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I am excited about the potential for the Open Green Map Site Collector as a tool to enhance green maps as well as increase popularity of use.

CSLP Website revamped

Having achieved its many of its initial goals, most notably construction of an Eco-Centre and the initiation of an Ecovillage, the Craik Sustainable Living Project (CSLP) has been able to turn its attention to Outreach and Education. This has taken the form of workshops, seminars, solar fairs, a resource library and more. Recently, the CSLP Health subcommittee has initiated eat local events and pedometer challenges. As part of this continued development, the website has been redone, with the new version at, and the former one at until the changeover is more »

Green Drinks and Solar Fair

Although, as a teacher near the end of June, I am psychotically busy, I am looking forward to a full weekend as our community hosts its first annual Solar Fair.

We are also kicking it off with the first "Craik Green Drinks" at 6pm June 22 at the Craik Eco-Centre.

I expect that the last of our Craik Green Maps will disappear this weekend, except for a very few stashed away for the Ness Creek Festival later in July...

And we will definitely be out before Field 07!read more »


Last night, at a monthly meeting of the Craik Sustainable Living project (CSLP), we had a guest speaker talk about "visitability". This was a new term to me, dealing with the concept of making not only businesses and public buildings, but private homes also, accessible to people with physical disabilities. This includes things such as accessible entryways (sufficiently wide doors for wheelchairs, ramps, and accessible bathrooms). I will learn more about this, and already am sure that this is something that needs to be on the next version of our Green Map.

Changes: 2007-2014

Before the Craik Green Map was even completed, I knew that an update would soon be needed. Almost a year later, only a handful of maps remain, and there is a growing list of new "green" features to add to the next map. The online green map has been useful to show updates without creating a new print version.
Back in 2007, from my own new home in the area, I could see a young family breaking ground for an off-grid studio and home. The hemp processing mill was still slated to be constructed in the fall (fell through). An international school planned to develop facilities and programming in the area, focusing on entrepreneurial skills and sustainable living. The facility has been completed, and has seen a few students enrol, but it has been slower to develop than expected. In rural Saskatchewan, where a dozen schools were closing in 2007 year due to declining populations, this was a BIG DEAL. read more »

Ever get discouraged when thinking about the environment, or society in general?

Strawbale building in progress

Issues relating to sustainability can be, well depressing. Fortunately, there are positive things happening (like Green Maps), and optimistically, it's not too late.

I recently moved to Craik, Saskatchewan, not because it is an environmental utopia, but because the local leadership is open to new ways of doing things. They have been very supportive in encouraging longtime residents and new residents to take action. Things are happening because people are making things happen.

What a fantastic place to live.

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