »

NYC’s HOLA LES! Mapping Project

Hola LES! workshop #2 participants

What is Hola LES? It’s the name of a new Green Map project that covers 36 blocks between two city parks, from HOuston Street to DeLAncey (Hola!) streets on Manhattan's Lower East Side. This hands-on project is designed to highlight not only the existing green spaces around the LES but also to identify potential for new green spaces and green infrastructure. Along the way, we are involving different groups of stakeholders and testing out different mapmaking methods.

Workshops in May and June were led by us and project partner Professor Alice Arnold. Starting from Siempre Verde Community Garden, the workshop included a discussions at both ends of the neighborhood walking tour. Workshop #1 included many Civic Corps volunteers while #2 was a global affair, with attendees from Brazil, Japan, Denmark, India and the US. We're planning neighborhood residents and youth workshops later this season. read more »

Summer News!

Summer News and Events with Green Map
A Green Map Update!
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new office, new perspectives!

Green Map has ‘moved the mountain’. Yes, after nine years of great progress and global accumulation, we have moved into a new office in the same East Village neighborhood. We said goodbye to the Connelly Center, which is expanding its school into our former space, and relocated two blocks east. Overlooking a community garden and a lively urban streetscape, our new space brings us closer to our diverse community and local sustainability efforts. Our new address is 292 East Third St, #1A. We’ll be ready for visitors soon, and a fresh flock of summer interns is starting this week.

Projects this season include updating the Mapping our Common Ground book, which focuses on community mapping and grassroots sustainability. Created with Green Mapmakers in Cuba, Brazil, the US and Canada in 2006, much of the book will be completely revised with our network's involvement. The project is led by the great team at University of Victoria, and partly funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Our June 24 workshop in NYC builds on this project!

We’re also continuing work developing our research archive, shifting our mapping platform and gearing up for new road map (pictured above) and 20th anniversary activities developed by design student teams this spring. Yes, you can support our 20th year any time! Our board has expanded, too, adding Meredith Gray of the Coop School, Lela Prashad of NiJel, and Chelsea Wittman of Google. Our appreciation to outgoing board members Lara Penin and Randy Meech, more »

Please Help Us Vote for Lumkani to Revolutionize Fire Prevention

Please Help Us Vote for Lumkani to Revolutionize Fire Prevention

The cape Town Green Map would like to offer its support! Plus, we will publish an in depth follow up blog next week! See the end of the article for details.


Sixteen start-ups from across the globe with a mission to create positive change have been announced as finalists of The Venture, Chivas Regal’ search to find and support the most promising aspiring social entrepreneurs in the world.

The forward-thinking businesses, including Lumkani from South Africa, are competing to win a share of $1 million in funding from more »

Spring News

Mapping New Directions
A Green Map Update!
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mapping new directions

At Green Map, we’re in the process of moving! Not just where we work, but also in some ways, how we work.  As always, it’s an exciting journey in support of positive change.

This spring, we are starting the process of ‘going open’. It will take some time to fully explore options and set the course forward together with our beloved Board of Directors, Green Mapmakers worldwide, student teams from social design programs at Parsons and SVA, and members of the open source community. We invite your participation in this process. We believe going open will make it easier to for people to extend the usefulness of our outcomes and contribute leadership, energy and expertise that enhances our global movement.

Why? Our world and climate are changing quickly. More people need to be involved immediately to meet the new challenges we face, and Green Maps can help them do that!  Going open will help us share and further develop our toolkit more sustainably, equitably and collaboratively.

Watch for more news about our journey to open as 2015, our 20th anniversary year, rolls out! We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for a change in location: after eight great years, our uber-nice office will be turned into a classroom over the summer, so we are soon to encamp at a new Lower Manhattan location. Once all the dust settles, we will tell you where we’ve landed – and yes, there will be a party to say “goodbye and hello again,” in the near more »

11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations In Cape Town

11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations

Cape Town will proudly host the 11th Responsible Tourism in Destinations conference on 14 and 15 April 2015 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (RTD 11) presents an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved in Cape Town, South Africa and worldwide, to document good practices applied by different producer groups and to set the agenda for change for the next 10 years.

Conference discussions will focus on practical solutions that create prosperous and sustainable urban destinations, the responsibility of tourism producer groups and the partnerships that are needed to make it work. In addition, the conference will result in a Responsible Tourism Practitioner’s Guide to Realising Responsible Tourism in more »

News about "United Nations" area Green Map in Geneva I discovered Green Map as I was a student at Geneva University in Swizerland, while I was completing my certificate in Geomatics. I realised the "United Nations" area Green Map in Geneva as an intern at « association internationale Green Map pour la Suisse Romande » in collaboration with the association «Usine21 ». Honoré Yao Doh for Durabilidée. read more »

Live Earth Climate Concert in Cape Town in June

Al Gore & Pharrell Williams

At Davos, Al Gore & Pharrell Williams announce global Live Earth Climate Concert in six cities in June - Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Sydney and Cape Town.

A Live Earth music event to demand action on climate change will take place on June 18 across seven continents, including Antarctica, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore and pop star Pharrell Williams announced on Wednesday.

Concerts will be staged in six cities -- Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Sydney and Cape Town -- in what will be the largest event of its type ever staged. The final Antarctic gig will be played by a band of scientists at a research station, Gore more »

Open Green Map Site Collector

I am excited about the potential for the Open Green Map Site Collector as a tool to enhance green maps as well as increase popularity of use.

Support our New Toolkit

A Green Map Update!
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Now! on Indiegogo

On Dec 2, join GivingTuesday by taking part in our first Indiegogo campaign. You'll be helping us create a new toolkit that engages more community participation as it streamlines the process of making an effective Green Map. Hundreds of communities will become more resilient and informed, thanks to your support!

Yes, our network and our in-house team has already created an array of resources - there are general tools - videos - youth tools - interactive resources - mobile tools - and many others tucked away in our blog and other sections. Now, with your help, we can assess all of them and create one streamlined toolkit that builds capacity, incorporates new technologies and offers innovative mapping experiences. 

Our network of city agencies, nonprofits, universities, youth and grassroots groups will be involved to assure this adaptable new toolkit will provide what's needed today to encourage action and resiliency and  become ever more important with wider stakeholder participation. Moreover, this process will help Green Map project leaders move forward in support of our organization’s trajectory toward going ‘open source’ in 2015. 

Our thanks for your tax-deductible support! Check out the perks when you give online at - or join us Tuesday night with GivKwik and Indiegogo at ImpactHubNY. read more »

Researching the Research

Over the years, a wide variety of research papers have been written about our work, digging into the outcomes, locally and globally. Now we are in the process of assessing each one for the benefit of future research and for best practice sharing.

The Green Map Research Archive is an ongoing project that began in August 2014. The first phase encompassing 25 diverse papers was recently completed in October, thanks to our fall intern, Shannon Hollenbeck. Currently she is building on the project and moving it into the next phase, which involves converting the archive into an online search tool. Our goal is to make the theses, doctorate and other papers available with their documentation of usage online complementing our current page at more »

Climate Action with Green Map

Featuring our climate actions, including Climate Week NYC events, media and history!

What's coming up in 2018? #AnimateChange! Developed during Climate Week, this campaign debuts
October 1st!

This slideshow traces 10 years of our climate maps, experiences and outcomes, and this postblog shares the story of our work for climate health (such as our award-winning Tour video, our preparedness video,, and our interactive energy and climate map), too.

Curious about other recent 'from mapping to making green places' climate actions? Download our director's 2017 overview here.

Our 2016 creative climate action is framed by a short video that helps cyclists get organized to pitch in during emergencies. Watch it at in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, thanks to the support of filmmaker Peter Shapiro and LES Ready.

Follow us on Twitter for updates at @GreenMap and explore how we put Climate and Energy on the map everyday - you can do it too!
Register at and use Green Mapmaking to help promote climate awareness and action where you live.


2018 events include the Stanton Building's June 23rd event - watch for details about this community climate action lab at Recent events included our Climate Week 2017 event, and the for Sandy's fifth anniversary in partnership with The New School on October 26, 2017!

Many thanks to everyone who took part in these past events!

You are invited to explore the Lower East Side, on a shared bike with us during 2017's Climate Week bicycling tour of renewables and bio-design.

You can pitch in on development of the Stanton Building as a community climate action center, too.

Friday Sept 19, 2014 midday
Union Square Greenmarket
Climate Design Pop Up! Get a Green Map there!

3 events on Saturday, 20 September 2014

<LUNGS Harvest Festival on the Lower East Side
11AM Green Mapmaking for Climate Health workshop at a lovely Community Garden, Green Oasis, East 8th St. btwn Aves C & D

Permaculture Skill Share and Music Festival at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn
3:30PM – Create Your Own Green Map - there are 25 great workshops here!

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces
6:15 - History of Grassroots Activism in NYC
155 Avenue C between East 9th and 10th Streets
Where does change come from? Explore the history of sustainability social movements on the Lower East Side and their impacts on climate and community wellbeing with Bill DiPaolo of Time’s Up and Wendy Brawer of Green Map. Bikes, gardens, composting, green living, maps and more – the power to change is yours.

Friday Sept 26, 5 to 7:30 pm
Climate Week Workshop at Green Map System
220a East 4th Street, NYC
Meet at Green Map System and explore how this 65-country social movement is changing how people understand, visualize and take action for their home places. After a quick world tour and video debut, you’ll learn how to bring Green Mapmaking into your community to promote climate health and engage broad participation. Then, take to the street to test your new skills! A condensed but easy walking tour will explore climate impacts in the East Village and ways its unique social fabric address resiliency. This is a Climate Week NYC event, and a diversity of participants is welcome!

We loved taking part in the big march, too (enjoy photos by Eric Goldhagen).

Lots more events:

Summer Newsletter!

A Green Map Update!
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Map it Fast!

Ready for New Participation  is our new Mobile Site Collector for interactive Green Maps! This handy webapp makes it easy for everyone to collect new green sites as they visit them. 

Now, Green Mapmakers, tourists, students and locals can collect great green living sites and quickly add up to 8 icons and a photo. Every new site is reviewed by the local Mapmaker, and when it goes live on the map, the person who collected it is notified.

Transforming how Green Maps are made, the Mobile Site Collector can be used with smart phones, tablets or computer. It has 13 language options, thanks to the contributions of the 65-country Green Map network. It even works offline!read more »

Mobile Site Collector Launches!

We are delighted to launch the new Mobile Site Collector!
It’s super handy for charting green living sites on the go and for involving new participation in Green Mapmaking.

Try it at – complete info and video are at

Created by Romanian Green Mapmakers and translated into 13 languages by our global network, this new tool is great for workshops, as well as community members and visitors who encounter places that belong on the Green Map. “Now, you can add them as you find them!" said Wendy Brawer, director of the nonprofit Green Map System. "The Collector automatically grabs the location, and all you need to do is select icons, add a little description and snap a photo. Each site is reviewed by the local mapmaker and contributors receive a notice when it’s on the Green Map”.read more »

1st Green Map Collector Workshop

In July, we took part in organizing a workshop at the United Nations that introduced Green Map’s new Mobile Site Collector to participants from 7 countries - explore the map we made at!

Organized by summer interns Benji Shulman and Samantha Riccio, it was hosted at the head office of Global Action to Prevent War, a UN-based NGO (follow their important work at While most participants have a UN connection, the group also included a member of the surrounding Community Board, Manhattan CB 6, which is an appointed advisory liaising with local government on an ongoing basis.

After short introductions and an ice-breaker (where everyone had to share the greenest thing they had done that day) participants were given a brief history of the district and global examples showing how community-engaged mapmaking has been used to build knowledge, networks and action for inclusive, sustainable local development.

Based on her experience making other Open Green Maps with the Collector, Green Map’s summer intern Samantha Riccio then gave a tutorial on how use this new fast, fun tool on mobile phones and tablets. The Collector allows people to collect sites as they encounter them through a simple effective web-app interface on their smart phones. “Offering 13 different languages, the Mobile Site Collector is the perfect tool for this very diverse group. Hopefully it will inspire them to introduce Green Mapmaking to their local communities” said Samantha.

Use the Collector at

Then the fun really began with participants breaking into groups and spreading out around the UN to make use of their new-found mapping capability. Along with many famous landmarks in the area, smaller sites such as bicycle repair and tailoring shops were also mapped. Some groups even discovered beautiful public spaces that had been unknown to them even though they had worked in the area for some time. In just 45 minutes, participants mapped 14 new sites complete with descriptions, photos and the signature Green Map Icons, showing their engagement and enjoyment in the process.

The workshop included a view of all the newly mapped sites and discussion of ways to improve the presentation. This eclectic group's feedback very helpful as we move toward launching the Collector on August 6th, and planning next steps for our 'Map it Fast' mobile tools. Thanks again to Samatha and Benji for their work on this project and to Global Action, which posted a blog here as well as hosted, and to all the participants.

NYC Fashion Map

Can we put 'good' clothes on the map? Explore, which shares shops and services for lower impact shopping choices. Created with support from Patagonia Soho, this map is embedded below (along with the code to add it to your own website, as seen in this 2016 Torchlight article). To provide a version you can print for exploring downtown's sites, find a "Jauntful" version as well as a Pinterest of the sites below. read more »

10th Taipei Tech Matsu Volunteers Mapping on Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail!

mapping survey on Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail(北竿螺山自然生態區) 2014-7-2

read more »

10th Taipei Tech uni student Matsu volunteer team mapping survey and eating big apples on the Beigan Luoshan Nature Trail.
You can find more information on the

Cape Town Green Map is Runner-Up in the Innovations for Climate Change Adaptation Award

Cape Town Green Map

Cape Town Green Map and the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation were both runners up in this category of the Greening the Future Awards.

Cape Town Green Map is thrilled to have received this recognition and says 'bravo' to Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation and their community gardening project.

Lisa Johnston reported on the two Innovations for Climate Change Adaptation Award runners up in the Greening the Future supplement in the Mail & Guardian:
Mainstream in Cape Town

When the Cape Town Green Map was launched in 2009 it was with the conscious intention of positioning all things green firmly in the more »

Green Conflict Resolution

Green Map System is the kind of place where different things to come together from different places in unusual ways. Much of my work in South Africa involves community relations and interfaith contexts the rest of the time I also have a passion for the environment. I am in New York for the summer doing some volunteer work for Green Map System and a peace and security partner organisation Global for Action to Prevent War. Could you possibly bring all these strands together in one meeting? On my first day at Green Map that is exactly what happened. Here is the story. read more »

Glasgow WAVE map goes live

We have just started a new volunteer project in partnership with two other local organisations - The Whiteinch Centre and LINKES. The project - Glasgow West Area Volunteer Experience (WAVE) - will develop and enhance volunteering opportunities in the area and the ability of the three partners to host and support volunteers more effectively.
One element of the project is the development of a map of local organisations that provide volunteer opportunities. The online map has gone live with the first seven organisations that want to be included and we have also got a first version of the hardcopy map which is very exciting too!read more »

Open Engagement

The Queens Museum hosts beautiful and innovative exhibitions and events, and in May, Green Map System took part in the Open Engagement conference with our partners at the Queens DiverCity Green Map project, Carlos Martinez and Beatriz Gil and the local arts org, Hibridos Collective. Carlos took the wonderful photos here, more are on the group's website.

OE is an annual exploration of various perspectives on art and social justice. This year it focused on a Life/Work theme, and, we found the venue and event to be an ideal showcase for Green Map! Together, we led a virtual tour of New York City around the Panorama – an amazing model of NYC built for the World Fair in 1964, and kept up to date, accurately featuring the city’s streets, buildings and green spaces.

The conference attracted attendees from all over and our 'tour group' included several states and countries. Together, we discussed many noteworthy sites, spread across all five boroughs, as seen on this little map.

We presented both global and local Queens Green Map and explored the use of our shared iconography to express the positive, green and innovative as well as the toxic and hazardous aspects of these various sites. Then, we taught the group how to use our-soon-to-be-released Mobile Site Collector to collect and add more sites to the Green Map we created especially for this event.

Our thanks to the Queens Museum, partners, organizers and participants. We had a great time sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and exploring new ways to strengthen resiliency in our hometowns!

Wendy, Bernice, Carlos, Beatriz and visitors walking around “New York City”

Visitors share their experiences and assess the potential for mapping for community engagement

Bernice (author of this post) presented one of the New York's most beautiful views - of the Hudson River and the NJ Palisades. During her internship at Green Map, she also published a Green Map of Tel Aviv!

Like being in a virtual helicopter (but without noise!) we strolled across the city in seconds

Network Gathering in Malmo and Copenhagen

A Green Map Update!
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Wonderful, Wonderful...

Fresh from the Copenhagen Region

It's quite wonderful to visit sites on the Green Map like this energy- efficient new residential area in Malmö's Western Harbor

In April, 35 Green Mapmakers & prospective project leaders got together in Malmö Sweden. Hosted by our long-time partners at the City, their regional Nature Classroom network, Oresundklassrummet, and our Canadian partners at the Common Ground Network at University of Victoria, this  international ‘collaboratory’ included a great cross-sector mix of participants. We started with a study tour of Malmo’s outstanding urban planning projects at the Western Harbor and Rosengard, followed by a full day of exchange and co-development of new strategies, applications and tools for community-engaged Green Mapmaking.

Exciting outcomes include three new Green Maps established within a week, a new video (still in production), the seeds of a new mapping platform, university-community partnerships, and more!read more »

Mangroves and Maps

Images by China Mangrove Conservation Network

#China is now home to dozens of Green Map projects, promoting sustainable lifestyles in many rural and urban communities. We at Green Map System especially appreciate the one initiated by the China Mangrove Conservation Network.

Mangroves play a significant role in coastal ecosystems by stabilizing the shoreline, providing protecting to both wildlife and people against waves and hurricanes. Mangrove forests also have a great capacity of storing CO2. In many places in the world, including China, these important trees are being cut down at an alarming rate for firewood and coastal development. A China Mangrove Conservation Network (CMCN) staff member, Jessica, described the organization’s work:read more »

Tel Aviv Sustainable Food Green Map

1909 Lot Lottery in Jaffa

There is so much to do as we search for ways to engage new people in a greener way of living.

My name is Bernice, I have lived in Tel Aviv Israel my whole life until recently, when I moved to New York and started my internship here at Green Map. Tel Aviv is a cool and vibrant city, with a fascinating history and great beaches. Tel Aviv also has a great culinary scene, and being a Mediterranean city, you can find fresh produce sold in many open air markets all year round.

I thought that a great angle from which to start mapping my city would be sustainable food, since everyone in Israel is always exchanging recipes and rivalry between the fans of different Hummus makers can become dangerously heated. A sustainable food map can also serve as a useful resource for the hundreds of thousands of tourists coming in every year, giving them the ability to practice responsible tourism as well as information about some of the best restaurants and markets in the more »

How Green Maps Impact Tororo Uganda

Some of the Impacts of the Tororo Green Map project

We're delighted to post this blog about project impacts by Odulla Joseph in #Tororo #Uganda. Find the project's profile here

The first Green Map on the African continent was created by the Tororo Green Mapmaking team. The first edition of this map was made in 1999, with the second Tororo Green Map following in 2004. I am Odulla Joseph, a secondary school geography teacher, and as the project leader, I worked very hard creating the two editions.

These two Green Maps have had a significant positive impact on the sustainability of Tororo, making it more friendly and a better place to live. Adults and children participated in green site identification, and everyone learned about the friendly and unfriendly sites we have in Tororo. The process helped children discover types of environmentally friendly green sites that are found in other urban areas around the world, but were missing in Tororo. This helped cultivate an environmental mind and attitude among the children, encouraging them to create more friendly green sites and initiate activities such as planting special trees in their homes, municipal gardens and along the sides of the roads. read more »

Thank you, U Michigan!

UM Students 2014

We had special guests visiting our East Village office this week, coming all the way from Michigan to help develop a strong concept for the new version of Andrew from Taiwan, Nehal from India, Anna from Philadelphia and Vincent from China are graduate students at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor. They chose to work with Green Map System for a week, redefining the structure of our website and brainstorming ways to improve user experience.

