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Become a Green Mapmaker

We welcome your participation in this vibrant global movement. We hope that you have reviewed some of the profiles in the Maps section, and read through the Introduction and FAQ in this section.

Now, Get Ready!

First, check if a Green Map project is already underway in your area (check here – or use the Search Box). If it’s active, contact the Mapmaker and see if you can get involved. If there are no existing Green Map projects or if your specific project scale is different, you can begin the registration process.

Since our online forms are both your Official Registration and your Public Profile, we encourage you to download the RTF versions below, then review them with your project partners and draft your responses offline. The most important documents are translated (T), and linked here. Optional (O) documents provide more background – all can be downloaded below.

Prepare your responses in English, then return to this website, click Become a Mapmaker on the lower left, and complete the online form (estimated time, less than 1 hour).

This list is in the same order as it appears online. You can download each individually or as a zipped set.

Important Documents

English - Simplified Chinese - Chinese Traditional - Español - Indonesian

Explanation of Mapmakers Agreement and Release (view online) (Download - English) - Chinese Traditional - Simplified Chinese - Español - Indonesian - Japanese)

Mapmaker Agreement - Official Version (view online) (Download - English - Simplified Chinese)

Mapmaker Release Form - official version (view online)(Download - English)

Useful Documents

Glossary (definitions) (view online) (Download - English) -

Choosing Your Organizational Type (used with online Fee Calculator) (view online)(Download - English)

Service Support Fee Chart (used with online Fee Calculator) (view online) (Download – English)

Trademark Guidelines (view online) (Download - English)

Documents You Will Need Later

Green Map Profile - to be filled in after your registration is accepted (Download – English - Chinese Traditional - Simplified Chinese - Español - Indonesian - Japanese

Zipped Sets of All Documents

English - Chinese Traditional - Simplified Chinese
- Español - Indonesian
- Japanese

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