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A new mapmaking tool in the field - Trimble Nomad

A new, powerful, rugged mobile device recently hit the shelves thanks to Trimble... enter the Nomad. This sporty work horse provides your mobile workforce with a powerful 806 MHz Processor, VGA Display, Integrated GPS, Wireless, Optical Capabilities, Integrated Bar Code Scanner, Digital Camera Options and Up to 1 GB Flash Memory... Sweet! The Nomad's design and features make it a powerful mobile computing solution for public safety, land surveying, field service, engineering and construction, utilities, mapping, military and other outdoor or service-related applications.

The Nomad is ideally suited for those seeking a rugged and waterproof device, long battery life, fast computer processing, integrated Bluetooth, built-in GPS, and Windows Mobile 6 OS all in a compact and lightweight package.

More details at
Trimble Nomad page

We have plans to get a couple of these for our Bucharest Green Mapmaking.


So how exactly do you plan to use it? Will it mostly be for the GPS functions? Could you give a brief description of how to use a GPS tool for people that have never used one before?


Trimble Nomad as a field calculator

That's a good question.

Here are some clarifications on the subject:

Trimble Nomad or other similar products like Trimble GeoXT, GeoXH or GeoXM, are portable field calculators with an integrated high accuracy GPS and even high resolution photo camera.
Such a PDA with a GPS w/o camera can help you mapping in the field by filling in a database in the field (a nice example from, but there are others too).
The software can automatically get the GPS coordinates in the database, take the photo(s) of the point you are marking, and then tapping the rest of the wanted info right on the spot.

All you need to do is get back to the office and upload the database in the main database and your work is almost done. No more paperwork, no more mistakes.

There may be disadvantages, such as the need to have the device operational and also operational in different conditions. Trimble has covered this as well. You have 9 hours of continuous work, the rugged case can stand even 3 feet (1m) drop and, yes, you may continue like nothing happened. The price may be a problem since one device can go over 2000 USD, but it's worth it. Mainly because it is durable and moreover you can maintain the data while in the field. Remember that these are portable computers and not just GPS.

There is more to say but need specific questions to answer them.

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Trimble Nomad

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