The photo shows University of Michigan students interviewing our board member Carlos Martinezread more »

News from Germany

Bernice and Aruna

In recent years, more and more federal sustainability policies and initiatives are spreading throughout Germany, with the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 40% by 2020 and increasing the share of renewable energy sources consumption by 60% by 2050. In the meantime, a quarter of the energy consumed in Germany is produced by renewable energy sources. This is a great setting for the several ongoing mapmaking projects taking place in Germany at the moment. Green Maps are now live in Berlin, Hamburg and Darmstadt, engaging communities and tourists in continuous efforts to promote greener and healthier ways of living. read more »

Cuba's 15 Years!

La versión española más adelante

Mapa Verde Red, the Green Map network in Cuba, is one of the more dynamic and elaborate ongoing Green Mapmaking projects. Based at Centro Felix Varela in Havana, the Cuban Green Map team has been incredibly prolific in creating tools, maps, videos, guides and educational frameworks. Led by biologist Liana Bidart Cisneros, a great group coordinates all aspects, including María Luisa Ventosa Zenea, Dely Rodríguez Velázquez, Asunción Capote Fernández, Gustavo Blanco Vale and Victoria Castillo Garrido.

In 2013, the 15th anniversary of Mapa Verde Red was celebrated with the publication of Mapa Verde en el contexto Cubano. Published by the Centro Felix Varela, this book is a thorough overview of the processes and methodology underlying the practice of Green Mapmaking as a means for sustainable community development. Download the book below! This anniversary was also marked by the Cuban national television station with a short film showing the network’s impact on sustainability in rural and urban communities in 12 of Cuba's 14 provinces.

Spot Mapa Verde from Centro Félix Varela on more »

6 New Impact Stories!!

''Green Map Impacts’, our book of locally written stories about the dynamic projects and their outcomes has been updated with new stories!

Six new stories are featured at the top of this page, followed by the original set of stories, first published in English and Japanese in 2009 in partnership with Aichi Green Map and Green Map Japan. New! Story #7, contributed by the Iceland Green Mapmakers, follows the group of six!

The new stories feature new tools and approaches – enjoy them all, story by story or download the complete book (15 MB PDF)!

Special thanks to all the authors, photographers and partners who contributed to the book project; Emily Saltz for initiating the update, Eugenie Flynn and Wendy Brawer for editing, Aaron Reiss for design, WonSun Choi for translation, and Bernice Keshet and Aruna Reddig for their work on this page. Find more outcomes at And now, the new Stories:

read more »

New 'Green by Design' Icon!

Green by Design

Globally recognized Green Map Icons connect all the maps and mapmakers together. Three versions of this award-winning globally designed symbol set have been released over the years, each one complete with multilingual posters and related resources for printed and interactive Green Map. Find them at

The design process has been inclusive and exciting but quite time-consuming. This year, we are piloting a new process, and have begun adding new icons, one by one, to the set.

Our first new icon, Green by Design, originated in Cape Town South Africa, where the terrific Green Map project has been part of the World Design Capital 2014 bid and project. Green Mapmakers Arne Purves and Philip Todres have contributed the new symbol as well as posted a blog introducing the World Design Capital program. See the new icon on the interactive Open Green Map there and follow at #WDC2014!read more »

Korean Open Green Map now open! 그린맵 공식 웹사이트에 한국 상륙하다!

sun and yutaka

Korean is the 9th language on the Open Green Map! Thank you WonSun Choi for making this award-winning platform available to 50 million more people!

안녕하세요, 그린맵 인턴 최원선입니다.

방금, 뉴욕 현지 시간으로 2014년 2월 20일 목요일, 그린맵 공식 웹사이트에 한국어가 추가되었습니다. 한국어를 포함하여 이젠 모두 9개의 언어를 그린맵에서 만나실 수 있습니다. 많은 도움을 준 yukata와 함께 한국어 버전 웹사이트를 개발하는 과정에 찍은 사진입니다.

그린맵 공식 웹사이트에서 확인하세요. 언어는 왼쪽 상단의 메뉴에서 변경 가능합니다. read more »

지도를 펼쳐, 지구를 담다. 우리동네 그린맵을 소개합니다!

picture of us

Hello, 안녕하세요?

저는 숙명여자대학교에 재학 중이며 Green Map System 뉴욕본사에서 겨울방학 기간 동안 인턴을 진행중인 최원선입니다. 인턴을 시작한지는 1달이 조금 넘었고, 한국으로 돌아가기까지는 2주정도가 남았습니다. 처음 맨하탄 사무실에 도착했을 때는 긴장도 많이 했었지만, 짧은 시간이었지만 Boss인 Wendy, 이 사진을 찍어준 Walter, 이스라엘에서 온 Bernice, 독일에서 온 Aruna 모두 친절하게 저를 도와주었기 때문에 잘 적응할 수 있었습니다. read more »

Fresh from Uridongnae - 'Our Village'!

All of us are excited to see the new Gyeonggi Green Maps!

On Wednesday a big box arrived at our office from South Korea. Inside we found a collection of beautiful maps, books, calendars and other Green Map-based information about the region of Gyeonggi-do. Luckily, we have a wonderful intern now and she will tell you about the maps, the Mapmaker and the province of Gyeonggi-do:

Hi, my name is WonSun Choi. I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I have lived in Seoul for almost my entire life., and am currently studying at Sookmyung Women’s University. I’m helping out at Green Map in New York for 6 weeks during my winter break. read more »

Cape Town's Green by Design Map

World Design Capital 2014 | Cape Town | Cape Town Green Map

World Design Capital (WDC) is a biannual honour awarded by the International Council for Societies of Industrial Design, to cities across the globe, to show its commitment to using design as a social, cultural and economic development tool.

The theme for WDC 2014 is 'Live Design. Transform Life'. As the winning city, Cape Town will plan, develop and promote a programme of events to run throughout 2014 focusing on using design as a development tool.
For an overview of the City WDC 2014 Projects click here

read more »

Using Icons to Spur Conversations

Chris Halecki, Department of State, and Janet Felsten, Baltimore Green Map

Green Map Icons provide a great prompt to stimulate conversation about climate change issues on a national and even global scale! I just experienced that firsthand when, on January 31, I had the pleasure and responsibility of representing the entire Green Map System at the citizen diplomacy-focused Global Ties U.S. Conference in Washington, D.C. Our panel, Integrating Global Climate Challenges into Local Environment Initiatives, was moderated by Chris Halecki, of U.S Department of State’s Office of International Visitors.

Griffin Thompson, Branch Chief and Senior Climate Change Program Manager, Bureau of Oceans and Environmental and Scientific Affairs, DoS, led off with a summary of current State Department activities. He cited the importance of sub-national action, a realization that some of the most successful mitigation and adaptation strategies happen at the city more »

Help us to vote for Cape Town for a sustainable future powered by renewable energy

#welovecapetown Please Vote For Cape Town
Supporters of the Cape Town Green Map can now start voting to show the world why Cape Town should be named the world's most loveable sustainable city #welovecapetown

Cape Town has been selected as a finalist city in the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ‘We Love Cities’ campaign as part of the Earth Hour City Challenge.

The Mother City has been selected from among 163 entrants from 34 cities and 14 countries.

WWF has acknowledged Cape Town’s impressive attempts to actively address climate change and the exceptional will demonstrated to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, while transitioning toward a truly sustainable future powered by renewable energy.

Everyone is invited to vote for Cape Town and to share their favourite aspects of our city through photos and videos. They are also encouraged to submit suggestions on how we can become even more sustainable.

Voting ends on 20 March 2014. The winning city will be announced on 27 March 2014 – two days before Earth Hour, which takes place on 29 March 2014.

‘We are overjoyed that Cape Town has been selected as one of the finalists in the WWF Earth Hour City Challenge. Cape Town is being acknowledged for the incredible efforts being made by so many individuals and organisations across the city striving to make this a more sustainable, more habitable place. Now, Cape Town’s residents have the opportunity to mobilise towards that dream with the same spirit, ingenuity, and accountability that we saw with the hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™,’ says City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Alderman Patricia de Lille.
 read more »

Video: Green Map Cycling Tour

At #GreenMapNYC, we created a cycling map and tour series to introduce community members and visitors to local climate change impacts and #resiliency resources that directly address local needs and networks.

Entitled Adapting to Change - Lower East Ride, we have blogged about this project since Hurricane Sandy left her mark on our neighborhood.

We have produced interactive and printed Green Maps (in Chinese, Spanish and English), all of which can be explored at, and presented at the Crisismappers Conference. read more »



Donate Today for a High Impact 2014

Your tax-deductible support means so much to us! Our year-end newsletter previews our local-global impact in 2014. Please contribute today!

12/3/13 is #GivingTuesday. We encourage all people interested in #SustainableCommunities to contribute to our nonprofit @GreenMap at

When we took part in 2012's GivingTuesday, we had 835 projects in our network - as of today, we have registered 879 locally-led Green Mapmakers! read more »

Please Support Cape Town Green Map in the SA Blog Awards 2013

Support Cape Town Green Map Blog and Vote For us!

The public vote phase for the South African Blog Awards 2013 opens on Monday 2 December 2013. Please support the Cape Town Green Map's blog and cast your vote!

Simply click the button on our page and follow the instructions.

The Cape Town Green Map was launched on World Environment Day in 2009. Our blog has been feeding "green" news ever since, keeping Capetonians "in the loop" on green Cape Town and other environment and sustainability news!
Please cast you vote for us.

The Cape Town Green Map Team

Creative Climate Action Award 2013

#Resiliency – the ability to bounce back after a disruption – depends on a strong community and the kinds of connections that Green Maps provide. Our newest NYC maps and activities won a Creative Climate Action Award in October!

Thanks to the Human Impacts Institute for honoring our Adapting to Change - Lower East Ride Cycling Tour and Green Maps that provide a view of Superstorm Sandy’s impacts and resiliency resources around our Lower East Side neighborhood. Spanish, Chinese and English editions were produced to include neighborhood’s diverse residents - download them at This is also the place to find out about the engaging cycling tours we have been hosting along with our partners at Partnerships for Parks. read more »

Great New Maps from Korea

Today we helped mapmakers with Green Gyeonggi 21 in #SouthKorea upload a SLEW of their great maps. These maps, whose topics are as diverse as their wonderful art and illustration, are now available for anyone to download at their MapMakerProfile.

Take a look at their profile below and check out their beautiful Green Maps!

Making Green Farm Maps with Youth

Tracing Old Paths, A Natural Village

Local Town Restoration Project

Connecting with Chinese Mapmakers

Angran, Eugenie and Aaron

With over 40 active Chinese Green Map projects in #Taiwan and #China, we are excited to create new bilingual resources and information to support these locally-led sustainability mapping projects.

My name is Eugenie. I’m from Taiwan and have been in the states for 18 years. I came to Green Map with a music education background and my interest in sustainability. I am currently collaborating with Angran Li, a graduate design student from Beijing (on the left), and Aaron Reiss, who studied Chinese and taught English in China, to help increase the impact Green Map System has on Chinese-speaking communities. read more »

Engaging with Green Map Icons

With the Druid Hill Park Passport and mapping workshops, we are taking the Green Map icons off the map and onto new places: as stickers to show that a mapped park has really been explored and on the foreheads of young folks assessing the green features of a local arboretum!

Learn more when you check out Baltimore Green Map's latest newsletter .

Iceland's Newest Green Map!

I was fortunate to visit Green Map Iceland on my way back from Trondheim in July, where I got to experience the midnight sun and the extraordinary energy of Anna Karlsdottir, Gunna Tryggvadottir, Einar Bergmundur and their team. #GreenMap #Iceland is terrific! In this photo: Anna, intern extraordinaire Chiara Ferrari Melillo, me and Gunna.

For me, it was very exciting to see their new Green Map in progress. Covering all of Iceland, its depth of information and design will entice everyone to explore and protect this remarkable environment. Here is a quick view of the final product which will make its debut in mid-September Check for details of the exhibition event and where to pick up copies of this gorgeous new edition graced by lovely design and well-researched sites.

I was treated to a family dinner and swim in one of Iceland’s famous thermal pools before visiting the Green Map office. See the printed Green Maps as well as their own interactive edition, mobile apps and great website, info cards, t-shirts and other informative and joyfully designed resources was truly inspiring! I’ll add a short video here featuring Gunna - more of this interview is here.

The sun stayed up late, and we did too. The next morning, Anna, Gunna and I traveled around the south west of the island – a remarkable landscape like no other on earth. Both are experts in in fields including Arctic tourism, geothermal energy and native geology and plants as well as general knowledge of Iceland’s environment so it was an especially wonderful but all too quick tour. Here is a short filmed by Gunna:

In closing I encourage you to visit – there’s abundant information and maps in both Icelandic and English to learn from.

Special thanks to everyone involved from Wendy Brawer, Green Map Director

Green Pilgrimage Network in Trondheim

The City of Trondheim welcomes Green Pilgrimage Network

The Green Pilgrimage Network (twitter #GreenPilgrims) offers a new way to address key environmental and social justice issues that many cities hold in common, and at the same time, engage people on route to holy sites and instill a new reverence for nature and sustainable living.

A project of the UK-based Alliance for Religion and Conservation, the Green Pilgrimage Network hosted a dynamic meeting with directors of approximately 35 pilgrimage sites and their local government’s environment officials in July. With pilgrimage being one of the top reasons to travel in the world, the impacts are considerable on issues ranging from waste and wastewater to health and security. At this conference, frank discussions and exchanges helped move the entire group forward toward sustainability and social justice goals. read more »

Upgrading Open Green Map!

Summer 2013 - Hanne Paine, Thomas Turnbull, Walter Perry, Eric Goldhagen and many more take part in upgrading Open Green Map!

It's been an exciting summer with Hanne Paine, Walter Perry, Thomas Turnbull, and Eric Goldhagen upgrading the Open Green Map platform. All of us have been pitching in with Hanne leading the upgrading process. You can see from the images that everyone, from board members to Rowan University GeoLab to interns, tech advisors and friends pitched in!

Much of the actual work took place behind the scenes. Our platform's base map was upgraded to Google API 3, and paving the way toward diversifying the base map, each site's info window has been consolidated into a single page. Improved forms for making the maps and adding sites, routes and areas rounded out the summer tasks.

In the images:
Center: Upgrade goes live!: Hanne Paine,Thomas Turnbull and John Daniels
1. Walter Perry, Aaron Reiss, Emily Saltz, Wendy Brawer and Hanne Paine
2. Board Reunion: Dorothy Dunn, Jaimie Cloud, Sara Tucker, Thomas Turnbull, Taylor Baybutt, Emily Saltz, Hanne Paine, Marissa Feinberg, Katherine Tiddens and Bob Zuber
3. Rowan GeoLab: John Reiser, Hanne Paine and Katrina Shand
4. Saturday Session: Hanne Paine, John Daniels, Thomas Turnbull and Liz Barry
5. Walter Perry, Hanne Paine and Eric Goldhagen
6. Mobile Lunch: Aaron Reiss, Hanne Paine, Taylor Baybutt, Willow Rook, Emily Saltz and Alexander Butterwick
(most photos by Wendy Brawer)

August = Impacts Month

Green Map Impacts book is being expanded!

Green Mapmakers have made incredible impacts on their surrounding communities. Twenty-two of these impacts are highlighted in the 2009 Green Map Impacts Book (download free here). 30 pages of illustrated, locally written stories are a worthwhile read! We interns discovered the book during ‘Social Media Summer’ and we decided, along with our soon to be released Mapmaker’s Social Media Guide, to create a campaign that features daily postings of summarized stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Dubbed Impacts Month: our August social media campaign is designed to create awareness about the real changes Green Maps have generated!

Good Timingread more »

Green Map Icon Postcards!

Green Map Icon Postcard

Green Map is happy to announce our new Green Map Icon postcard - an easy-to-use reference guide for our unique set of 170 Nature, Sustainable Living and Culture & Society Icons.

Our iconography is among our most distinctive and vital resources and this recycled paper postcard is a great, resource-efficient introduction!

To get a PDF version of the postcard to display or print locally, choose 1 page or 2 pages.

Want some paper copies for yourself or your organization? If you can cover shipping, we will send you a stack for free! Here are the prices for shipping:

A standard envelope will fit 20 postcards, and weighs 4.8 ounces. To estimate your shipping price, go to and calculate shipping from our zipcode (10002) to yours anywhere in the US. Or choose your country at the top.

For more then 20 postcards, use these weights to help calculate your shipping costs:read more »


Pintresting Green Map

Green Map System is happy to announce its new Pinterest profile! Created on a hot summer day, we're featuring Green Map’s online resources to help you easily navigate our website as well as pictures from global Green Maps and our newest NYC maps, and more!

Explore, follow and re-pin us!

Take a minute to look around the Resources Board for easy access to some of Green Map's awesome global online resources and our Global Green Maps Board to explore beautiful outcomes from around the world! read more »

A New Man

I'm a new man.Time make me live.I admit that I'm not good at anything and look forward to learning more.

Summer at Green Map!

Summer at Green Map 2013

As summer rolls in, Green Map System is happy to welcome some fresh faces to the office:

Emily Saltz is joining us from Brown University, where she majors in Environmental Studies and Economics. This summer at Green Map, she is creating a Local Food module that will help teachers, students and youth groups explore our changing food landscape. She is also working on updating our Green Map Impacts book with new locally-written stories that highlight outcomes from using the Open Green Map platform. She will be blogging for Green Map and keeping us all updated on what is going on here and in the world of mapping, so keep an eye out!read more »

What's Cooking at Green Map?

Current Eating

Happy Fourth Birthday to Open Green Map System and Happy World Environment Day to all! This World Environment Day is particularly important to me because the theme is Think Eat Save: the middle of which is a personal hobby of mine.

My name’s Emily Saltz, and I am the newest intern at Green Map. I am a rising senior at Brown University and while my official degrees-in-progress are in Environmental Studies and Economics, my passion is food. I've also worked at Real Time Farms where I took the photo on the more »

New Green Map Guide in Chinese!

4Bs Hive Guide to Green Mapping in Chinese

We are happy to announce that an important Guide to Making Green Maps has been translated into simplified Chinese!

Created in Europe by the 4BsHive, this colorful guide highlights 4 different ways to create Green Maps. With the help of wonderful mapmakers at the China Mangrove Conservation Network and our staff members Hui Zhou and Aaron Reiss, this fantastic resource is now available to our growing community of local Green Mapmakers in China, and to the public.

Download in Chinese as a compressed 2MB PDF or as a full scale, zipped 19MB PDF here. read more »


This is the Nansha Tan Village Resources Survey Summary Report

11红树林 罗燕莉(栗子)
上一次去坦头村还是一年前,感觉会有点不同。我们更加关注一路上的风景,在慢慢行走的过程中关心自己的所见所闻,在比较安静的状态下,观察和思考这一趟看到和听到的一些东西。不知道这一趟是否有开阔孩子们的视野,但对于我来说是增长了一些见识。read more »

Fresh French News!

Olivier Hoessly at Green Map

Faire défiler le texte vers le bas pour accéder à la traduction Française


I am Olivier Hoessly, I just graduated from American University in Washington DC and I am helping Green Map System as an intern, for few months! I have studied in the United States for about two years but I grew up in the south of France between Nice and Monaco.

Today I come to you with exciting news! In my attempt to reach out to France I have been focusing a lot on social media in order to attract potential new Mapmakers. And the good news is that the French Press Release I prepared is published today on a French environmental blog and we want you to check it out!read more »

Passport to Adventure via the Druid Hill Park Green Map

Passport's Inside Front Cover

In 2010 we made a very popular Green Map for a major park in Baltimore, the Druid Hill Park Green Map. So many people admired it, but never went to the park that I was determined to make an activity-oriented passport to encourage full exploration of the park's resources. Last summer I used the Kickstarter crowd-sourced funding platform to raise the major chunk of money needed. And just 2 weeks ago, on April 19, we launched the Passport at a party that also kicked off Baltimore's 10th Annual Green Week.

The major themes of Nature, History, Exercise and Culture delineate activities in four distinct regions of the park. The icons and location on the map are referenced on each page , and colorful icon sticker "stamps" match each activity. We also emphasized volunteer opportunities and are using the stickers as a way to draw people inside the Conservatory, now celebrating its 125th anniversary. Another way we will know it is successful is if we attract more people to join the park's "Friends of..." advocacy more »

Responsible Tourism Exchanges

Green Map System is taking part in two important events that aim to increase the positive value of travel.

