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NYC Fashion Map

Can we put 'good' clothes on the map? Explore, which shares shops and services for lower impact shopping choices. Created with support from Patagonia Soho, this map is embedded below (along with the code to add it to your own website, as seen in this 2016 Torchlight article). To provide a version you can print for exploring downtown's sites, find a "Jauntful" version as well as a Pinterest of the sites below.

Eco-Fashion NYC Downtown

NYC Fashion - the "Good Clothes Green Map"!

In the fashion world, sustainable clothing is seen as not as trendy enough. There are many stores throughout the city that are addressing conscious clothing that too few residents and tourists know about high quality second hand shops, fair trade and ethical clothing stores, green cleaning resources, where to get materials and more.

Designed for residents in 2014, this map also guides the millions of tourists attracted to our city each year to shop smart. As part of the mapmaking process, we have taken then project to various fashion events to show people how to contribute to the map while shopping using our new Mobile Site Collector. Above, you'll see Samantha Riccio, our summer intern from Marist College, who did much of the initial site research and took part in stopTHINKshop’s Future of Fashion pop up, where we received positive feedback from vendors and community members about our sustainable fashion map.

Samantha said, "This has been a very exciting task because of my love for both the environment and fashion. Most of the time these two words do not coexist harmoniously. Fashion can be seen as highly wasteful with the continually changing fads, highly toxic with the many dyes and other pollutants, and highly unethical with poor labor practices."

This project's supporter is Patagonia Soho, a great example of a company that ‘walks its talk’ when it comes to sustainable fashion! Their shop has a repair center as well as a take back program. Li Tang and Shannon Hollenbeck have contributed to this map, in addition to Samantha. Want to help us make a print map and create related eco-fashion resources that help us reach more people? Contact us at apple (@)!

Make sure to watch for tweets at @GreenMapNYC as the map takes shape - suggest cool sites for the map there too! And if you are a Pinterest fan, check this out!

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