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Green Map Atlas

Our multimedia anthology of Green Mapmaking stories, the Green Map Atlas, was produced in 2004 by Green Map System and Green Map Japan. The website features 10 exemplary projects from Asia and North America, downloadable as an eBook (glossary) or by the chapter in English or Japanese, along with background on the project’s development and the many contributors to it. As one of the direct outcomes of our first Global Green Mapmakers Meeting, the Green Map Atlas inspired the 2007 re-development of this, especially the Maps section!

The Green Map Atlas has reached thousands of readers in eBook, CD-Rom and book formats – indeed, over 200,000 copies were downloaded within two years! The Atlas has been published in Chinese too, as part of Society of Wilderness’s Energetic Green Map Movement book. Find out more at The Green Map Store carries our books and media projects – support our work by purchasing a copy.

“As a dematerialised product (PDFs), a digitised product (CD-ROM) and a locally printed edition, the Atlas enables individuals to access it in the most appropriate way.” Alastair Fuad-Luke, The Eco-Design Handbook (UK)