The First International Jerusalem Symposium on Green and Accessible Pilgrimage brings 600 delegates from all religions and cities that host pilgrimages together on April 21-24, 2013. Hosted by the Green Pilgrimage Network Ambassador, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur, who stated, “The idea is at once both grand and simple, since while there is nothing new in pilgrimage, the idea of a global pilgrim partnership is an entirely new concept, which sets goals for urban sustainability and economic growth on the one hand, and for interfaith dialogue on the other.” read more »

Pierre Green Map in Local News

Residents and visitors to the city of Pierre, South Dakota now have a way to find "green." The online Pierre Green Map shows the local resources and assets that help make Pierre a green and sustainable community.

The map shows sites related to sustainable living, nature, and culture and community. Mapmaker Anne Lewis says the purpose of the map is to promote what sustainability assets and resources Pierre has. "We want to build upon what we already have," says Anne Lewis. "We want to support people who already offer sustainable resources as well as involve people who would like to start by literally showing them where."read more »

15 years! Mapa Verde Cuba

Mapa Verde Cuba 15th anniversary book!

(En español abajo)

In 1998 Green Map presented at a Cuban conference and the Mapa Verde Cuba network began an amazing journey. National television has just helped to mark the 15th anniversary with this short video showing the spread of the network!

We invite you to view Gotica y Gotica, the award-winning video created by Mapa Verde Cuba to share their methods and outcomes (part 1, 2, 3, total 25 minutes). Mapa Verde Cuba also took part in our Bellagio Summit, and in CUExpo 2008 in Victoria more »

Cape Town prints 4th Edition Cape Town Green Map

Cape Town Green Map 4th Edition

2012 was a busy year for the Cape Town Green Map. Through it all we managed to produce our 4th Edition Print Map, with the support of the City of Cape Town's Waste Management Department.

See our Media release below,

The 4th print edition of the Cape Town Green Map is now available, with a focus on green by design in line with Cape Town being awarded the World Design Capital in 2014.

Waste and recycling is another key focus. The front cover of the map features three children disposing of litter in a Zibi Bin. The fourth edition highlights some of the City’s initiatives aimed at waste minimization, encouraging citizens to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The map features tips from Zibi, the city’s mascot for waste and recycling. read more »

New Chinese Green Maps - 新生中国绿地图

Thanks to Hui Zhou, for this Chinese and English (below) update on two exciting mapping initiatives.




read more »

Hurricane Sandy & Green Map's Home

How did Hurricane Sandy empower us at Green Map System?

Our Director writes: The floodwaters stopped just a few blocks from our office in the East Village of Manhattan on October 29, 2012. Nevertheless, both the office and my apartment lost power for the entire workweek. With my trusty bicycle, I found places to work outside the dark zone, and found ways to pitch in on the relief efforts, including cycling supplies out to a hardhit area and considering how our resources could involve more people in this critical issue.

It was stunning to see how and where the water rose, so when our electricity was restored, we decided to add the high water mark to our map of energy resources. View it at (you can even embed this interactive map in your own website or blog). We also produced "Lower East Ride Green Maps" to help introduce the then-new bikeshare program and promote cycling as an everyday climate change countermeasure (download at the bottom of this page in English, Chinese and Spanish).

Bike Ready, our preparedness for bicyclists video was produced in 2016 in 4 languages. 2017 -2018's climate actions include development of concepts for a community resiliency lab and matching the global Green Map Icons to the UN's 2030 Goals.

As you probably know, Sandy has become a broad call to action for a more resilient approach to planning for climate change. We developed a dynamic slideshow on the evolution of our own local climate-themed Green Maps, including the Creative Climate Action Award we won in fall 2013, and some of related editions by global Green Mapmakers.

As noted in our Post-Sandy newsletter, on Dec 2, 2012, we held our first "Adapting to Change" Cycling Tour. Riders explored resilient solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase climate awareness - see some of the speakers below. This ride built upon our prize-winning ’10 Days of Climate Action’ Tour which included several sites from our interactive Energy edition. You can download the original 2006 version of this map under Info on the right sidebar, too.

Our tour drew diverse participants as well as press coverage in Bowery Boogie and a Play and Ideas post by Benjamin Heim Shepard.

We've continued the conversation with different participants as we have found this builds momentum for action and synergizes our ability to foment social change:read more »

NYC Compost Map in New Atlas

Compost Green Map of Manhattan as laid out for Food:An Atlas

"Food: An Atlas" a crowd-sourced, crowd-funded cartography project led by UC Berkeley professor Darin Jensen is looking to bring the Compost Green Map of Manhattan to a new, global audience!

"Food: An Atlas" is a collection of food related maps. It will feature Green Map System's Compost Map alongside maps about America's beershed and the global almond trade, as noted in this Atlantic article. Green Maps's newest project associate, Aaron Reiss, was excited to help adapt the map's layout for publication in this book - as a food and map enthusiast himself, Aaron spent much of his time at Yale mapping hidden food gems in New more »

On the Road to Open!

At Green Map System, join us as we are starting down a new road....

Since 1995, Green Map has been a participatory initiative. We have co-created icons, engagement tools and mapmaking infrastructure utilized by hundreds of mapmakers in 65 countries. Open Green Map, our interactive platform, provides an intuitive resource with every site open to public commentary. Now, we are taking the next step toward open collaborative development. Please take the journey with us, and support us as we open our data, share APIs, our programmatic expertise and much more to support a sustainable future. read more »

Green Map Archive Celebration March 27!

Green Map Archive delivered to NYPL on 10/2/12

On October 2, 2012, we moved 6 very full, well organized boxes containing hundreds of Green Maps and related materials contributed by Green Mapmakers from around the world to the New York Public Library's wonderful Map Room. There, each of the resources will be properly archived and available to the public, researchers, journalists, and other interested professionals as reference materials in perpetuity. We are delighted to have this collection delivered. We planned the launch, but then, Hurricane Sandy intervened. Impacts on the regional transit system lingered on, impacting staff at the NYPL, therefore our:read more »

Know it, Map it, Share it! eThekwini Municipality launches its Green Map

eThekwini Green Map launch - Ward 12 youth receive certificates for their participation in 'mapping sustainability'.
Set on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, eThekwini Municipality recently launched the eThekwini Green Map at the 2012 Sustainable Living Exhibition. Providing an opportunity for locals and tourists to look at eThekwini through a sustainability lens, the Green Map offers a new perspective of the municipal area and visually communicates a ‘sustainability portrait’ of the communities within eThekwini.
Led by Imagine Durban, a council-led community based project on integrated, long-term planning and sustainable development, the eThekwini Green Map “will involve all citizens in building and enjoying a more sustainable city” says Bongumusa Zondo, Senior Manager of Imagine Durban. read more »

Riding on care free day in Zheng Ru

We are going to have a riding activity on 22th September--the car free day.On this day ,we will ride bike around Zheng Ru and share our green maps of Zheng Ru to all the residence along the route.Here is our post of the riding .

Drawing green map of Zheng Ru

After visiting and much preparation,we finally started to draw our green map. On 18th August,we got together in the community center and disscussed in groups on how to draw the map.We were divied into three groups and each group was resposible for a map.One map was about the cultural sites in Zheng Ru,another is about the natural sites and the third one is about the diposal procedure of garbage.At the end of the day,each group did a great work on the map.Have a look at our map now!

Visiting all over Zheng Ru town

On 21th and 28th July,our volunteers visited each site all over Zheng Ru.We walked into each commnunity and talked with the residence.Although the weather is really hot,we strived to visit every corner of the ancient towm.In this visit,we all learnt more about it and we toot a lot of beautiful pictures.

A training about green map

On 14th july,a trainer from Being Jing gave us a training about what is green map and how to make a greenmap.Voluntees disscussed together about the meanings of icons in green map warmly.After that we made a practice on the knowlege learned on the training. We visit a small area and drawn a green map of it!

Open Knowledge Fest & Helsinki!

Open Knowledge Festival

Green Map System’s director, Wendy Brawer, will soon be in Helsinki Finland, working next week with the wonderful leaders behind Helsinki Green Map at the Open Knowledge Festival. Helsinki's outstanding array of interactive maps and their website

Here are the Open Knowledge Festival Sustainability Stream Outcomes

Here is a Good Map Summit Report with photos and more photos of the day (which was also Helsinki's Autonomy Day). read more »

Joburg Green Map arrives in time for Spring!

Johannesburg - the City of Gold - is hoping to give itself a green spring cleaning this week as it launches its very own city wide Green Map for the first time. Like all Green Maps it features the world renowned icons that are associated with the global Green Map project and is visually similar to the Cape Town Green Map so as to keep a consistent style going across the country.

Content wise, the Joburg Green Map is focused on issues which affect the city and has a comprehensive listing of sites associated specifically with recycling, parks and fresh food. It also has its own community of green events and bloggers which are contributing fresh thinking to the topic of the environment in the city. read more »

Bate-papo sobre o Mapa Verde Curitiba - a sustentabilidade no território da cidade

A sustentabilidade é um tema de interesse crescente e importância real.
Para desmitificar este assunto tão polêmico a Fnac e a Band Curitiba promovem um encontro com Sílvia Pedroso Xavier, Arquiteta e Urbanista, Mestre em Construção Civil e consultora do Projeto Mapa Verde Curitiba.
Em um bate-papo descontraído a convidada conduzirá uma reflexão sobre os aspectos de sustentabilidade relacionados ao território da cidade, sobre mudanças de hábitos e apresentará o Projeto Mapa Verde Curitiba.

and now Twitter!

Helsinki Green Map is now on Twitter!
Follow us! @HKIGreenMap
HKIGreenMap on Twitter

Green Map co-hosts local series in August

Sara D Sustainability Series

Our organization's home community is always changing. At Green Map System, we want everyone to feel they are an important part of the transition toward a more sustainable and healthy NYC.

This August, we are teaming up with long-time partners at Time's Up! to present a sustainability workshop series in a wonderful community garden called M’Finda Kalunga.

Each Friday evening, please join us for the free Sara D Sustainability Series from 6:30-8:30pm. The series includes:

• 8/10 - Bike Repair & Safety with Time's Up! read more »

Workshop Photos and Other Materials

Youth Mapmakers in Tirana Albania

Explore these links to experience more of the Tirana Albania workshops in Summer 2012. The American Association of Geographers article on the bottom is especially recommended. Green Map System congratulates project leader Juna Papajorgji and everyone who participated in this important mapping initiative!

Making the Green Maps

Workshop Photos

Letter to the Mayor of Tirana in Albanianread more »

First Green Map for Tirana, Albania - Developed in ArcGIS Explorer

Green Map developed in ArcGIS Explorer

Students of the school "Deshmoret e Lirise" prepared the first Green Map for Tirana, the capital of Albania. They created a Green Map showing the present locations of green resources, and a Future Green Map capturing their proposal for new green resources. They composed the maps using paper and crayons, and afterwards used ArcGIS Explorer to transfer those maps into a Geographic Information System. At the end, they wrote a letter to the Mayor of Tirana, asking for their work to be published on the web site of the Municipality of Tirana.

Read their letter to the Mayor in English and in more »

First Green Map for Tirana, Albania - Hand Made

Green Map developed by hand

Students of the school "Deshmoret e Lirise" prepared the first Green Map for Tirana, the capital of Albania. They created a Green Map showing the present locations of green resources, and a Future Green Map capturing their proposal for new green resources. They composed the maps using paper and crayons, and afterwards used ArcGIS Explorer to transfer those maps into a Geographic Information System. At the end, they wrote a letter to the Mayor of Tirana, asking for their work to be published on the web site of the Municipality of Tirana.

Read their letter to the Mayor in English and in more »

One City’s Award-winning Approach

In Cape Town South Africa, a remarkable Green Map project is underway. Led by the City’s Sustainable Resource Specialist, Arne Purves, and his design partner, Philip Todres of A & C Maps, this three year old project is soon to publish the fourth edition of the Cape Town Green Map. Wanting to share more about their successful approach with other municipalities, we interviewed them in June, 2012.

Green Map: Why are you making both printed and interactive Green Maps?

Cape Town: To reach different and wider audiences.

The print map is aimed at reaching locals but also visitors to Cape Town and surrounds, highlighting its unique location and biodiversity, while also promoting responsible tourism. The distribution to locals is directed through libraries, nature reserves, schools and events. Availability at Visitor Information Centres, which includes Cape Town International Airport, targets the tourists. read more »

Rio+20 negotiations

In Rio de Janeiro governments are meeting to discuss future sustainable development ( Unfortunately governments fail to make a progress, therefor civil society organizations active in the Rio+20 negotiations has launched "THE FUTURE WE DONT WANT" e-petition campaign and we count on you to sign and share it with all your constituencies.


Baltimore Green Map Newsletter

Second Graders Survey Their School Grounds

Every so often we manage to publish a newsletter; Here's a link to the latest one:

Reminder to international community - I still hope to create some national/international exchange among school children. Get in touch if you want to get involved.

Double Donations through June 21

Update - our June Match Day was such a success that our anonymous donor has extended the 100% match for a week, through June 21! All contributions - from $10 to $1,000 - made on our website or on the Global Giving platform will be doubled!

Our gratitude to the dozens of new and long-time donors who contributed on June 13 - we have already topped the $8,000 mark! Thank you for helping us bring our engagement tools and mapping resources to more communities, spur collaboration and take advantage of advances in technology and data sharing!

This campaign began on June 8, when a team of volunteers from GoogleServe came to our office and helped us re-think our fundraising and marketing strategy. Rounding out the group were Deb Italiano from Sustainable Jersey City's Green Map team, staff and interns. It was quite helpful for all of us and we could immediately put ideas to work, especially those for our Double Match Day, June 13 (which has now become Double Match Week!) Here is part of what we developed:

Each and every local Green Map project – and there are over 800 in 65 countries – benefits from the tools, processes and icons developed by the award-winning Green Map System. This nonprofit organization has been building capacity for the participatory development of smarter, healthier and greener communities since 1995.

On Double Match Day/Week, your contributions will help this organization work smarter and support more communities, improve tools and extend collaborations, globally and locally.

On Double Match Day, June 13, we encouraged people to donate at Global Giving, where we have a project profile. More than 50 people contributed, and most were matched by the Global Giving pool of funds! A generous anonymous donor topped it up to 100%, then surprised us by offering to continue to match every donation that came in at the 100% level this week. Through June 21, all your donations from $10 to $1,000 is doubled. We are thrilled - now your support means twice as much to the Green Map network!

Now, we are encouraging donors to give directly at However, the choice is yours, give directly to us or on Global Giving. Either way, it is tax deductible and matched through June 21, Summer Solstice!

Thank you for pitching in – let your friends know, using this tweet if you like:read more »

Druid Hill Park Passport - a Green Mapping Project on Kickstarter

Ever since we made the Druid Hill Park Green Map, I've been wanting to design a passport/activity to go along with it. Tonight I put the project up on Kickstarter, a crowd sourced funding platform. We have 50 days to raise the funds. Take a look!

Here is the Kickstarter link to Druid Hill Park Passport

I think it is a great way to utilize the Green Map icons for enticing people out to discover what is around them. I'd love to hear comments from other Green Mappers ... if you can contribute in a small way, that's great, more »

A festival of feedback

The Annual Solstice Festival was celebrated in Broederstroom yesterday.

The Festival is a proven success, attracting hundreds of people to the Magaliesberg Biosphere for the day. Local Musicians and Craft Beer are the items at the top of the bill.

We rolled out a region map, indicated some popuar places to kickstart the process, and then invited the festive crowd to indicate where they love to go and why.

We "discovered" some new places, and confirmed others. It was a wonderful day under the clear winter sky of the Magaliesberg Biosphere.

Influencing Tourism Education

With 170 globally designed icons that are categorized into various themes, Green Map System is not only a great tool for sustainable development, but also a helpful assistant for tourism professionals. Professor Prohaska at New York University has introduced Green Map System into her Tourism Product Development class for several semesters, and has successfully equipped her students with the skills of identifying tourism resources and developing new tourism products by utilizing Green Map System. read more »

Green Map na ReciclAção EXPOMAI

A EXPOMAI apresenta cursos e palestras técnicas entre os dias 27 e 30 de junho, em sua sétima edição. Onde Educação, consciência, negócios e desenvolvimento norteiam o evento, que está focado em meio ambiente industrial e reciclagem.
A UFPR apresenta o sistema Mapas Verdes, cuja metodologia é intervenção para o incentivo e divulgação de práticas de sustentabilidade, o sistema teve origem na disseminação de informações oriundas da comunidade, sobre o ambiente que a envolve, o emprego de midias e tecnlogias para esse fim.
O evento conta com palestras do SENAI(Serviço Nacionread more »

Did You Make A Printed Green Map?

With University of Michigan Information grad students as the Archive Review website was being built, March 2012

Our archive of Green Maps is being donated to the world famous Map Collection at the New York Public Library this summer! This will fulfill an important promise we made to Green Mapmakers, moreover it’s a great permanent home for nearly 500 locally designed and printed Green Maps along with a wide array of outreach and education resources that they have contributed to our Archive over the years.

This Archive has been our major work, and we are especially looking forward to sharing these remarkable maps with new audiences. Eventually, we’ll collaborate with the Library on a digital archive so high quality PDFs can be accessed via both our websites. read more »

Westside Story of Green Map Project@Changsha

Westside Story
——Amelie from German

This is our first day of exploration, our first day of project work. Yesterday we had an introduction conference and now our project has officially started.

By reason that our main topic is the protection of the Xiang River, the first step for all of us was to get used with this river our project is about. We can’t promote what we don’t know. So our main goal for this day was to get acquainted with Xiang River and the area around more »

Green Kunming's Green Ambassadors - 绿色昆明-融入未来的绿色使者

Green Kunming Green Map Competition 2012


Green Kunming is a non-profit organization located at Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in the southwest China. Officially established in 2006, the organization has been working hard to achieve their missions of “promoting the awareness of environment protection among the public, and advancing the solutions to environmental issues through scientific attitude and extensive collaborations”.

One of the great examples is Green Kunming’s active engagement with Green Map System through involving the local primary and secondary school students. Starting from 2009, a citywide annual map-making competition named “I love my hometown” was launched by Green Kunming in collaboration with the city’s Department of Education. The event has successfully inspired students’ attention to the environmental issues in their communities, where over 300 students and teachers sign up for the competition and participate in mapping the natural and cultural significances every year.

During the event, the host organizations offer free educations on Green Map mapmaking concepts and skills for primary and secondary school teachers, and the teachers will go back to their respective schools to deliver the instructions to the students, where the community discoveries and mapmaking activities will be followed up. The 4th “I love my hometown” Green Map competition is on its way to inspire more Kunming students to make a greener and better world.

Green Kunming's Mapmaker Profile connects to many of these maps. A video introducing Green Map System was produced by Green Kunming in Chinese, and can be found below or on their website.

In addition, you can explore a wonderful collection of pictures taken during the 2nd Green Map competition.


绿色昆明是一个于2006年正式成立于中国云南省省会春城昆明市的非盈利组织。自成立后,该组织便努力实践着其“运用科学的态度,通过多方合作,提高公众环境保护意识,关注并促进环境问题的解决”的使命。其中一个典型例子便是其通过融入当地的中小学生参与绿地图制作而与绿地图系统展开的积极合作。自2009年起,绿色昆明联合当地教育局联合开展了名为“我爱家乡”的年度性昆明中小学校绿地图竞赛活动。此活动已经激发了许多学生对于家乡环境问题的关注,每年有超过300位的学生与老师报名参与到将家乡的自然与文化特色标识到地图中的竞赛活动中。 每次活动,主办方会为报名参赛的中小学老师提供免费的绿地图制作培训和实践,老师们在培训结束后将绿地图的理念与制作技巧再传授给各自学校的学生,并带领学生在周边进行考察制图。第四届“我爱家乡”绿地图竞赛正在火热进行中,并为融入更多未来的绿色使者向前迈进。绿色昆明为此制作了中文版关于绿地图系统的介绍短片,并可通过下列链接观看,同时,第二届绿地图竞赛活动的现场照片也可以通过下列链接欣赏綠色昆明绿地图资料

Written by Hui Zhouread more »

Realizada Apresentação do Projeto Mapa Verde Curitiba à Copel

Recebemos a visita dos integrantes da Coordenação de Cidadania e Sustentabilidade e da Diretoria do meio ambiente e Cidadania da Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia Elétrica), com o objetivo de conhecer nosso projeto e as formas de atuação. Explicamos como são formuladas e aplicadas as oficinas nas comunidades, que contribuem para o êxito do projeto e frisamos nossa atuação em âmbito local, pensando globalmente, além de contarmos com cerca de 170 ícones diferentes, cada um avaliado com qualidade e responsabilidade prezando pela veracidade das informações.

