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Malmo SE 99

Malmö's Story 1999 covers the creation of two editions (1997 and 1999) of this city and countryside Green Map. It was the first Green Map to achieve a second edition in print. The story describes the inspiration that spurred the creation of the Green Map, the team, the process and the obstacles encountered; improvements in the second edition, as well as plans for the future. Some of the lessons that current Green Mapmakers may find useful for their projects include:
- It is vital to get official partners and sponsors that can help with the financing
- Make it a part of a bigger sustainability campaign
- If possible, do not work on a too tight schedule
- Environmental information to the public, like Green Maps, should always be free to obtain

Author: Tor Fossum in Sweden, 1999.

You can download this story as a pdf using the link to the attachment at the bottom of this page. The links cited in this story are:

Malmö Project Website

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