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Awards and Recognition for GMS

Aichi EXPO 2005 NGO Global Village Exhibit Award

August 2005 – Aichi Japan

Led by Chubu Recycle Citizens Organization, Green Map System and Green Map Aichi were awarded a month long exhibit to showcase the global Green Map movement at this World’s Fair (click environment to read about the new technologies piloted there). The award came with funding to bring Asian and Japanese Green Mapmakers together for public presentations and network capacity building events. A report and albums of these exciting events are on this more »

Woman of Earth - Terre de Femmes

March 2005 - Paris, France

Because of her work with Green Map System, our founder and director, Wendy Brawer, was presented with a Woman of Earth - Terre de Femmes award by Foundation Yves Rocher and Institut de France on International Women’s Day in Paris.

Global Social Benefit Incubator

Summer 2004 - Santa Clara, California USA

Green Map System was selected as a participant in the Global Social Benefit Incubator, a 2-week development workshop held at Santa Clara University. GMS was represented by former staff, now board member Alice Hartley.

Global Green Mapmakers Gathering

December 2002 - Bellagio, Italy

Rockefeller Foundation hosted our first Global Green Mapmakers Gathering at their Bellagio Conference Center in Italy. 14 countries were represented by 22 Mapmakers, and a remarkable series of outcomes were achieved! Read more about the meeting and the books co-created by participants.

Spirit of the Land Award

Winter 2002 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The 2002 Olympics Organizing Committee in Salt Lake City gave Green Map System a Spirit of the Land Award, specifically for our Legacy in Environmental Education.

Technology Benefiting Humanity Awards

November 2001 - San Jose, California USA

Green Map System was a 2001 Laureate in The Tech Museum's prestigious Technology Benefiting Humanity Awards. We appreciate the many interesting opportunities that The Tech and its awards program have offered to us and other Laureates ever since!

Center for International Learning Award

October 2001 – New York City, USA

Green Map System was honored with an award from the Center for International Learning in New York, in recognition of our work worldwide.

Municipal Art Society's Certificate of Merit

June 2001- New York City, USA

Green Map System received the Municipal Art Society's Certificate of Merit. The certificate recognized our local efforts to make New York City more livable with the Green Apple Map program. The Municipal Art Society also hosted our 2004 exhibit and forum series, "Vibrant Communities, Green Maps of New York and the World" at its Urban Center gallery, and way back in 1992, provided the support for printing the very first Green Apple Map of NYC!

EXPO 2000 - Project Around The World

October 2000 - Hannover, Germany

EXPO 2000, the sustainability oriented World's Fair in Hanover Germany, recognized Green Map System as a “Project Around The World”. GMS was included in the EXPO 2000 book, website, database and onsite. A presentation by Green Mapmakers from 10 (mostly European) countries took place at the ZERI Bamboo Pavilion.

"Your initiative is one of the outstanding projects which demonstrate in an exemplary way that the practical implementation of Agenda 21 is possible."

Stockholm Challenge

Year 2000 - Stockholm, Sweden

Green Map was a Stockholm Challenge Finalist in 2000! This Information Technology for Society Prize in the environmental category, allowed us to exhibit our work in Stockholm. Thanks to our local Mapmakers, Tor Fossum from Malmo Sweden & Monika Wallgren of Copenhagen for representing our network there!

US National Award for Sustainability

May 1999 - Detroit Michigan, USA

The President's Council on Sustainable Development and Renew America presented Green Map System with the National Award for Sustainability for New Communication Tools. These awards were presented during the 1999 National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America. The National Awards Council also awarded us with a Certificate of Environmental Achievement in the Renew America 1999 Environmental Success Index.

United Nations Global Best Practices 100 List

October 1998 - Nairobi, Kenya

The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements selected Green Map System for the Global Best Practices 100 List.

Success Story - UNCSD

February 1998 – New York City, USA

Green Map System was designated a Success Story by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, the UN division that was developed subsequent to the 1992 Earth Summit.

Gold International Eco-Award

Year 1996 - Los Angeles, California USA

Shortly after they were created, the Green Map® Icons received a Gold Award at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) & Environmental Media Association International ECO Awards.

Historical Recognition on the Web

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