Less = More Green Map of NYC

A new NYC Green Map is getting underway!

In 2013, we’re confronting NYC’s overflowing garbage cans, related climate, health and economic impacts by promoting waste prevention sites and strategies with a new citywide interactive edition, the Less = More Green Map of NYC.

Explore today! Know a site that belongs on the map? Click "Suggest a Site" just above the map. Or click on your mobile phone to send in new sites as you visit them.

In the process of being researched and mapped over the winter, Less = More NYC amplifying practical resources and solutions. Compelling images, illustrations and examples will frame the map highlighting:read more »

Mapping Baltimore Green Week 2012

Green Events! Green Organizations! Green Collaborations! Baltimore Green Map is collaborating with Baltimore Green Works to map Baltimore Green Week 2012. (a plethora of "green") As many mapmakers know, it's a great way to capture the geographic dimensions of multiple activities around common themes.

Embed our NYC Energy & Climate edition!

Spark social change - join our campaign to involve all New Yorkers in addressing climate change!

The city that never sleeps uses a lot of energy! Green Map System's interactive Energy & Climate edition brings crucial information to your fingertips, and invites your site suggestions, viewpoints and images to help keep it impactful and up to date. A wide range of energy conserving, generating and demonstration sites are on the map at With our power needs growing while there is an imperative to reduce our carbon footprint, this map will always be a work in progress.

We have been mapping energy and climate issues since 2006 (download print map PDF). Indeed, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we added the storm surge high water mark to the interactive edition. To underscore the reasons we need to act now, we have increased our climate mapping and engagement work as seen at our post- Sandy report, and in overview of outcomes and impacts.

We want to share this map with you. It's easy! Use the embed code beneath each map to add it to your own website or blog (on Wordpress, choose "html"-mode, not "visual"). We can make you a special widget if you let us know the centerpoint and base map you'd like - email apple [at] It's free, but donations are welcome. Join our Embed this Map campaign!

Our team of interns and staff has included Brigid Keating (LEED Buildings (read her blog here), Aaron Miller (solar and renewable sites (see his blog and NY State energy map research), Alexandra Purdy, Melanie Reed and Yutaka Nakashima, as well as director Wendy Brawer. We welcome your help in keeping it updated. Read more about how this map was made - our thanks to Con Edison's Strategic Partnership program for supporting this online initiative.

Widgets to Add to Your Website or Blog!

Citywide NYC Energy Green Map (map view, 100% x 600)

read more »

Interacting with Students

Throughout the year, Green Map System welcomes several dynamic interns from various education backgrounds: for example, students studying Graphic Design, Tourism Management, and Environmental Science have all found their fit in the organization.

Brigid Keating, a NYU Urban Design and Architecture Studies student, came to Green Maps in the summer of 2011 and created charting all of NYC’s LEED-certified buildings. “Green Map provided me with the opportunity to continue my education in sustainable design outside of the classroom,” says Brigid. One of Green Map’s newest additions, Hui Zhou, a NYU Tourism Management student, joined the team since February 2012 to translate the award-winning iconography into Chinese (download the poster in several languages at In addition, Hui is also reaching out to the Mapmakers in China to keep them updated about the forthcoming Green Map Archive and Icon Expansion projects and developing reports for our generous Global Giving donors. Currently, all of Green Map’s interns are based in New York metro area. read more »

now a Facebook page

Helsinki Green Map now has a Facebook Page!

HelsinkiGreenMap on Facebook

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Cape Town Green Map – a legacy project on the move

City of Cape Town Mayor: Ald. Patricia de Lille

Although 2010 FIFA World Cup™ is now only a fond memory, it did leave a few legacy projects that have benefitted Cape Town in its wake. The Cape Town Green Map is one such project that has kept up the Soccer World Cup momentum by growing its readership via print and web media.

Now in its third edition, the print map has been very well received and has been distributed far and wide, including at COP 17 in Durban, and in New York and Brisbane, Australia! The cover of the third edition features the Mayor of Cape Town on a bicycle. The map has a strong sustainability focus and includes strategic branding for the Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign, ahead of the COP 17 conference in Durban. The map also made its way to COP 17 via the Climate Train! The print edition focusses on Cape Town’s pressing environmental and sustainability issues, and centres on public transport, waste and recycling and more »

User Comments Enrich Our Maps!

Baltimore Green Map has had maps online via Open Green Map for several years now. Over 60 site nominations have come from map users suggesting other places that should be on the map. And we have attracted some useful and lovely comments about sites mapped. We hope many more people will add relevant comments! Here's a sampling - nostalgic, informative, practical - from the last 45 days:

About "Mother's Garden" in one of our local parks: "My mother, who just passed away at the age of 92, recorded in her memory book of her visits to Mother's Garden. She said there were "roses galore" and it was a favorite place to visit, especially on Sunday afternoons. Sounds like she would have been visiting there when it was still "new"."read more »

Отчет о деятельности в системе Green Map 2011 год

В 2011 году работа по созданию «Водной карты г.Казани» в системе Green Map активно продолжалась. Мы представляли наш проект на различных конкурсах и конференциях. Ниже представлен список наиболее значимых мероприятий, где был представлен проект «Водная карта г.Казани»:
- проект «Водная карта города Казани» стал победителем Российского Национального Конкурса Водных Проектов Старшеклассников (апрель, 2011) и получил право представлять РФ на Международном Юниорском Водном Конкурсе в Стокгольме;read more »

Report on activities in Green Map System 2011

In 2011 work on the «Water Map of Kazan city» in the Green Map System is actively continued. We presented our project at different ecological competitions and conferences. List of the most significant events, where we presented our project «Water Map of Kazan city» is presented below:

- The project "Water map of Kazan city" won the Russian National Junior Water Prize in Moscow (April 2011) and received the right to present Russian Federation at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize;

- We have created a Youth Ecological Portal and called it GreenTeen ( It provides information of different environmental issues and different ecological events, conferences, competitions, etc. Firstly we have placed «The water map of Kazan city» on this site. The moderators of the site are schoolchildren. The portal was created in April 2011. At the present time it is actively developing;read more »

Crisis Mappers Presentation

Crisis Mappers International, 2011

In November 2011, the Crisis Mappers International met in Geneva. I happened to be nearby, thanks to the Social Design Award bestowed upon our tools by the Papanek Foundation and meetings with regional Swiss and French Green Mapmakers organized by Earth Focus Foundation and SBM Conseil. Nicola Furey and her staff at Earth Focus joined me at the beautifully organized, well-documented ICCM 'unconference' and pitched in at our stand following the Ignite session in which I presented. read more »

On the Radio

Carlos and Thomas composting, circa 2008

From South Africa to the Americas, we’re on the news!

On Cape Town’s SAfm Enviro Show, host Nancy Richards interviewed designer Philip Todres on the wonderful Cape Town Green Map and Wendy Brawer about Open Green Map and progress in NYC on Thursday 5th Jan 2012. Both are linked here.

Carlos Martinez, formerly Green Map staff and now our Board Treasurer is creating radio segments for Radio Diaspora, a public affairs program on the issues and experiences of recent migrants from Caribbean and Latin America hosted by WRFG in Atlanta USA. This segment includes Campinas Green Mapmaker Leonardo Freire de Mello, along with director Wendy Brawer, Board member Thomas Turnbull and others on the Power of Maps. Enjoy! read more »

We Win NetSquared Invitational!

NetSquared Invitational Winner!

We are happy to share the good news that Open Green Map has won the NetSquared Invitational!

Green Map System is really thrilled that our short video has received lots of votes and the jury's support. This award comes with plenty of help for our social mapping platform's ongoing development in the coming months, which is really great because we have big plans!! Thank you videographer Peter Shapiro, NetSquared, TechSoup, our staff and technical team as well as the Green Mapmakers who have now published more than 250 diverse Open Green Maps! read more »

Visiting Shameen

It was a lovely day that day, warm sunshine , blue sky and gentle breeze. We arrived Shameen in the morning, after being divided into two groups, we set out to searching Shameen to make a green map of it.

Shameen’s beauty is beyong description. On each side of the roads stand considerable ficus of old age. Their hair roots were swaying in the wind, wishpering the long history of Shammeen to every passers-by. It seemed that the buildings just wake up from the bird-singing, and the time was as if still when you stared at them. I’t was sort of walking in an old photo.

There were visitors walking slowly, and sometimes they paused to take photos. Foreign children were playing delightedly with their parents. And what impressed us most was that couples shooting wedding photos could be seen here and there, which made us envy a more »

Workshop in Shuishi Village, China

I think it to me, and to all the people of the workshop, November, 2011, 26 and 27 are memorable days. Because the two days, most of the people are the first time for full participation in the Green - Map drawing process. Attend the period, we learned a lot, thought a lot and felt a lot, grew many......

On the morning of 26th, our teacher——"Whale", a teacher from Taiwan Society of Wilderness brought and showed us many fine green-maps from all over the world. She gave us detailed introduction to the origin of the green-map and the development of it , and the differences between green-map and the general map , the green-map visit quartet (commentator, TaZha, drawings, share), rendering the purpose of green-map (environment education, community development, etc), green Icon and the story behind the green-map... read more »

20 Years!!

the original Green Map

December 13th is the 20th anniversary of a great idea!

I was with a group of New York activists at the United Nations, planning side events in New York during meetings leading up to the Earth Summit, which was held in Rio in 1992.

I thought about the individual’s experience during their 5 weeks in NYC – and realized a map would help people of all backgrounds discover signs of progress toward sustainability. I knew it was possible to make a fresh view of the city in a few weeks, and that it would be resource-efficient and fun!

That very day, I named the project the Green Apple Map and had 10,000 copies donated, thanks to the Municipal Art Society (Curitiba Brazil’s eco-innovations was their next exhibit and the Green Apple Map would highlight local examples). read more »

2011.12.10 Green Map Report for Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture

直前のアナウンスになってしまいましたが、神奈川県小田原市で、この3月に完成した、『おだわらグリーンマップ』とその後の展開につながる講演会が、明日、開催される運びとなりました。人数も小規模なもので、初の試みで、どんな感じになるかわかりませんか、少しでも関心をもってくれる方々の輪が広がるといいなと思っています☆2010年グリーンマップハーモニーも配布します!詳しくはこread more »

Green Map Exhibition & Workshop at Eco Life Plaza in Kitakyushu

北九州エコライフプラザにて、グリーンマップ展を開催しています。全国からのサステイナブルな商品を集めたエコライフプラザ。今回のグリーンマップワークショップでは、小倉駅周辺のお店を回りながら、『まち・生活・ショッピング』をテーマに、グリーンマップづくりをチャレンジします。『エコ』とか『環境に優しい』ものって良く聞くけどいまいちピンとこないっと感じる人は是非参加してみてください!1人1人のちょっとした毎日の生活への気づきが、世の中を変えていく more »

“MAPA VERDE SOROCABA Sociedade, Cultura e Meio Ambiente” - UM BREVE HISTÓRICO - Soon in English

O projeto “MAPA VERDE SOROCABA Sociedade, Cultura e Meio Ambiente” começou a ser formatado em fevereiro de 2009 e foi aceito pelo GMS – Green Map® System em dezembro do mesmo ano com a denominação GM Sorocaba.

O “MAPA VERDE SOROCABA - Sociedade, Cultura e Meio Ambiente” é um produto cultural que permitirá ao usuário, cidadão ou visitante, a identificação e a localização de diferentes atrativos distribuídos pela cidade. Nossa previsão é mapear a 200 pontos no município.
Os atrativos, divididos em seis categorias, além de estarem identificados visualmente no mapa base da cidade, contam com uma ficha de identificação onde estão disponíveis: endereço e contato telefônico e/ou more »

New Green Map Videos!

Green Map Videos on

We are pleased to announce the debut of three new videos highlighting our tools, engagement, and icons.

These short videos demonstrate how Green Mapmakers can guide communities towards sustainable living choices both globally and locally.

Special thanks to the videography team at Dedicated Lane – Allie Compton and Christopher Fenech – for creating these 1 minute videos using images and clips made around the world by Green Mapmakers. Feel free to share them with your friends, family, and community, or embed them in your website, blog, and presentations.

We’ve also embedded the wonderful hour-long documentary about “4BsHive” project, highlighting outstanding teamwork over the last two years by four European cities. Created by the noted German filmmaker, Bjela Probowsy, it’s really a delightful way to experience the process developed by Green Mapmakers from Berlin, Bristol, Budapest and Bistrita.

Find out more about this great project at this poston our website or at where you can download the terrific new 4BsHive Guide to Green Mapping, explore photos and much more.

Find more Green Map videos on!

Green Map Iconsread more »

Greenmap site received environmental award!

Award winner Ben Andersen for work with EkoBlekinge and Green map

It is with great honor I received an environmental price for my 3 years of voluntary work with the site which is also home for Blekinge Green Map.

The motivation was that the site makes local environmental and sustainable projects visible and for the work with Green Map.

900 children in the region has participated and shared their thoughts on the subject "We will save the world". The result is a book with drawings, poetry and interviews on the subject which will be sold and the earnings is the award price. This enables me to put more work into the site and Green Map. That in combination with the publicity for will boost the visibility of local sustainable initiatives!read more »

BGM at Federal Reserve Bank Richmond Conference on Data Mapping Tools

Baltimore Green Map's Presentation

Baltimore Green Map was invited to present Green Mapping as an example of "How Communities are Using Mapping Tools" at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's October, 2011 Unleashing the Power of Local Data conference.

Participants had their laptops open for the interactive element, with time to explore Open Green Map.

We combined information from our own archives, OGM screen grabs and the Green Map-OGM Resources/promote section to put together a presentation that illustrated a diversity of map scales and strategies to collect information.

We also wanted to demonstrate full utilization of the OGM features More info, Comments, Multimedia, Impacts before turning participants loose to browse maps on their own. Those user input features are where "the power" and potential of Green Mapping resides. read more »

A New Brand of African Environmentalism

Dr Golding

Janice Golding argues that Africa needs to cultivate environmental champions and high-thinkers who live by the heart, relate to the land and who can articulate an alternative indigenous environmental narrative to the western environmental neo-imperialism.

On continents that are colder and less giving than Africa, the fastest growing new mass religion is “Environmentalism”. Climate change and sustainability are its key drivers.

“Environmentalism” (also called “Going Green”) is an earnest lifestyle for it is fervent in the endeavour of reducing carbon footprints. Household examples are fruit and vegetable gardens, recycling, solar panels and the reduced use of motorised transport. But its safety net for personal well-being that is ensured by relatively prosperous economies makes this movement a holier-than-thou quest. This is because Going Green is not a fundamental necessity born out of poverty and survival as in most parts of more »

Green Map 2011~2012 year plan

One, regular activities
1, organization to the Department for children to a group to build the job, to form a whole; to map training, so as to make them into a state of;

2, continue to improve the Yao Hu campus map ( two ideas: 1, the picture into a update map; 2, will strive for this chart as a level 2012 neonatal guide map);

In 3, the year the Castle Peak Lake campus green map;

In 4, for in the proper time to Komsomolsk campus site check, for drawing the youth campus green map make preparations for;

5, strive for inside and outside the province and related community green map sector exchanges, cooperation;read more »

Be Detroitish!

Detroit Green Map Team Brainstorming

The Detroit Green Map team met in September to discuss goals and a plan for the future of Detroit’s Green Map. Folks involved in transportation, project planning, education, and art gathered at Marygrove College to represent the diversity of Detroiters.

We are in the middle of grant writing to fund the creation of a website and social media platform that will encourage Detroit residents to “be Detroitish” and celebrate the strengths and beauty of Detroit’s past, present, and future through participation in the Detroit Green Map. To lead off the grant efforts, the mission statement was dusted off and revised to reflect the new energy in more »


Vote for Table mountain, Cape Town , South Africa

Table Mountain could be named one of the New7Wonders of Nature, an accolade that could generate up to 11 000 new jobs and an additional R1.4 billion in annual revenue for South Africa.

The only way to win is to steal the largest chunk of citizen votes from the over 1 billion people who will take part in the campaign worldwide. To win that honour Table Mountain needs to beat 27 other admired and celebrated sites such as the Islands of Maldives, the Amazon in South America, the Dead Sea in Israel and the Grand Canyon in North America.

The announcement of the seven sites on 11/11/11 (11 November 2011) will bring to a close a battle which has spanned more than three more »

4BsHive - Collaborational Green Mapping across Europe

The '4BsHive' is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and among these four European partners:

The 4BsHive project started right after a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit in early 2009. After two years of numerous adult learners mobilities and green mapping workshops, the 4BsHive project ended in July 2011. You may learn about all common and local results at the European Shared Treasure database.

One of our greatest result is a documentary video, which highlights scenes from the study visits and the workshops in each of the cities involved. We also created an electronic booklet entitled “The 4Bs’ Green Mapping Guide” (find the Chinese edition here!)read more »

Oficinas Green Map acontecendo

Entre os dias 03 e 07 de outubro realizam-se oficinas no campus Botânico UFPR: UFPR – Setor de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas Campus III - Jardim Botânico Rua Prefeito Lothário Meissner, 632. O Mapa Verde Curitiba é tema: dia 03 as 14:00horas(onde houve participação de alunos dos diversos campus da Universidade)e dia 05 as 19horas. Lembrando que a feira é aberta a toda comunidade!

Pense local, mapeie global!

The Cape Town Green Map is evolving

Cape Town Green map

It has been a very busy few months. The Cape Town Green Map team has just finished and printed its 3rd Edition of its Green Map. We even managed to get the City's Mayor to pose for the cover. Added to that we have redesigned our website layout and content structure, see Cape Town Green Map.

We also had two international interns join us for 3 months to assist with the project. Line and Mari really got stuck in and helped us with many aspects of the project, including our website redesign, a customer survey of all green sites, they held a small work group with green map participants and they also provided us with a project report on how we can improve our Cape Town Green Map more »

Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award - 2011

We are inspired by Victor J Papanek

We are proud to share the news that the Open Green Map is a Winner of the first Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award!

As Victor's groundbreaking work helped to inspire the inception of Green Map System, we are delighted to be one of the four recipients of this prestigious new 2011 international award. Our Director will take part in the awards ceremony and exhibition opening in Vienna on November 9, followed by a conference celebrating the new Papanek Foundation. More details about the New York Design for the Real World Redux exhibit will be added here soon. read more »


自从6月申请到了GREEN MAP SYSTEM认可的合肥绿地图制作权以来,已经过去了整整两个月,两个月里,暑期实习和学校迎新工作又占了很大一个比例。时间紧迫,队员从全国各地提前赶回也非常辛苦,活动进行的背景不能不说是很艰难。另外,学院关于实习报告的上交时间突然提前到了8.24,听到这个消息后心里“嘎登”了一下,但为了可以把活动尽量做到和策划一致,提高完成度,我想我们团队只能放弃申请全国优秀暑期社会实践调查报告的机会了,真的很遗憾。read more »

Green Map Workshop in Kitakyusu

"NPO Think of Satoyama" did GM workshops on the last weekend supported by Zenrin, which is a one of biggest company of maps in Japan. Kids and their parents teamed up together for map making. This workshop took placed at a center of Kitakyushu-city (southern part of Japan), which was the one of biggest polluted city in '60. The Government, Corporations and citizens have collaborated together to turn "polluted city" to "sustainable city". And here they are!

20 pair was participated on the workshop. We found fishes, green energy, share bike, trashes on the river, illegal-parked-bike and so more »

Bridging History, Energy and Maps

Aaron Miller presenting at Local Spokes, August 2011

As a Resource economics and Geography major at the University of Connecticut, I am very interested in mapping environmental and communal sustainability. Green Map System pursues this field with intelligence and commitment. I recently came in contact with Green Map System when I decided to direct the creation of a Green Map of my university, located in Storrs, CT.

