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We're sorry - as of March 28 2014, Widgetbox went out of business and our widgets disappeared - we hope to replace these soon

• Explore locally published Green Maps uploaded by Green Mapmakers in hundreds of locales. Each visitor can choose to see these powerful expressions in random order, or by newest first, etc. It’s Transformative!

Whether you cover green issues, want to raise awareness of the power of community engagement or showcase collaborative innovation, these widgets are ideal. Adding a Green Map widget supports our effort to expand the demand for healthier, greener choices, strengthen networks and help successful model initiatives spread to even more communities.

Add the code for any of these widgets to your website or blog and make a meaningful contribution to the worldwide movement toward sustainability community development. We are delighted to share the widgets and a press release with you.

Widget Design

I think the one on the bottom should be moved more to the top of this promotions page... it is in my opinion the most likely to be integrated into websites and blogs and so should be placed in a more headline like position.

Very useful and beautiful

Great Widgets! I want to know what's local and green!

Uniformity and widget control

These widgets are all nice looking, but not exactly useful to the map makers other websites. They are all different sizes and have no sizing control for the end user. Makes my page look pretty crappy.

***Additionally, where is a widget to just show our local map?***

This has great local uses and it would be great to just be able to show the maps without your whole website wrapped around it. What is the use of that? We get tons and tons of javascript errors doing it this way and any local outreach we want to do is totally stymied when we have them completely leave our site for yours.

All told, this is a really great idea and if you really opened it up a bit for more ability to use this tool in our own websites, the more effective the goal of the project is.

your comment

hi Rudy,

Please send in an email with a screenshot, we are not sure what you are explaining here and can probably help you. Let us know which Green Map is yours as well.

You can show just the map without our site around it, see for an example of how the Open Green Map widget works (on the upper left). You can select centerpoint, background map, scale etc.

You can also see our green site search widget on the lower right.


Thank you for this widget and it was a great idea to speak about envirement throughout a useful widget which we use daily in our life. Some of the Green Maps I already found. I totaly agree about showing the maps with your whole website wrapped around it, but if the java part could be substituted with another alternative maybe static base or something else to avoid errors. In general it is good idea, thank you much.