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Changes: 2007-2014

Before the Craik Green Map was even completed, I knew that an update would soon be needed. Almost a year later, only a handful of maps remain, and there is a growing list of new "green" features to add to the next map. The online green map has been useful to show updates without creating a new print version.
Back in 2007, from my own new home in the area, I could see a young family breaking ground for an off-grid studio and home. The hemp processing mill was still slated to be constructed in the fall (fell through). An international school planned to develop facilities and programming in the area, focusing on entrepreneurial skills and sustainable living. The facility has been completed, and has seen a few students enrol, but it has been slower to develop than expected. In rural Saskatchewan, where a dozen schools were closing in 2007 year due to declining populations, this was a BIG DEAL.
The fantastic thing about this local resurgence of development and activity is that it is a chance to do things differently, to do things right (ie. no "cookie-cutter" suburban developments or big box stores; instead it is an opportunity to develop alternative housing and building material;, green houses and farmer's markets represent the direction this area is heading!)
My wife and I began planting a small cherry orchard behind the house this weekend (2007). Living in this community, it goes without saying that this is going to be a pesticide-free, hands-on venture.
It is now 2014. Some of the changes we expected have come true, some have not. Please check out our community in person or online for more information, networking or volunteer opportunities.
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