During the summer of 2011, I am working as a summer intern at Green Map System. I enjoy working at an organization that diligently promotes environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Recently, the summer intern team has been mapping energy development in New York City. Thorough research has been done and many new energy sites have been added to our Open Green Map (which includes, among others, sites from the 2006 Powerful Green Map). The updated map will display certified LEED buildings, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy sites, city parks and farmers markets throughout the five boroughs.

As part of my research, I have developed a guide that shows various energy maps of New York City. This guide contains maps that display the solar energy potential for every building in the city, such as the NYC Solar Map, developed in late June at the City University of New York. There are also maps that show the renewable energy potential for New York State, including Wind and Solar maps developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The new interactive NYC Energy Green Map will debut during Earth Day 2012.

In addition to the research I have been doing on renewable energy, I have also been working with Local Spokes to promote sustainable transportation, green infrastructure and urban design. Local Spokes is the Lower East Side/Chinatown Bicycling Coalition. I have put together a presentation for the Youth Ambassadors demonstrating Manhattan Island’s historical evolution and efforts to preserve and further maintain the natural environment.

Download the NYC Renewable Energy Guide

Download my presentation on Historical Evolution of New York City.

Now that the new map has debuted, we invite you to embed the NYC Energy Green Map into your own website!

Aaron Miller read more »

Oficina com alunos do Colégio Estadual Amâncio Moro

O método utilizado é o SEMEAR, da empresa NEOLABOR, um jeito de ensinar-aprender que facilita o envolvimento dos alunos com as mudanças tecnológicas e culturais que acontecerem no seu entorno. É um método eficiente de educação ambiental, cujo passo a passo reproduzimos:
Sensibilização: Sustentabilidade é um tema inter e transdisciplinar. A idéia é proporcionar situações que estimulem o aluno a ter vontade de participar ativamente do processo de aprendizagem, pois só mudamos quando queremos. Os estudantes são convidados a refletir sobre conceitos de sustentabilidade e têm o primeiro contato com o Mapa Verde, que pode ser projetado em apresentaçã more »

Barcelona’s Guerilla Green Map

Barcelona, Spain is a city abundant in historical and cultural character, attracting a vast tourism industry. The city’s free, McDonald’s sponsored tourism map, Barcelona Tourisme, highlights many of these sites for visitors. However, ecotourism sites that advance Barcelona’s sustainability are left uncharted. Barcelona Green Map, now led by Petz Scholtus of Pöko Design Studio, seeks to change that.

Barcelona’s green resources were first charted on Mapa Verd in 1999. Led by solar engineer Josep Puig, hundreds of sites were plotted on the map. Since then, the city has advanced its sustainability efforts, including a bike share system that revolutionized sustainable transportation throughout the city. To share these resources with tourists, Barcelona’s Green Mapmakers have created an eco-advocating refinement to the thousands of maps distributed by McDonald’s. Using the existing Barcelona Turisme as its base, Pöko Design Studio created an overlay printed on transparent vellum (trace paper) that adds a layer of green sites to the free map available at the Barcelona Tourist Office. This provides tourists access to natural, cultural and green living resources, in addition to the sites on the underlying map. Barcelona Green Map also provides its sites with a window tag, identifying their inclusion on the Green Map and promoting them as sustainability sites. read more »

Green Map and Water map of Kazan city

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a major industrial and cultural center in the Volga region, one of the oldest cities of Russia. A unique combination of Muslim and Christian cultures and advantageous geographic location makes the city a popular attraction for domestic and international tourism.
In 2013 Kazan will hosts the World summer Universiade games. We want our city to be not only the most sports, but also the greenest city of Russian Federation.
In 2009 the Children's Center "Tankodrom" and the Institute of ecology of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences made an agreement with the «Green Map» organization. In fact, this is the first project in the Russian more »

Designe Route - CWB

Este projeto foi resultante de uma palestra ministrada pela Profa. Maria do Carmo no curso de pós-graduação em Design da UFPR, na disciplina de Design de Produtos Sustentáveis, ministrada pelo prof. Aguinaldo dos Santos.
Produto fora lançado durante a Bienal Brasileira de Design em setembro de 2010, destinado aos participantes da bienal e a todos os interessados em localizar os pontos considerados como produtores ou revendedores de produtos com design e com conceitos de sustentabilidade inseridos – mapeados segundo a ótica dos alunos matriculados na disciplina.
Depois de treinados no uso da plataforma pelos bolsistas de extensão do projeto – os mestrandos em numero de 10 passaram a estabelecer os critérios de trabalho e localizar os pontos a ser mapeado com registro dos dados em planilha própria. Segundo passo, definição e localização das coordenadas geográficas dos pontos levantados na pesquisa de campo e uso da plataforma greenmap more »

Metodologia do EDS (Eventos e Reunuiao)

A oficina Mapa Verde fundamentou-se em dois momentos distintos. Primeiro, foram passados 2 vídeos introdutórios que explicavam os objetivos do Green Map System e suas aplicações no cotidiano, com duração de aproximadamente 20 minutos. Em seguida, deu-se início a uma apresentação com o uso de recursos visuais onde foram abordadas as seguintes temáticas: o que é um mapa verde; o que é o sistema Green Map; a história do sistema Green Map; como o projeto funciona e em que locais ele está presente; sua função e seus objetivos, como ele impacta os usuários; como explorar as ferramentas disponíveis no website no site; como é possível acessá-lo em dispositivos móveis; como ele é utilizado na cidade de Curitiba por meio dos mapeadores locais; como foram as oficinas realizadas anteriormente pela equipe; exemplos reais de aplicação em empresas, cidades e universidades; e por fim, o reconhecimento externo por meio e premiações internacionais e citações na mídia internacional. read more »

Participantes do EDS

O EDS 2010 contou com a participação de empresários e acadêmicos de todas as partes do mundo. Todos buscando encontrar e compartilhar ideias para semear um futuro sustentável. A oficina Mapa Verde Curitiba totalizou 62 inscritos dos mais variados segmentos da sociedade. Em sua maioria, o público participante foi composto por professores de variadas instituições de ensino, desde a educação básica até a universitária – em maior parte de outras cidades e potenciais para se tornarem makermaps em suas cidades.
Os participantes demonstraram forte interesse no projeto, que adquiriu maior representatividade perante a comunidade, conforme constatatado através de propostas de parcerias e solicitações de oficinas em suas organizações, após o término da oficina. read more »

NYC LEED Open Green Map

So much in this city can be described as “green.” Each street corner may reveal a sprawling farmer’s market of local fruits and vegetables or perhaps a painted green concrete bike lane. As New York City enters an age in which it must improve its energy yield, Green Building is at the forefront in creating a sustainable metropolis. In 2007 Mayor Michael Bloomberg released PlaNYC, a plan to reduce New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30% by 2030. In April 2011, an updated version of PlaNYC concluded that 80% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to the operation of buildings. From sprouting skyscrapers to historic brownstones, buildings define our cityscape. In order to move towards sustainability, NYC must improve the performance of existing buildings and any new construction to more »

NYC Compost Green Map Expanded to 5 Boroughs

First published in 2007, the Compost Green Map of Manhattan has been a beacon for gardeners and waste-aware citizens across the city. Indicating both composting how-to’s and sites for community composting, this small yet powerful map teaches residents of Manhattan how feasible—and beneficial—it is to turn food and garden scraps into rich new soil. Our partner on the project, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, has resultantly experienced exponential growth in the amount of compostables dropped off at their locations in Manhattan!

In 2011, policy makers have acted to increase composting in Manhattan and funded 23 new projects, including the expansion of the online edition at New sites are springing up all over. Each of these new efforts is mapped thanks to a grant from Borough President Scott Stringer, Manhattan SWAB, and Citizen's Committee for more »

Oficinas Para Universitários

O experimento do novo modelo de oficina, voltado para pequenos públicos e com a característica de formadores de opinião (universitários), mostrou-se satisfatório e de grande representatividade no que tange a principal inovação, o ingresso de uma etapa de discussão, em que a opinião da comunidade ultrapassa os limites do mapeamento em si e chega ao nível de compreensão das práticas de sustentabilidade.
Outro resultado foi a ampliação do número de voluntários envolvidos e capacitados para aplicar a metodologia de intervenção do Mapa Verde em Curitiba. Como a oficina contou com poucos participantes externos, foi possível aos mapmakers na ocasião, dar atenção aos novatos no more »

Desenvolvimento de um Sistema Informacional que Simule a Estrutura Físca de uma Cidade Universitária

De forma a estimular a modernização pública, deve-se investigar meios de racionalizar custos e promover a transparência e democratização dos serviços públicos. Objetiva-se investigar sistemas de informação aplicados como ferramenta na construção de cidades digitais para então construir um protótipo que simule a estrutura física da UFPR, através das etapas: planejamento, revisão bibliográfica, escolha da plataforma, coleta de informações, e inclusão dos dados.
Uma análise da situação do portal de informações da UFPR evidenciou dificuldades quanto ao acesso a informações, especificamente, a localização exata das diversas unidades da instituição, a atividade por elas exercida, o contato para dirimir duvidas e obter informações e também o fato de os links que redirecionam o usuário as suas homepages são conteúdos que não se encontram organizados de forma a serem acessados facilmente pelos usuários. read more »

E-Campus - Conteúdo e Servicos Digitais Para Projetos de Campi Virtuais

O projeto visa conhecer a estrutura e localizar as informações da Universidade Federal do Paraná, construindo um mapa virtual e interativo da instituição de grande porte, visando obter informações referentes a dimensão física do campus e sua dispersão no espaço da cidade de Curitiba.
Para tanto foi realizado um levantamento de dados sobre a estrutura física e acadêmica da universidade, especificando os pontos importantes para facilitar a localização exata das unidades da UFPR, bem como o entendimento de suas atividades e o contato do(s) responsável(is). Provendo desse modo um universo de informações organizado que facilita o manuseio para o usuá more »

Mesas Temåticas

Oficina oferece participação em mesas temáticas por meio de resumos de artigos previamente inscritos e selecionados para um dos quatro temas globais. Entre os mais de 150 trabalhos apresentados e discutidos nas mesas temáticas, a equipe de mapmakers contribuiu com 5 produções, todas evidenciando as inúmeras aplicações do Green Map em relação à educação ambiental. Os resumos inscritos foram os seguintes:
1- A iconografia como instrumento de apoio à educação ambiental;

2- O sistema de informação do Mapa Verde: estudo de usabilidade;

3- Educação ambiental e acesso a informação para o exercício da cidadania;read more »

Resultados EDS

Foi possível adquirir maior representatividade perante a comunidade, em grande parte devido à reportagem publicada em jornal de grande circulação do Estado, acessível no seguinte link: A matéria relata nossa oficina, divulga o Mapa Verde e traz instruções de acesso ao mapa. Além disso, a oficina no EDS rendeu interesse da TV RECORD para a realização de uma reportagem com a equipe. Nos dias seguintes à oficina, a equipe foi entrevistada a fim de dar informações sobre o Mapa more »

Oficina Voltada á Alunos de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Nos dias 20/9/2009, 26 e 28 de Abril de 2010, nas dependências da Universidade Federal do Paraná, foram realizadas oficinas do Mapa Verde, com o objetivo de estimular os participantes a conhecer sua própria região, percebendo e valorizando zonas verdes situadas próximas, além de servir como um estímulo para que adotem atitudes favoráveis ao meio ambiente atrvés de nossa metodologia.
Os participantes das oficinas foram os alunos do 2o. e 3o. ano do curso de graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo da UFPR. Aproximadamente 30 alunos em 2009 e 40 se inscreveram nos dois dias de evento em 2010, todos alunos. As oficinas foram divididas em 3 etapas: Apresentação, Mapeamento e Reflexão. Cada uma delas teve duração de cerca de 1 hora, o que resultou numa oficina de aproximadamente 3 horas de duraçã more »

8º Enec – Encontro de Extensáo e Cultura da UFPR

O ENEC é um fórum com objetivo de socializar, integrar e refletir sobre os conhecimentos gerados pelos Programas e Projetos de Extensão desenvolvidos na instituição. Estas ações demonstram a interação dialógica com a sociedade paranaense numa relação transformadora da realidade por meio da indissociabilidade entre o Ensino, a Pesquisa e a Extensão. O 8º ENEC ocorreu na semana de 19 a 23 de outubro de forma integrada com o EVINCI (PRPPG) e ENAF (PROGRAD) no Campus Jardim Botânico da UFPR (auditório, salas de aula e pavilhão interno do Setor de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas . ( more »

Sugestáo – I Jornada de Gestáo da Informacáo

De 25 de julho a 2 de agosto de 2009 ocorreu em Curitiba a I Jornada de Gestão da Informação: SuGestão 2009, promovida pela Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) em parceria com o Museu Botânico Municipal de Curitiba. O evento celebrou os dez anos do curso de graduação de Gestão da Informação. O evento foi idealizado a partir da oportunidade de uma parceria entre o Departamento de Ciência e Gestão da Informação (DECIGI) da UFPR e o Museu Botânico Municipal - MBM. Esta parceria teve por objetivo expor resultados e trabalhos do profissional Gestor, a estrutura do curso de graduação e do programa de mestrado multidisciplinar. A idéia central foi abordar o tema sustentabilidade, não só aliado as funções a que o espaço se destina como também demonstrando o viés da informação neste importante tema. Destacou-se a interdisciplinaridade que caracteriza o curso de Gestão da Informação pela atuação e competências do seu profissional nas mais diversas áreas. O fator atrativo do evento foi indubitavelmente a visibilidade que o espaço oferecia por se tratar de um ambiente público - enquanto espaço de pesquisa e guarda das espécies botânica do meio ambiente no Paranáread more »

Green Map Exhibition at Kita-Kyushu, Japan


This summer, Green Map invites you to an exciting ‘2011 Summer Green Map Special Exhibition’, held in Zenrin Map Gallery in Kita-Kyushu Japan, starting from Thursday July 21, 2011 and through August 31.

Sponsored by a Japanese major map company Zenrin, Inc., the exhibition shows about 50 unique locally designed Green Maps from all over the world. Visitors also have a chance to touch and experience Open Green Map in the exhibition. During the exhibition there will be workshops for children and parents to actually make a Green Map, and meet Green Map Japan and mapmakers from Kita-Kyushu. read more »

Green Map Internship Leads to a Career in Sustainability

Morgan Presenting her Syracuse University Project
Green Map’s internship program supports aspiring environmentalists and geographers, providing them with a diverse experience in the non-profit world. Whether based in Green Map’s global office or through Internet collaboration, internships have encompassed an array of projects, adding to the global mapping movement. Internships have also led directly to employment; such is the case with Morgan Leykam, a geography major and Green Map intern who I’ve had the opportunity to interview. To me, a current intern, her story inspires ambition and provides insight into pursuing a career.

Leykam’s internship experience was unique in that she partook in Green Map’s "virtual internship" program. This program fostered mapmaking and independent research skills during the summers of 2009 and 2010, allowing numerous interns to conduct their own Green Map projects while collaborating online via blog. Leykam’s project involved mapping the Syracuse University Area, in order to document its increasing focus on sustainability. Her project began in 2009, and she developed it throughout the next year, ultimately completing it as a senior thesis. “My internship with Green Map completely shaped my last year of college,” said Leykam. “It tied together all the different things I was learning about and helped me focus what my concentration in geography was.” read more »

Atividades Realizadas com Criancas e Adolescentes

Foram realizados eventos para promover às crianças a oportunidade de desempenharem papéis sociais e desenvolverem a imaginaçao, criatividade e atitude sustentável. Visando que os participantes pudessem vivenciar o acesso e uso das informações para construção de cidadania.
As crianças que participaram do evento contaram com um espaço reservado, onde lhes foi explicado como os dados fornecidos por elas se transformam em informação, e nas demais atividades foram utilizados brinquedos pedagógicos, como dominós, jogos de memória e quebra-cabeças, ilustrando meios de transporte, profissões e recursos naturais, bem como a importância de cada um deles para o equilíbrio da natureza. Aos adolescentes as dinâmicas visavam prepará-los como agentes transformandores, desenvolvendo habilidades e formação de atitudes condinzentes com o exercício da cidadâ more »

Oficinas Realizadas com a Comunidade e Professores

Problemas como desmatamento, aquecimento global, efeito estufa, estão presentes em nossa realidade, e para sustá-los faz-se necessário a conscientização das pessoas para uma mudança de hábitos, e também a adoção de novas práticas baseadas no acesso à informação e a transparência da administração dos problemas ambientais urbanos.
Nas oficinas foram abordados temas como: comunidade, educação, relação entre pessoas e coisas, e educação sócio-ambiental. Enfatizou-se à importância da correta condução para bons costumes na educação das crianças, que são as futuras gerações, das quais dependerá o futuro do nosso planeta e buscou-se principalmente disponibilizar informações a serviço da sustentabilidade e da educação more »

Greenmap on the radio in Blekinge, Sweden

This week I was talking about sustainability and Blekinge Greenmap. Hopefully now more people know about our local greenmap and will start suggesting sites. Here is my image and some excerpts from the talk.

It was also a good opportunity to clean up the local website which is the home for Blekinge Greenmap. I'm planning more updates when I have the time. And a new export function which Greenmap systems is working on will improve my list of green more »

Exploring Mapa Verde / Explorando Mapa Verde

Mapa Verde Collage

Cartógrafos de América Latina, por favor, deplacése hacia abajo para nuestra encuesta adjunta!

Mapeadores da América Latina por favor, desloque-se para a nossa pesquisa ligado!

Latin American Mapmakers, please scroll down for our attached survey!

Mapa Verde is Spanish for “Green Map” so we use the name Mapa Verde to describe our Latin American sustainability mapping initiative. It has grown significantly since its first project, Buenos Aires, was registered in 1998. Since then, the Mapa Verde network has published over 25 unique Green Maps in print or online, including several Open Green Maps. To date, Mapa Verde has published projects in 15 countries, with many more registered or underway. Now, to gain more insight into the processes, outcomes and impacts of this locally-directed work, we are surveying the region’s culturally linked Mapmakers, including all those from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

As an intern at Green Map System and a University of Richmond student of Geography and International Studies focused on Latin America, it was natural for me to develop an investigation of the Mapas Verdes initiatives. After digging through Green Map’s archives of locally made maps, education and outreach tools, searching through resources online, and reviewing the project profiles on, I have categorized a number of Mapa Verde projects, including a few that were previously undocumented.

The time I spent organizing and collecting project data only increased my interest in the Mapa Verde initiatives and the diverse developmental processes undertaken with each map. Consequently, it is my desire to move further with this research, answering questions such as, how has Mapa Verde impacted communities? How does each project collect data, incorporate member participation, and distribute their maps? And most importantly, has Mapa Verde increased sustainability in Latin America?

In order to gather the needed information for my inquiries I have created a trilingual survey designed for all Latin American Green Mapmakers. Directly appealing to each initiative, I intend to delve into the hidden layers of map production and develop an assessment that will inform future participants in the region and provide a qualitative analysis of Green Map’s effectiveness and uses.

With my findings, I will author an analytical report that will incorporate discussions of my methods, literary reviews, results, and conclusions. This research has been supported by the David D. Burhans Civic Fellowship, and will be presented in the fall of this year to this foundation, University of Richmond students and professors and the Richmond Virginia community. I would like to extend thanks to Wendy Brawer, founding director of Green Map System for allowing me to undertake this project, as well as Dr. David Salisbury, my academic advisor at the University of Richmond for guiding me through this process.

As of July 19, ten mapmakers have responded as mapped here. I invite all Mapmakers from Latin America to fill out the survey by clicking here. I look forward to learning from these responses and sharing the report here later in 2011.

Sincerely, read more »

Barcelona guerilla Green Map out now!

Barcelona guerilla green map detail
This is guerilla Green Map for tourists that adds a layer of eco sites to the current free map from the Barcelona Tourist Office.

The official map given out by the Barcelona Tourist Office has very little information on sustainable living in the city, and is sponsored by Mc Donalds. So we decided to add an extra layer to the current tourist map with the more eco-friendly alternatives of the city; eco shops, slow food restaurants, green areas, nature spots, bicycle related sites etc.

