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Cape Town wears the biodiversity crown!

We are really proud of the amazing Cape Town Green Map team - check out their latest post

""Cape Town is the most biodiverse urban area in the world" reports Dave Chambers in The Times.

The stability of Cape Town's climate on the southern tip of Africa has enabled it to become home to approximately 3000 species of plants, 361 species of birds and 83 species of mammals.

The honour was bestowed by the leader of the UN's City and Biodiversity Outlook Project, Thomas Elmqvist, a Swedish expert in natural resource management and urban landscapes.

His assessment comes in an article published yesterday as part of The Guardian's Cities project, with writer Feike de Jong reporting:
"The world's most biodiverse urban area, in raw numbers and with an understanding for its value, could be Cape Town." De Jong said Western Cape was home to half of all South African's mammal species."Baboons, ostriches and zebras live in Table Mountain National Park. Whales, seals and otters swim off its shores.""

To us at Green Map, this is especially meaningful, and something many of our projects work hard to address:

"But the city's biodiversity was under threat as its human population grew. "Some 318 types of plants, 22 types of birds and 24 types of animals are in danger of extinction. But Cape Town is taking a variety of measures to protect and preserve this incredible natural asset." De Jong's report, as part of a series funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, said calculating cities' biodiversity was complicated."

Keep up the great work, Cape Town! We all hope to see your beautiful, biodiverse city some day, and learn more about what it takes to keep everything in balance!