The idea is that you print our guerilla map on tracing paper (DIN A3 without scaling!) and place it over the maps from Barcelona Turisme. Those are free and available at their offices around town. That way you have all the information you need to enjoy your stay in more »

My Internship at Green Map NYC

From the left: Yutaka, Wendy, Joe, Brigid, Alexandra and Melanie

With my freshmen year of college almost at its close, I made it my priority to find a summer internship. Having had a connection to Green Map through a research project I’d conducted during high school, I contacted Wendy Brawer—founder and director—to inquire about any available positions. Having been intrigued by Green Map’s innovative methods of identifying and teaching sustainability, I was thrilled when Wendy told me I was welcome to an internship.

On the first day, Wendy introduced my fellow interns and me to the numerous projects Green Map was participating in that summer: projects involving sustainability in NYC, updating existing maps, and researching energy improvements being planned for the city. I became involved in my first project—updating a map of bicycle routes in NYC. read more »

News from Japan & Translation Volunteers Wanted!

Publications by Green Map Japan and Aichi Green Map


Hi! My name is Yutaka, how are you guys doing? First, let me introduce myself very briefly. I’ve started interning at Green Map in May 2011, and right now I am managing collaboration works with Green Map Japan.

Green Map Japan is an NPO, established in 2002, as a support “hub” for Japan’s Green Mapmakers. Thanks to the coordinator Misako Yomosa-san’s dedicated work, Japan is a country with some of the most Green Maps in the world, as seen in Green Map Japan’s annual newsletter, “Harmony”. There is also a Green Map Japan's Facebook page to check out.

As you all know, a massive earthquake hit Japan about 3 month ago, and things really changed in Japan as a result. Less food supply, less electricity, transportation impacts, etc. I was in Yokohama when the earthquake hit Tohoku, and experienced the fear of explosion of the power plants, the waters and air being nuked, etc. For me it was my first time to experience this sort of emergency. My friends, brothers, parents were all safe, but I would like to express my sincere condolences and pray for the victims to overcome this difficult hurdle.

Hiroo Maruya, an advisor to Green Map Japan gave us a strong message about the disaster, how powerless we are against nature, and what map-making means for humanity. It’s on the bottom of this page (in Japanese). He is also an architect and a city planner, and recently he has established an organization dealing with recovery in Tohoku, called ”The Road of Japan” (「日本の道」). Please support his work!

It’s a tough time and still an emergency situation in Japan, and most people are still feeling depressed. But like Maruya-san, many of those who are not directly impacted want to do something for the future. Both Green Map Japan and Green Map in New York want to help! We welcome your help and support - let know how you want to pitch in.

For example, right now we are looking for volunteers who can help us translate the Open Green Map interface so Japanese mapmakers can use this platform more easily to create an interactive map at virtually no cost. If you want to gain experience translating or just have free time and good English to Japanese skills, please contact me yukata (at) With your help, we can finish this project in Summer 2011.

If you are interested in Green Map and want to participate in mapmaking in Japan, please start at and see how you can contribute to a healthier, fresher, friendlier Japan!

Yutaka Nakashima



NY本部のグリーンマップで先月からインターンをしている中島と言います。 これからこのブログやFacebookなどを通じて、グリーンマップ本部の状況やグリーンマップジャパンに関する情報を発信していこうと思っています。よろしくお願いします!



震災の影響は凄まじく、簡単に立ち直ることは難しいですし、原発に関しても心配は増すばかりですが、落ち込んでばかりではいられません。被害にあってない身 としては逆に震災をより持続可能なよりよい社会やコミュニティ作りにするきっかけにしたいと思っていますし、グリーンマップはそれをおおいに手助けすることができるツールだと思います。グリーンマップを活用して復興の手助けをしたい、何か提言したい方はいつでもコンタクトをお待ちしています。

例えば現在グリーンマップではオープングリーンマップ(OGM)の翻訳作業を手伝ってくれる方を大募集しています。OGMは、ウェブやiPhoneから気軽にグリーンマップ作りが参加できるプラットフォームです。 OGMについてはグリーンマップジャパンの解説サイトが充実していますのでこちら をどうぞ!



中島 豊read more »

Identifying a group

When I first saw a presentation about Green Maps I saw tremendous potential on many levels for community building and engagement as well as creating environmental awareness. Although I was ready to get started, some challenges had to be overcome before I could begin this project, the first of which was finding a group.

Vote for Table Mountain in Cape Town Today



Table Mountain is one of only 28 natural sites from around the globe shortlisted to be named one of the Official New7Wonders of Nature.

From an initial list of 440 magnificent natural sites nominated in 2008, Table Mountain was voted onto a list of 77 sites prior to being selected for the final shortlist of 28 finalists in July 2009.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town Tourism have formed an official supporting committee to champion the mountain’s cause. Table Mountain needs approximately 30 million votes to secure a top 7 more »

Local Spokes Launch Party

Participatory map and questions at the Local Spokes Launch Event

The launch party of Local Spokes, a new bicycling coalition in the Lower East Side and Chinatown was a success last Wednesday, May 25th as supporters, members, and interested local participants gathered in the picturesque 5th St. community garden, El Jardin del Paradiso.

Based in the community, Green Map System is a member of the 9-organization coalition. I took part, along with 6 other summer interns, Wendy, the director of Green Map, and Matthew Willse, Green Map’s designer who created

At the Local Spokes party, Green Map System provided a participatory mapping experience, where attendees were able to use stickers to mark bike related locations. These included points such as bicycle parking, bike repair shops, caution or traffic hazard sites, bicycle paths and parks. This enabled participants to help spread their knowledge of certain cycling sites, and to learn of suggested cycling routes from others. read more »

Welcome to Korea, Green Map! – 한국에서 그린맵 국제 워크샵이 열립니다.

On June 10 2011, 'Green Map International Workshop' will be held in Ansan, Korea. The '2011 Green Map Maker School' in Green Gyeonggi 21 workshop is hosted by My Town Green Map

This workshop is held in cooperation with Green Map System in New York. My internship at the global office is ending just in time to take part in this workshop held near my home. I will bring Green Map materials and a short greeting video I made with Wendy Brawer, founder of the organization.

We are delighted that more than 80 people will grace the occasion with their presence. A special guest speaker, Marco Kusumawijaya, will take part. He was the first to create a Green Map in Indonesia, and has supported the movement’s spread to more than a dozen diverse communities in that country. He’s also been a great support to the Asian Green Map network and has created an influential blog(click to the blog), at the Rujak Center for Urban more »

Sustainable Jersey - Green Map Program

Sustainable Jersey Logo
IntroductionEventsProjectsToolsMap of NJ MapsPhotos


In 2011-2012, with support from the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation we were delighted to be able to work with a ground-breaking organization, Sustainable Jersey to create a series of programs and resources to support Green Teams throughout the state of New Jersey. So far, 359 of New Jersey’s cities, towns and townships are actively addressing sustainability in myriad ways, following a checklist of over 100 Actions towards certification in an exciting program that has been likened to a ‘LEED’ for communities. To date, 108 communities have been certified.

Green Map Exchange!

Green Teams contributed to an illustrated presentation highlighting Year One so their accomplishments could be shared with more people. We are delighted to share the compiled Exchange Presentation with you in 3 formats - each contains links to take you directly to the many Open Green Maps, websites, articles, photos and outreach resources they have created. Download a high resolution PFD (37 MB - best for projection); a low resolution PDF (4 MB, - best for emailing, desktop viewing); or the PowerPoint (40 MB PPT in zip file, can be edited). Here's a video highlight from an engagement session in Jersey City, our thanks to all the partners involved!

Special thanks to the Dodge Foundation for granting support for Year Two of this wonderful program, including powerful improvements to our Open Green Map platform. With the help of Rowan University's GeoLab, we developed an 'interoperability bridge' that will allow layers, data exchange and more to benefit these communities and many more.

Green Map System's role is to strengthen community engagement -- a key to reaching Sustainable Jersey's bronze, silver or gold status -- by connecting participants with our award winning resources for youth, printed and interactive Green Mapmaking. Download a chart matching Sustainable Jersey's Actions to Green Map's iconography here. Find a blog by Donna Drewes of Sustainable Jersey and more articles here.


All New Jersey Green Teams can take part. Find project overviews and downloadable resources below, along with a Green Map of the Green Teams involved in the Sustainable Jersey initiative. Past events are below the photos, on the bottom of this page.

For environmental educators there is a Green Map workshop on Friday, January 25 at 1:30 at ANJEE - or follow them on Facebook.

Friday 1:30-3:15 read more »

Festival of Ideas for the New City!

Festival of Ideas for the New City

Merging sustainability and culture, the Festival of Ideas for the New City took place in Green Map’s neighborhood in early May 2011. Organized by the New Museum, we took part in a busy street festival, along with many local organizations involved in green culture, sharing ideas, products and experiences with thousands of residents, visitors, press and media people.

Our booth was popular as we offered people a chance to learn what Green Map is all about, and gave them Composting Green Maps of Manhattan as well as cards about our global program. We created buttons using recycled New York Green Maps, and many visitors made their own ‘permanent nametag’ – a small but important way to reduce waste and make a statement about personal interests using Green Map Icons. Especially for children, it was a great chance to produce a special Mothers Day nametag, created with utmost sincerity. It’s Time to Mother Earth!read more »

GEL 2011 Mapmaking Workshop

GEL 2011 Mapmaking Workshop

On April 28, we hosted the GEL 2011 Conference 'All Around the Map' workshop at Green Map System's studio. Our space was filled with more than 30 conference attendees - our interns and colleagues participated in the event as well. We had 3 stations; mapmaking with map painter Connie Brown in our conference room, nametag button making in our special projects space and the Green Map slideshow was presented in Wendy's office. Attendees could explore the gallery of Green Maps and work at our desks as desired, there were also two ‘around the block’ tours to see local green sites. Australia, Canada, Cayman Islands and several US states were in the house!read more »

Cape Town's IOC Olympics Sport & Environment Award

Cape Town at the IOC Award Ceremony

We are delighted to share this good news from the Cape Town Green Map project leader, Arne Purves, Professional Officer in the City's Sustainable Resource Management division:

"The Cape Town Green Map is proud to have been a part of the award winning 2010 Green Goal program, the environmental programme for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa June/July 2010. Recognition from the IOC is a huge honor and has ensured that the City of Cape Town's 2010 Green Goal programme really sets the standard for "Greening" large sporting events into the future."read more »

Wendy Brawer joins our meeting in Detroit !

The snow was covering the tulips and daffodils on the lawn of Marygrove College on April 18, 2011, where several women from the Detroit Green Map met with others from higher education. Our quest: to see how the Green Map might be integrated into, and developed by students at the college / university level. We are pursuing a number of ideas and will keep you posted!

Our enthusiastic and creative team for this meeting - hosted by Marygrove College Detroit - included

* Wendy Brawer, founding director of the Green Map System
* Chris Seguin, Dean of Education at Marygrove
* Brenda Bryant, Dean of Community-Based Learning, & Executive * Director of the Center for Social Justice & Community Engagementread more »

Explore the Cape Town Green Map with Google Earth & Streetview

©Google Maps and Street View

Bring the Cape Town Green Map to life using Google Earth & Street View. You can explore the sites in 3D, look at them using Streetview and bring a new dimension to how you experience the CapeTown Green Map.

1. Download and install Google Earth on your local PC
2. Download the .zip file from our Cape Town Green Map blogpost and save it to your local machine. extract the contents ( cape_town_greenmap.kml) to your local machine. To extract the file Select it -Right Click - Extract more »

Our NYC Events & 100% Donation Match!

1700' Around Green Map System's Studio by Connie Brown 2011

As you probably know, the nonprofit Green Map organization has a local Green Map project in addition to our work to support local Green Map teams around the world. Green Map System often tests out new ideas in New York, and successful initiatives become models shared with our global network. This project is a good example. We are experimenting in two new ways – firstly, we are testing the event platform to reach new audiences and secondly, introducing a local micro-funding platform - - to our supporters worldwide. Fortunately, IOBY (In Our Back Yards) –has arranged for 100% matching of all donations, up to $200, through May 5! read more »

18 Open Green Maps of NYC!

Collecting Composting Sites at the NYC Grow Together!

As we prepared to take part in one of New York City's great community gatherings, we made a count of local maps on our interactive social mapping platform. There are 18 Open Green Maps charting diverse communities and themes, created by different schools, organizations and by Green Map System! We'll link to featured editions here, find them all by clicking Search on the right sidebar, alongside the map.

33 new sites were suggested for the NYC Compost Green Map at the Grow Together, hosted by our City's community gardening branch of the Parks Department, GreenThumb! We printed out the map, and provided stickers so people could add sites quickly and precisely.

A restorative and energy-efficient everyday action, compostables are currently 17% of NYC's household waste stream. It's important and exciting to see composting growing all across the city. Our own NYC Compost Green Map just received a grant from the Manhattan Borough President, the SWAB and Citizens Committee of NYC. We'll soon be adding 22 new projects that are funded through this program to the map!

• NYC Citywide Green Mapsread more »

Update on Japan's Green Map Network

Green Maps around Japan

Japan is constantly on our minds these days. With the earth still shaking, the shock yields to pain and sadness. We don't yet know the full extent of the unprecedented disaster but our hearts go out to each impacted person and their communities. Having worked with 70 diverse Japanese cities and towns over the years, our network sent messages of hope and people from Kyoto, Tokyo and other points south of the path of destruction have responded they are OK, thankfully. We know there are many great losses and deep uncertainties due to the nuclear nightmare. We know people need help to rebuild and remember, heal and regenerate. We have begun to discuss how Green Mapmaking can help in the recovery effort – let us know if you would like to know more about this or wish to offer help directly to some of our exemplary projects in Japan.

At Green Map’s NYC office, we remember how after 9/11, people reached out for a vibrant vision of Manhattan to help wipe away unbelievable after-images of the Twin Towers collapsing. We sent copies of LoMap, our youth-view of Lower Manhattan, to help them heal. We’d like to highlight the spirit of the Japanese Green Mapmakers in the same way with these self-portraits of community. We hope these images and links underscore the strengths of Japan’s remarkable community leaders and culture, and help revitalize sustainable society across the country and around the world.

One of the early stories we posted about the Green Map network growing in Japan is now a nostalgic PDF - or jump to a quick overview with links to key pages.

Staff from New York has taken part in several events from Tokyo to Hiroshima to Nagoya to Kitakyushu.

The Tokyo Art Jungle was a great exhibition curated by David d’Heilly in 2002. For us the highlight was university students’ Green Maps of each of the 29 stations around the Yamanote, Tokyo’s central train line. We loved the video they created, as well as the project's photo-rich website. Lots of people pitched in, including Setagaya Green Mapmaker, Masahiro Horiuchi. The overall organizer was Yohei Yasuda, whose most recent project Open Today was launched last week on Facebook, a ‘cheer project’ aiming to help people reconnect.

Hiroshima's youth and elders teamed up to create the Eco Peace Map with contrasting views from pre-1945 and 2003, using the tram lines to focus their exploration. Led by Sendai-san, the layered map shares the hope for a better future from one generation to the next - download the outcomes here.

Thanks to Chubu Recycle and hundreds of participants, the World’s Fair, Aichi EXPO 2005 offered two Green Map Pavilions and 40 unique locally created Green Maps as seen here. The page links to (in English), where you can see the wonderful books published to share process and outcomes by Keiko Nakagawa, Hagiwara-san and colleagues. Our director took part in the 2010 five -year review of Aichi’s impacts, which included creation of another 40 community Green Maps and a exhibit, forum and events alongside COP10, the United Nations Biodiversity Conference described in this blog post.

Diverse locally-authored stories are captured in the two books we co-created with Green Map Japan and Aichi Green Map. The first is the Green Map Atlas, online in Japanese and English. Download the complete English book (PDF 7MB) or get the individual stories here. We also love sharing the Green Map Impacts book (PDF, 7MB), which includes 18 illustrated overviews, 10 of which are about Japanese initiatives.

The NGO Green Map Japan has been supporting local efforts since 2002. While, their website is in Japanese, you can send a message of hope directly in any language or click reply below and share your thoughts here.

You won’t find a direct way to send donation on, but you can use our Donate button to support their ongoing work. Please add a note and we will be sure that Misako Yomosa, the Coordinator who has dedicated countless hours over the last 15 years to teaching and connecting Green Mapmakers will receive your help to continue this - now more than ever – important work. Find Yomosa-san's Harmony Newsletters, list of Japanese Green Maps as well as a recent illustrated overview of projects linked to the photo below, too.

Voting for Green Map's App!

Treehugger Best of Green 2011

Thanks to readers of, we are delighted to find that ours is nominated for the Best Eco App!

UPDATE: We won!

You can help us win a 2011 Treehugger Best of Green Award in the Science and Technology category by clicking there's no need to register to help us gain this important recognition. Want to help get the word out? Here is a Tweet:

On your mobile, add or explore green sites with @GreenMap. Nominated Best Eco App @TreeHugger! Vote today more »

The Green Map Archives Are On The Move

Hello again readers!

This is Green Map intern Joseph Pangilinan and I’d like to give you an update in regards to our progress in compiling Green Map’s archives. Since I last posted a blog, we have added 76 maps and 63 materials, totaling 418 maps and 198 materials. These materials offer a great range of purpose from academic (theses, books and booklets evaluating Green Map and its global effect) to community outreach and education (Green Maps and learning materials aimed at children) to recognition (magazine and newspaper articles lauding Green Map for increasing the public’s consciousness on sustainable living). Preparing these materials for public viewing not only supplements the information provided directly by the Green Map, it also gives the viewer a new perspective into the workings and influence of these projects, possibly inspiring new communities to get more »

Victoria BC and Seattle, Great!

UVic's Events 2011

Soon, I will be arriving in Seattle Washington. Although my stay is short, I'm meeting with Vashon Island Green Mapmakers, Beverly Nadius and Angela Rueber at 2 on Monday March 14. Ideally, there will be a chance to meet with potential project leaders in Seattle as well catch up on recent regional progress.

Next stop, Victoria BC. From the 15th to the 19th, I'll be working with long-time colleagues Maeve Lydon and Ken Josephson of University of Victoria. The school is hosting an exciting series of community mapping events, as noted in the attached discussion paper. read more »

Barcelona Green Map - map it video!

Ernest Vidal and Coco Coronal together with Petz Scholtus created a video to promote the use of the Barcelona Green Map! If you like it, please spread it around, thanks!

Green Map's Archive

Green Map's Archive is taking shape in 2011

Greetings readers!

My name is Joseph Pangilinan, I am an intern here at Green Map System and I'd like to take an opportunity to update you on the happenings in the Green Map offices. My fellow intern Jinhwa Ju and myself have taken on the task of archiving all of the Green Maps created world wide, as well as locally created books, marketing and learning materials. This was the first step toward having all of our Green Maps archived in the New York University Library or another Collection at a library, university or other institution for public access in both their original and digital formats. Supported in part by NYU's Green Grants program, the archive will inform and inspire as it illustrates many aspects of community sustainability in urban and rural areas. read more »

NYC's Website Selected by DesigNYC

Green Map and OTTO at the desigNYC 2011 kickoff event

Our original NYC Green Apple Map website is having a makeover!

We were selected by an amazing new resource, desigNYC which has the mission to "amplify the work of extraordinary NYC nonprofits, community groups and city agencies serving the public good by connecting them with the power of good design. Our focus is local. Our approach is multi-disciplinary. Our process is participatory and community-centric."

We are in a wonderful cohort of projects, and we are delighted to be working with a very cool company, OTTO to realize the entirely new in 2011. read more »

Thank You to Pair Networks and happy 15th Year!

Our websites are powered by Pair!

A special thank you to Pair Networks, a wonderful company that has been our internet service provider for many years, supporting our online work with a dedicated server. Pair is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week with some specials, but what we think is especially notable is Pair's environmental policy, which includes carbon neutrality, free organic fruit in the cafeteria, and bike, transit and tele-commuting. Congrats to Pair on 15 Years, and plenty more to come!

Green Map, 한국에서의 첫 걸음!

Gyeonggi-do Green Map Website

지속가능한 발전과 쾌적한 도시환경을 모토로 삼고 있는 단체인 푸른경기21실천협의회의 주도로 진행된 '경기도 Green Map 프로젝트'가 성공적으로 마무리되었습니다! 한국에서 환경에 대한 관심이 날로 높아지고 있는 요즈음, 한국 최초로 경기도의 '경기도 Green Map'을 완성은 매우 반가운 뉴스입니다.

그간 Green Map System, Inc.와 한국의 정부부서 및 민관단체들의 Green Map 만들기에 관련한 프로젝트를 시도해오기는 했지만, 이처럼 완성되어 발간된 것은 처음으로 그 의미가 더 크다고 할 수 있습니다. 또한 경기도는 Green Map의 완성에만 그치지 않고 '2010 그린맵 컨테스트'를 통해 대중들의 의견을 모니터링하고 발전을 꾀했다는 점에서 매우 인상적입니다.read more »

Reykjavik Greenmap news

Anna representing aspirations for Reykjavik Greenmap in Bellagio, December 2002

October 2010 the printed version of a Reykjavik greenmap was published. It coincided with the Reykjavik International Film Festival and later the Reykjavik Airwaves festival. We are therefore hoping that the printed map did draw attention to international crowd as well as local. The map was printed in 10.000 copies and is now about to be "sold out" (it is not sold however, it is distributed free of charge and sent to those requesting it for postage cost only).

I myself have been both a quiet observer and active member of the greenmap network since year 2002. For me the participation in an international gathering in Bellagio, Italy with a group of representatives for diverse green map projects from 23 countries around the world became the platform to experiment with the mapping, both in terms of teaching and map-making. read more »

Hello from Detroit !

Detroit "Ground Green Map" at Bioneers Conference

Detroit Metro Green Map - 2010 Report

Much is stirring in the Detroit the web of sustainability is being ever more woven into the fabric of our communities, economies & food systems:

* 2010 MI Earth Day Festival held in Rochester, MI.**
* Rainbow Blight Fair - held on the park grounds in front of the old Detroit Train Station to promote urban renovation, the Imagination Station for the arts, and community awareness/fun.
* Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference hosted at Mary Grove College in Detroit.

In June, 2010 the US Social Forum was held in DETROIT. Wendy Brawer came into town to give an awesome presentation to a classroom of folks from Detroit and around the country. read more »

Thank YOU for Supporting Green Map's Future!

With her Crystal Ball, Green Map's Director Gazes Ahead

As we are wrapping up another great year at Green Map System, we are looking into the future ... we are excited about the support you have given us that helps to ensure a wonderfully effective year ahead for our global network!

We have much to be grateful for, as we outlined in three newsletters this week, highlighting the people, progress and hopes for 2011. We invite you to take a few moments to read these short messages and join with us in helping to engage communities and support healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities, near and far!read more »

Another Sharing Session

On October 23th 2010, Green Map sharing session is held by Fresh EPA in South China University of Technology, which invited the representatives of Guangzhou Green Point Environmental Protection Information Center, Friends of Nature, Friends of the Earth, China Mangrove Conservation Network and the EPA members from 7 universities.

Before the indoor session, we had a Green Map experience in SCUT to deepen the impression of Green Map.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mrs. Hong from Friends of Nature shared her valuable point of Green Map, saying that Green Map is sharing the love of what we more »

Green Map of Guangzhou's River Branches

As it is known to all, water culture is a significant part of Guangzhou. To show a different face of Guangzhou, we made the Green Map series of Guangzhou River Branch cooperating with the Olympic Council of Asia and the volunteers from different groups. This project lasted more than 5 months from the beginning of 2010.

Before the Asia Games, the government had tried hard to promote the environment beside the river branch. This series of Green Map show a greener way to feel the real Guangzhou by pointing out the cultural sites, natural landscape and sustainable living sites.
(These Green Maps have been exhibited in the local square to show the change and the beauty of the river branch to the natives and the tourists.)read more »

Green Map Photo Exhibition

On May 26th and 27th 2010, the Green Map Photo Exhibition held by Fresh EPA, went into its 3rd station and 4th station as it was shown at South China Normal University and Sun Yat-Sen University.

Before that, the exhibition was held in South China University of Technology, which was regarded as its 1st station and Guangdong University of Technology, its 2nd station.

During the photo exhibition, the volunteers from Fresh EPA furnished the tent with the pictures about the Green Map in SCUT. These picture shows us its common sense, its history in Guangzhou, and the achievements by Fresh EPA while running the program. When the students walked past our exhibition, our volunteers explained to them with patience. In this way, the show presented by them interested more and more people to stop and to listen to our introduction. read more »

Our Green Map Sharing Session

Showing our own Green Map

On 15th May 2009, we at Fresh EPA had our first Green Map sharing session at South China University of Technology, which attracted many students who were interested in this new item. The session began at 3:00 p.m. with a humorous drama which made all the people there become fascinated with Green Map. Later, several members of our association gave introduction of the development of Green Map in Fresh EPA and the first Green Map of our university. The atmosphere was great and everyone was enjoying.

In the game part, people had to guess the meaning of icons of Green Map. If they were right, they would be rewarded with a Green Map of Qi Ao Island in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The introduction of this map was given later by the Mangrove Group of our association. read more »

Tech 4Good Presentation

Tech4Good NYC

On December 6th, in NYC, developers Thomas Turnbull and Te Baybute joined Green Map System's Founding Director, Wendy Brawer at the Tech4Good NetSquared Meetup and previewed version 2 of Green Map for the iPhone and mobile web. The new data collection tool will make it so easy to add new green sites to Open Green Maps!

We demonstrated the resourceful use of third party and open source tools in the Open Green Map social mapping platform they launched in 2009, and highlighted some unique outcomes from cities around the world as well as future plans. Download the slideshow. Soon, video will be attached more »

Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation & Green Maps

Bala Mulloth at his PhD presentation

Recently, I went to the thesis defense of Bala Mulloth, a PhD-Technology Management candidate in the Department of Technology Management at NYU-Poly in New York. Abstracted below, Bala's thesis title is: "Diversity in Contemporary Entrepreneurship: The Evolution of Two Representative Clean Technology Companies in New York City as Cases in Point."

It was quite interesting for me to see how this study developed and explored a new aspect of our work – entrepreneurship. We had several discussions and Bala took part in different aspects of our work during the past year – we even collaborated on a paper published by the Cumulus Social Innovation Conference in China, linked below. read more »

Biodiversity Conference Green Map

Aichi Japan Forum & Exhibit Collage
In October, I was invited to Japan by Aichi Green Map. Along with Keiko Nakagawa and Hagiwara-san of Chubu Recycle, the NGO that has led the remarkable Aichi effort for 7 years, I took part in forums, exhibits, parties and meetings. Their invitation to Nagoya made it possible for me to take part in events in 4 cities, detailed on this blog post. Green Mapmakers from Uji, Kyoto, Jakarta, Yohohama, Setagaya and all around the Nagoya area took part and I received so many new Green Maps created by youth, seniors and everyone in between, it was amazing!

A new book featuring 40 of these maps was published - download it here (31MB).read more »

Mapping a Park to Increase Knowledge, Usage and Expand Stewardship

Druid Hill Park Green Map

Our last map focused on resources in one city watershed and had an inset map of Druid Hill Park, the large central park within that Baltimore watershed. It is a 745-acre park filled with curvilinear drives and distinctly different topography, scenic areas, and activity sites. People tend to know one area but have trouble wrapping their minds around everything the park contains and how to navigate through it. The inset proved so popular that we decided to print a stand-alone map in time for Druid Hill Park's 150th birthday celebration in mid-October. The updated map contains over 65 site entries and uses 17 Green Map icons. And on that map we were able to include a timeline of the park's history and to provide more information about specific resources within the park. We are asking for donations at the map's distribution points both to insure those that pick up the "free" map really want it and to help seed the funding for the next park project, a passport to accompany the more »

Dare we build a Wind-farm in Jersey City?

Subtitle: Promoting a transformational project for Locally Generated Renewable Energy
Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: 3rd Nov 2010
Background: 8th in a series motivated by the proposed Gas Pipeline in JC

There is glaringly oversight in JC, made obvious now that FERC and Spectra are entertaining the prospect of their 30in High-pressure Natural Gas pipeline through the centre of JC for the benefit of NYC.

What is missing is a vision for Renewable Energy in JC. I’m advocating Jersey City Wind (JCW) - on the 255 acre brownfield site next to Liberty State Park – a significant urban wind-farm like no other. It would act as a beacon that sets a new precedent in the desires and sacrifices an urban community accepts. A symbol that a community has spoken, has decided on sustainability and is able to hold its head up to say “We are doing our part”. read more »

Cape Town Green Maps make it to New York!

Cape Town Green Map

We were very happy that our parcel made it to the Green Map office in New York and hope that as many map makers as possible can get a copy of our map.

"so happy to find such a nice big box of your cool maps and great materials on the environment and sustainability programs there, Arne and Philip! wonderful - we have already send copies down to Uraguay and today, Puerto Rico. I also left the copies I had in Japan - inspriing for people there! much appreciated, Wendy"

You can also download an electronic copy:Here

Detroit Green Map update

The Detroit and Detroit Metro Green Map Team has been expanding our presence in the region through public exhibits, meetings and connections. Details to come in the next week. Stay posted!

Make my Green Corridor and let me cycle through the “secret” Jersey City

Subtitle: The 6th St Embankment, the Planners, the Residents, the Entrepreneur and the Lawyer
Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: 22nd Oct 2010
Background: Seventh in a series motivated by the proposed Gas Pipeline in JC

It was not until I started to build the JC GreenMap that I began to fully understand the 6th Street Embankment, its connection to the past and the vision that some have for its future. The Coalition’s efforts have been superhuman in perseverance, if nothing else, over the last 12 years. This preservation effort is so important to a better future for the whole of JC and not simply to further enhance the gentrified downtown districts with another park. In fact it is a vital link in a network of green corridors and open spaces that is JC’s wild, overgrown “lost world”. This world is awaiting cyclists and pedestrians to traverse the city through secret routes where no car can go. What other post-industrial city can boast such a hidden treasure? However there is a seemingly intractable problem to this vision. But in the true nature of America, the land that I dreamed of coming to and that I now call my home, there is a solution available. A tool or technique that can be wielded in just such a situation as this. The time for applying that solution has surely more »

Cities are for the Living – No more 911 Memorials in Jersey City

Subtitle: In praise of a 911 Memorial Soccer League for Kids @ Liberty State Park
Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: Oct 2010
Background: Sixth in a series motivated by Fossil-fuel addiction and it’s affects on JC

The advantage of being a Green Map map-maker is that I am perhaps more able to see seemingly disjointed issues in a more connected and related manner. It comes not only from studying satellite images and internet searches, but also from the more mundane kinds of communications such as newspapers, magazine articles. From snatched conversations in between proceedings at say a City Hall meeting or a “charette” brain-storming session. It also comes from not siding with any one issue but trying to study, as a whole, the city through a vision I am forming in my mind. Here is a for-instance, which entwines a lack of soccer facilities for kids (see previous blog-entry: Let all the kids play soccer in Jersey City) with an unwanted 911 memorial, an opportunity for the present and some hope for the future of more »

Biodiversity deferred!

Biodiversity deferred

Read the article by Dr Janice Golding, an Honorary Research Associate (Botany) at the University of Cape Town who is also the author of Extinction by Design: plant ecology, species extinction and taxonomy in south-central Africa

Cities are for the Living - let all the kids play soccer in Jersey City

Subtitle: How can soccer help to break our fossil-fuel addiction?
Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: Oct 2010
Background: Fifth in a series motivated by Fossil-fuel addiction and it’s affects on JC

What attracted me to this hobby of green-mapping was the potential to do some good by efficiently using my professional skills and interests. JC has a fair-sized population of around 250,000 at the last census and is in fact in the top 100 cities in America, by population. However it is actually the smallest city, by area, in that same top 100 list which means that it’s really quite a small place and, maybe not quite like a village, certainly there is a town-feel about the place. Sometimes I find that issues, that come up in my quest for renewable energy, play themselves out quite graphically in the lives of my family and in particular my kids. Here is an more »

Cities are for the Living – Outliers in Jersey City

Image from Italian Village in JC in May 16th, 1976 - NY News Magazine

Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: Oct 2010
Background: Fourth in a series motivated by Fossil-fuel addiction and it’s affects on JC

Most every time I collect new material for the JC Green Map, I happen upon something that surprises and intrigues me. One time it was the discovery that JC has a “Little Italy”, known to its inhabitants as The Village. Nestled between an elevated section of the NJ Turnpike, a walled embankment supporting railway sidings, and NW-SE diagonal section of Newark Avenue, this little triangular enclave has surprisingly few thoroughfares bisecting it and retains indeed a village feel about it (as far, perhaps, as could be possible, in such an urban environment). But why is this relevant to being, or going, “Green”, and how does it help adoption of locally generated, non-fossil fuel energy?read more »

Travels with Green Mapmakers in Japan

Wendy with Green Map Aichi's newest Publication!

Right now, in October 2010, I am getting ready to fly to Kitakyushu Japan, the hometown of Misako Yomosa, Coordinator of Green Map Japan. As director of Green Map System, I'm really looking forward to this trip with many colleagues and presentations - find the first blog with images from this trip here.

Here's the plan:

Kitakyushu - Saturday 10/16 Together with local sustainability advocate Seki-san and EDS members, we will be taking part in Kitakyushu's Eco Style Town 2010. A morning workshop for future Green Mapmakers is followed by an interview onstage at more »

Mapa Verde Palmas


Conhecer melhor o lugar em que vivemos é uma questão de abrir os olhos. De enxergar de maneira mais curiosa e crítica aquilo que nos rodeia. Essa é exatamente a intenção de um projeto de Iniciação científica do IFTO tendo com ideia é criar o Mapa Verde da cidade de Palmas.

Design Route CWB

Bom dia!

Durante esta semana foi colocado no ar o novo mapa temático (,
que conta com ícones como Luminárias alimentadas à Energia Solar e o Design & Sustainability Research Center da Universidade Federal do Paraná.

Good morning!

During this week the new thematic map ( was released.
This map features icons such as solar-powered Lighting and the Design & Sustainability Research Center, from the Federal University of Parana.

Keweenaw Green Map Exhibit

Keweenaw - Finlandia U Green Map Exhibit

Enjoy this album and overview of the terrific Green Map exhibit, on view at Finlandia University Art Gallery in Hancock Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula through October 16. Special thanks to the Ironwood Daily News Source, exhibit creators Barbara Hardy and Rick Lodoha and curator Carrie Flaspohler. The Green Map Icons highlight local green sites and connect with the great globally-designed Green Maps beautifully!

Making Green Sites Accessible on the Street

Green Map Marker Sites at Art in Odd Places

Explore - Critique - Create!

In October 2010, we invited everyone to take part in the first pilot test of the Green Map site marker system.

Designed to engage an even wider audience, these site markers will make it easy for anyone to spot green sites, even without a printed Green Map or access to our mobile website. We tested out designs created by Green Mapmakers in several countries on Manhattan's 14th Street.

Our goal to test the concept was met, and based on the feedback received, we intend to extend the project in 2011. We found that the simplest designs with bold icons worked the best. We also learned more about the site owners and how they viewed being selected for the Green Map and sharing valuable space in their window for a marker. read more »

Repeating History, or Renewable Future, in Jersey City

Location: Jersey City NJ, USA
Date: Aug/Sept 2010
Background: Third in a series motivated by Fossil-fuel addiction and it’s affects on JC

I'm a bit of a sucker for old movies and have known for sometime that Midnight Cowboy (1969 – the only X-rated movie to receive a best-picture Oscar) has a fleeting scene in JC. However, in researching for JC GreenMap, Bill McKelvey of LHR confirmed that another classic, representing the other extreme of my taste, was also partially filmed in JC. That one was Funny Girl (1968 - Barbara Streisand, best-actress Oscar; what can I say?). This, you might imagine, intrigued me somewhat. How could these two celluloid-opposites cross-paths in JC, of all places? (..and what has this to do with fossil-fuel addiction?)read more »

Lake Tisza Green Map

Association of Conscious Consumers has developed the first printed green map in Hungary, the green map of Lake Tisza and its surroundings. The map is published officially by the Municipality of Sarud and came out for the Lake Region Festival held in the village in 13-15 August.

The map has an ecotourism focus and covers 18 topics, including rural accomodations and horse riding possibilities. For this two, as not yet included in the global icon set, new icons were more »

From Slavery to Sustainability in Jersey City

Where: Jersey City, NJ USA
Topic: Seeing forward by looking back

Once again I am in awe of my adopted home of 10 years. Little did I know that Jersey City was the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel for escaping slaves. It was their hope for freedom; their rendezvous with liberty. Jersey City, in Lady Liberty’s backyard, was the last “station” on the “Underground Railroad” that ran up through the eastern seaboard states of the USA. Their new life, like for many of us, began here. read more »

Comunicação para caminhos sustentaveis

Os professores escreveram poemas coletivos para trabalhar aspectos produção colaborativa

No segundo periodo do seminário 3 do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro, na atividade que está sendo realizada hoje na cidade de Santos, os professores puderam elaborar um "Wiki de papel" de maneira coletiva, para vivenciarem na prática um modelo de contrução colaborativa de idéias que será utilizado na terceira fase do projeto dentro das escolas.

Foi exemplificado como referencial de processo de construção de conhecimento à "varias mãos", a enciclopédia virtual "Wikipédia", que é sustentada virtualmente por milhões de usuários que inserem informações no sistema.

Diego de Itu que está facilitando a oficina comenta sobre a importância dos processos comunicativos. "Na divulgação das informações numa maneira coletiva podemos interpretar as questões ambientais e contribuir para a disseminação de propostas que tracem caminhos para a sustentabilidade".read more »

"Redes e os processos de envolvimento"

Vivianne Amaral e Diego de Itu conduziram o Seminário Educomunicação Socioambiental e Redes Sociais

Nesta manhã a jornalista Viviane Amaral iniciou os trabalhos de formação dos professores e professoras da Baixada Norte / Seminário 3 - projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro - Escolas Cuidando da Água.

Na oportunidade o tema abordado pela comunicadora foram as Redes Sociais e a capacidade comunicativa das mesmas.

Durante a apresentação foi mostrado modelos de interação e de interfaces que as redes possibilitam. De acordo com Viviane todo processo dialógico deve pressupor a comunicação como atividade geradora das redes. "Quando compartilhamos informações geramos um repertório que possibilita instrumentos para desenvolvermos trabalhos que fortaleçam as operações nas comunidades", more »

Educomunicação socioambiental e redes sociais são o tema da vez

Buscando tecer uma grande malha para fortalecer o tecido comunicacional entre as escolas participantes do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro - Rede de Escolas Cuidando da Água, acontece nesse sábado (15), a partir das 09hs no CAIS – Centro de Atividades Integradas de Santos a última etapa do processo de formação dos professores e professoras das cidades de São Vicente, Santos, Guarujá, Cubatão e Bertioga (Baixada Norte), que desde o mês de abril já participaram dos seminários sobre “Saneamento Ambiental, Participação e Controle social” e “Educação Ambiental e Métodos participativos”.read more »

Mapa Verde e participação na educação são temas de Seminário

Grupo teve o primeiro contato com os Mapas Verdes e vivenciou metodologia de mapeamento

Citando Herbert de Souza, o Betinho, a participação é um dos princípios chave da democracia. “Sem ela, não é possível transformar em realidade, em parte da história humana, nenhum dos outros princípios: igualdade, liberdade, diversidade e solidariedade”.

Assumindo esta ideia como premissa, o Seminário 2 – Educação Ambiental e Métodos Participativos do programa de formação do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro – Escolas Cuidando da Água trouxe para debate com os professores e coordenadores pedagógicos das escolas inscritas no projeto a função da participação na Educação. read more »

Baixada Sul recebe Seminário inaugural

A Ecosurfi vai realizar em Itanhaém, no próximo sábado (17/4), o primeiro seminário do programa de formação do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro – Escolas Cuidando da Água para os professores da Baixada Sul (Peruíbe, Itanhaém, Mongaguá e Praia Grande). O seminário para professores da Baixada Norte aconteceu no sábado passado (10 de abril) no Centro de Atividades Integradas de Santos (CAIS).

Esta primeira atividade tem como tema “Saneamento ambiental, participação e controle social” e traz como objetivos apresentar a perspectiva de análise da sociedade a partir da bacia hidrográfica, explicando os conceitos básicos de saneamento ambiental e suas relações com a saúde pú more »

Começa programa de formação do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro

Amanhã (10/4) acontecerá no Centro de Atividades Integradas de Santos (CAIS) o primeiro seminário do programa de formação do projeto Rio do Nosso Bairro - Escolas Cuidando da Água.

Esta primeira atividade tem como tema "Saneamento ambiental, participação e controle social" e traz como objetivos apresentar a perspectiva de análise da sociedade a partir da bacia hidrográfica, explicando os conceitos básicos de saneamento ambiental e suas relações com a saúde pública. A proposta é abordar a política de águas e o sistema de gerenciamento de recursos hídricos, valorizando a idéia da participação e do controle social como elementos fundamentais para o avanço democrático e para uma gestão sustentável dos recursos hí more »

Milhares vão às ruas de Peruibe/SP protestar pela preservação da água

Multidão celebra Dia Mundial da Água e marca começo do processo de mapeamento

Hoje de manhã quase quatro mil pessoas tomaram as ruas de Peruibe, no litoral sul de São Paulo, para se manifestar pelo envolvimento das escolas na gestão sustentável dos recursos hídricos. A ação marca as comemorações do Dia Mundial da Água, que desde 1992 é comemorado em 22 de março e, na Baixada Santista, é marcado anualmente pela Semana e Caminhada Metropolitanas da Água.

Em sua 5° edição a Caminhada da Água promoveu um grande arrastão. Milhares de jovens e professores de escolas das nove cidades da Baixada Santista percorram as principais ruas do centro de Peruibe portando faixas e cartazes, demonstrando a preocupação da juventude com os recursos hídricos na regiã more »

Ecosurfi e CBH/BS realizam a 5° Caminhada Metropolitana da Água

Trajeto da caminhada da água 2010

Terminando as comemorações da Semana da Água o Comitê da Bacia Hidrográfica da Baixada Santista, através da sua Comissão Especial de Educação Ambiental e Divulgação, Prefeitura de Peruíbe, em conjunto com a Ecosurfi, realizam a maior mobilização da região pela proteção e preservação dos Recursos Hídricos.

A passeata deve reunir no próximo dia 22 em Peruíbe mais de 4 mil alunos de todas as cidades da Baixada Santista no Dia Mundial da Água

Realizada desde 2006, a já tradicional “marcha da água” reúne milhares de jovens das escolas públicas e particulares dos 09 municípios da Região Metropolitana da Baixada Santista e encerra a Semana Metropolitana da Água no próximo dia 22 (segunda-feira). A cada ano a caminhada é realizada em uma cidade diferente e tem a proposta de, no Dia Mundial da Água, divulgar na Baixada Santista os trabalhos desenvolvidos pelo CBH/ more »

Spectra, FERC and a 30in Nat.Gas pipeline

Proposed route for Gas Pipeline

Where: Jersey City, NJ USA
Topic: Proposed 30 inch, high-pressure Natural-Gas pipeline, suggested routing through center of JC, supplying NYC
Parties: FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission); Spectra Energy (TX USA)
Map (to right): JC Green-map with proposed pipeline route in black. Note route through residential sections of JC with enormous number of Green-Assets and Icons in close proximity.

Another record breaking hot summer (is there a trend?) and ~300 residents assembled last night in an auditorium (Ferris High School) with a broken AC for over 4 hours. Why? To voice opinions about a proposed 30 in natural gas pipeline, to run through the heart of JC, for the benefit of NYC, and presumably Spectra’s bottom-line. Sitting in that high-school auditorium, not 30 feet from the proposed pipeline route (with a supposed blast-zone of 600 feet), I sat back and studied the accidentally-released helium-balloons still hugging the ceiling from the graduation celebration where presumably upwards of 1000 pupils and their families must have recently congregated. Helium, Natural Gas, a lack of AC - there was a lot of hot more »

Thanks to our Summer Interns!

Summer Interns & Volunteers, 2010

We've been accomplishing so much at Green Map this summer, and although much is behind the scenes or to be revealed this fall, it's been a great season so far.

Special thanks to:

Celine Teo Ying Zhen, a rising senior at Vassar College, for her great work on the Open Green Map's Chinese interface, work with our virtual internship program.

Sara Imperiale, recent grad of Muhlenberg College for her many wonderful contributions to our development and editorial projects.

Daniel Gratch, rising senior at Stanford University for his important research and ideation development as well as Hebrew translation more »

Find a printer to fold maps?

How do you go about finding a printer who can fold maps? Any suggestions in metro Detroit are appreciated.

Tarawadaw Taiwan


沿著Salilis行走,恰巧可看見部落與鄰近山川地勢的關係,這是一條沿著部落東方的山陵線路徑,約莫1.5公里左右的陵線,也是部落所稱為瞭望點Pisininan的位置,這條沿著山系而走的陵線,除了有防守的意義外,走在其上也更能體會Kalala的景觀。read more »

Green Map Website Debuts Drop Menus

Today enters the twentieth-first century just a little bit late. The new drop down menus will increase the ease of use as well as help to streamline the design of the website.

Now, every page on Green Map is accessible no matter where you are. Say you are in the press section but would like to jump to a submenu in the About section to find out more about the Green Map Icons. What used to take you up to 6 or even 7 clicks is now just one.

It may be a change in the way you navigate but your experience will be far more convenient, less frustrating, and maybe even a little more »

School Green Maps - Annecy - France

Following the Green Map of the Annecy area (Rhône-Alpes, France), a 10 schools and youth groups have developed local, educational Green Maps. The projects were lead by the FRAPNA Haute-Savoie, with support of the City Council of Annecy and Ekoacteurs (GRAINE). The project involved training the teachers and group leaders, then spending time working with the groups of children and classes to select areas to map, identify, adapt and apply the Green Map icons and themes. Each Green Map fits in with an ecocitizenship project developed by the school. Several of the schools have decided to continue the project into the next year. The environmental observations made in the field will be passed on to the City Council. The Green Maps produced were presented during Sustainable Development Week events I April 2010 (see photos in the PDF file). For further information: www.frapna.orgread more »

Green Map at the US Social Forum

Detroit Green Map is highlighted at the US Social Forum, a gathering of thousands taking place in Detroit June 22-25.

During the US Social Forum, there will be a workshop on June 25 (10am- noon in Cobo 02-36) that includes Detroiters Deanne Bednar, Jacob Stevens Corvidae and Lois Robbins, who will share their vision for their hometown Green Map and help everyone take part! Following the workshop, this Detroit local effort will surely grow- follow the progress and get involved at read more »

Mapmakers from Colchester, Baltimore and Cape Town

Rowena of Colchester UK visits Green Map

Here in our Green Map System office in East Village, New York, we have been receiving visitors along with their newly made Green Maps. In less than two weeks, we have had Green Mapmakers from Cape Town, Colchester and Baltimore. From the oldest recorded town in Britain to the host city of the 2010 World Cup, they have all raised awareness on sustainable living and resources through their Green Maps.

Colchester, UK

Rowena Macaulay founded Walk Colchester in April 2010. Her fledging group is a community Green Mapping initiative that aims to record and protect the paths, parks, woodlands and open spaces as well as the cultural heritage of this remarkable place by promoting enjoyable, accessible, informed pedestrianism for walkers of all ages and abilities. read more »

Green Map System Featured in NYC Media

Wendy on NYC Media

Our founder, Wendy Brawer has been featured in a special green episode of $9.99 on NYC Media. This media outlet is the official TV, radio and online network of NYC. This program, featuring Vivian Guzman, seeks out places and activities in NYC for New Yorkers and tourists alike, who are on a shoestring budget of only $9.99. In this episode, titled “Going Green”, places such as the Hearst Tower, the Highline and the Union Square Green Market were featured.

From 19.49 to 21.02 on the video, Wendy Brawer was interviewed at the Union Square Green Market. On Material Mondays, people can bring in and recycle their used textiles such as bed sheets and old clothes. They can also drop off their food waste at the compost bins located in the square. Using our Compost Green Map of Manhattan, you could search for the nearest compost bins from your home. Our Powerful Green Apple Map of energy resources will help you explore green and sustainable places in NYC. read more »

Green Map Widgets Launch in Budapest

Green Map Introduces Widgets

In Budapest on May 27 2010, Green Map System's Director, Wendy Brawer took part in a special public and press celebration with Green Map projects from 4 countries. There, exciting new widgets were launched! The widgets have already appeared on Mangrove Guard, Cape Town Green Map, Green Apple Map, and Walk Colchester.

Show your support for this important movement today!
read more »

Green-Washing Sustainability in Humboldt Park and Roscoe Village , Two Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago has received a lot of kudos in national and international media about how green it is. While pols and city boosters tout all of our green roofs, planted street medians, urban tree-planting endeavors and green buildings, the SAIC mapmakers are finding a different story in the neighborhoods where we acutally live.

Part of the process of our project is to document what is on the ground and do the historical research to find out how these neighborhoods come to be what they are today. The parameters set forth in the greenmap international project makes this task straight forward. We investigate the triple bottom line of sustainability, economic development, social responsibility and the natural more »

Green Map Widgets Launching!

Direct from Budapest, Green Mapmakers are taking part in a special public and press event that will launch exciting new widgets on May 27.

"These widgets were inspired by our mobile website and iPhone App. So many people have responded to them, we developed the widgets to provide a similar user experience on the desktop. And since we know the value of sharing tools, we’ve provided the code and invited everyone to add the widgets to their own website and blog", said Wendy E. Brawer, Founding more »

EDS 2010 em Curitiba Brasil


Bom dia!

Semana passada aconteceu em Curitiba o EDS2010 (, Conferência Internacional de Educação para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável.

Participamos do evento com uma Oficina, que contou com a presença de quase 60 pessoas, que vieram de diferentes partes do Brasil.
A oficina foi uma rica troca de experiências: cada participante contou o que faz para implementar a educação para o desenvolvimento sustentável e em equipes, propuseram planos de ação.

A Oficina recebeu destaque local com reportagem em um jornal de grande circulação. more »

National Design Triennial - Find Us There!

Green Map System and its locally-led global movement are delighted to be represented in the National Design Triennial.

Global cooperation to solve the world’s problems is reflected in “Why Design Now?” held at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City. Opening May 14, the National Design Triennial is on view through January 9, 2011.

Find an array of Green Maps in the exhibition and Green Map Icons in the family guide's map. Learn about this movement and its worldwide impacts through the museum's educational tours and summer workshops, as well as at a special program this more »

Ajamu Brown Earth Day Address – April 22, 2010 Times Square, NYC

My name is Ajamu Brown and I am here to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

In 2009, TogetherGreen, an initiative of the Audubon and Toyota partnership, awarded me a fellowship. It is designed to build the promise of a greener, healthier future through innovation, leadership and volunteerism.

I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant also known as Bed-Stuy located in the heart of North Brooklyn. My neighborhood has many challenges both socially and economically. Despite this, the trend of going green is catching on, and my Bed-Stuy Eco-Mapping Project is designed to highlight some of these local green activities. read more »

Summer Internships in NYC

2009 Summer Program Finale

We are getting ready to host the second session of our Summer Youth Mapmaking Internship, our 'semi-virtual' program teaching skills in mapmaking and independent research.

Check out some outcomes from Year 1.

This self-directed summer program focuses on mapping sustainability in and around NYC. Our program is an opportunity apply what you have discovered about local assets and issues, ultimately making a Green Map focused on a neighborhood and topic of your choice. Mapping is a creative process, and you have the option of using digital or printed medium to construct a visual exploration of sustainability.

During the second week of June, Interns will meet for a 2 day training in our office. Each will work independently under the guidance of a “mapping mentor” and contribute to our blog on a weekly basis.

There will be a midway 'check in' in person, and in mid-August, we will have an exchange event where you will present your Green Map project. You can continue your work into the school year, and make it part of your senior project or thesis, depending on your educational objectives.

While this internship is unpaid, certain expenses will be covered by the Green Map office, thank to the support of Con Edison. If you hope to gain a greater understanding of your community’s sustainable network, we encourage you to apply.

The internship is open to both high school and college students. As of April 26, we have 6 confirmed participants. Our maximum is 15 people.

Interested? Please send resume and a short writing sample (or a link to your portfolio) by May 15th to: info [at] greenmap [.] org.

Spread the word on Twitter! read more »

Earth Day 2010 in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Green Map is getting ready for Earth Day celebrations in Jerusalem.

On Thursday 22nd April Jerusalem will host Earth Day celebrations at the Mamila Pavillion opposite the Jaffa Gate and Old City Walls.

Event takes place 4-8pm and the Old City wall lights will be turned off at 8pm to celebrate "lights out hour" and earth day.

Cape Town Green Map reaches 300+ listings!

The Cape Town Green Map Team

The Cape Town Green Map recently surpassed the 300 listings mark! This is a great achievement! We also received some super coverage on CNN, with the Green Cab's, Amiene van der Merwe including the Cape Town Green Map in her interview with CNN's Inside Africa! What a great contribution from the Green Cab Team!
The CNN Inside Africa Interview

Best Tool for Green Travelers!

Treehugger's Best of Green Award

We are delighted that our Open Green Map sustainability mapping platform has been selected by for 2010's Best of Green, and designated the Best Tool for Green Travelers!

There are now over 10,000 sites to explore! See more than 100 Open Green Maps on your desktop, mobile or iPhone!

Special thanks to the City of Oakland California for creating the Open Green Map featured by Treehugger - Oakland is also the first to test out data importing on the OGM platform.

Thank you Treehugger! Your coverage of Green Maps created around the world has been outstanding!

Our 15th Year!

Our first 15 years have been remarkable!

Join with us in celebrating! Help to assure the next 15 years will be even more amazing by making a contribution today.

Since 1995, 648 Green Map project leaders in 55 countries have stepped up to create a new perspective on local nature, culture and green living resources. New Green Maps are being published all the time! So to thank you for your tax deductible contribution of $15 - $150 - $1500, we created a special widget for our supporters!

You can add this widget to your website, blog or Facebook page and let everyone know about the Green Maps you help to support. Thank You!

3 New GIS Green Maps!

Green Mapmakers continue to innovate and create new ways to share their findings using GIS mapping tools. Our organization welcomes all types of mapping, and offers a unique Google Map-based interactive platform, the Open Green Map, as well as field-tested resources that help local Mapmakers create their own GIS or printed Green Maps, as desired. Murals, performances, postcards, kiosks and other formats have been produced as well, all with the goal of inspiring more community members to get involved in local green living.

Recently, Andrew Carter, a volunteer in our global office with GIS experience reviewed 3 great new interactive Green Maps. Enjoy!read more »

Our New Timeline!

We've got a new timeline! This view of our 15 years of sustainability mapping was created by University of Michigan students Hanna, Bo, and Kristen who worked with us for a week in March. The timeline is just one of the resources they developed together with our staff during the School of Information's Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program.

Download Green Map System's Timeline and spread the word!read more »

Get the flash player here: http://www.ado

Why do I Green Map?

Global Mapmakers, why do YOU Green Map?

It's been almost ten years since I began collaborating with the Green Map System. Lately several people have asked me why I have been so passionate and persistent about this project, so I've decided to share my reasons here:

1) Promote Access to Resources

I had taken my background in architecture, urban planning and education into a new iteration through an Open Society Institute Community Fellowship to map youth resources in Baltimore. I quickly realized that people were unaware of resources mere blocks from where they lived and had a generally negative impression about city youth. So began my search for effective ways to communicate knowledge about existing resources and about the positive actions young people were taking to improve their neighborhoods. For the past decade I've explored different ways to mobilize the Green Map icons to expand knowledge and to Map the Positives! read more »

Our Efforts in the Last Year and Prospects for This Year

In the last year, we re-drawn and published a new Green Map of South China University of Technology in Higher Education Mega Center of Guangzhou from March to May.And we sent the map to freshman of our university in 2009.

In January of this year, we published the Green Map of Higher Education Mega Center of Guangzhou. This Green Map have spend our almost six months to publish.

In October, 2009, we drew Green Maps of Liwan community of Guangzhou with kids from four schools and residents from four communities, promoting the Green Map and let more people understand and participate in Green more »

Mobile Green Map Resources


Green Map System has a handy webapp mapping out green living resources on the go!

At a green place that should be on the Green Map? Map it fast!! is our new Mobile Site Collector. This webapp makes it easy to collect, photograph and chart green sites on to Open Green Maps while on location, even in areas without wifi.

Green Mapmakers, residents and tourists can collect sites on smart phones, tablets and desktop. The Mobile Site Collector comes in 13 languages, with complete instructions in each! Every new site is moderated by the local Mapmaker – you will receive confirmation when your site gets on the map. The interactive map can be embedded in any website!

Share your Collector experience on Twitter with the world at Share map links, photos, events and daily discoveries!

This video shares how it works. Basically, select your language under the Gear. Tap the Question Mark to read the FAQ in your language on Add a site at the Plus!

Thanks to Green Mapmakers, the Collector's languages currently include Arabic, Chinese - simplified, Chinese - traditional, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish!

Get your banner and graphics here – download English (4MB), Chinese - simplified (1.5MB), Chinese - traditional (1.5MB), and Romanian (1MB)! We'll add more graphic and outreach resources soon!

Collector Workshop Guide

Based on our recent workshop using the new mobile Site Collector to chart sites around the United Nations District, we have a Workshop Guide. Very handy for making your event go smoothly! Download the initial version here - it's a .doc so you can adapt it. We’d love to add your experience to it.

Quick Mobile Site Collector Tips

• Don’t forget the m in the url --
• Open Green Maps must be in ‘public’ mode to use on the Collector*
• If you cannot see the icons or have other issues, add this website to your Home Screen, and use it from there
• Photos taken with the Collector are not saved on your phone
• If you plan to collect sites in an area without wifi, open the Collector before you go out, then use it offline - it will store your sites to upload later (there's a small text link on the front page to click once you are in wifi zone)
• Everything can be edited once it’s on the map!
• #MobiGreenMap - share your outcomes on Twitter and on the Survey

Special Thanks to:

Collector created for Green Map System by
Project Manager: Ciprian Samoilã, Asociatia Harta Verde Romania
Web Developer: Bogdan Szabo

Translators: Ben Andersen • Yu-Chang • Choi, WonSun • Youness Chtaini • André Guilherme • Olivier Hoessly • Bernice Keshet • Yutaka Nakashima • Aruna Reddig • Ciprian Samoilã • Lama Tawk • HanLu Zhang

Project Support: Wendy Brawer • Eric Goldhagen • Walter E. Perry • Thomas Turnbull

Video by Barbara Ross & Piki, graphics by Li Tang What about a Mobile Map! The sites will appear on the map when you zoom in and tap repeatedly - we hope to have a better app some day! Wondering about our iPhone App? It’s now offline, in favor of the accessible to all webapps described above. Thanks to all who helped it win a Treehugger Best of Green 2011 award in Science and Technology, and accolades for Open Green Map and its mobile tools from the Papanek Social Design Awards, the NetSquared Invitational and many other awards. Some of the comments below refer to these earlier versions.

Our mobile offerings continually evolve to share better ways of exploring how Green Maps connect community and sustainability resources together. This page was created when our first mobile tool went live, and continues to evolve.

Right now, other than the Collector, our mobile tools are not optimized. However, using an iterative design philosophy ‘MVP’, we expect to keep building based on what users really need. Have something to share? Here’s the Survey!

At you can help us keep these resources free, up to date and ready to inspire, inform and activate a healthier, greener future for all.

Jerusalem Green Map in print

The Jerusalem Green Map has joined together with the Jerusalem Municipality to print a new city map with Green Map icons included. This is the first time a city map has "green content". New sites include bird observation sites and unique flowering sites. We hope that this is just the start of a series of printed Jerusalem Green Maps. Find out more here (in Hebrew).

Finalist: Social Innovation Awards!

Social Innovation Award

Green Map System is pleased to be a Just Means - FT Social Innovation Awards finalist! We'll find out if we won in the Communications category on March 24th, and in the meantime, you can link to our entry, rich with images, pdfs and videos. You can also vote for us there!