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University Engagement

Our work with universities has involved students, faculty and facilities personnel and engaged the surrounding community in many parts of the world, as seen our webpage oriented toward student engagement. The case studies presented here provide insight about recent interaction in just one of the regions in which we have experience, New York City, where our headquarters is based.

Adaptable Green Mapmaking resources can be utilized by individual students, class projects or entire departments. Outcomes include interactive and printed Green Maps, thesis papers, orientation resources, curriculum development, awards, partnerships in conservation initiatives and integrated sustainability planning for the future.

Do institutes of higher learning in your city have exciting new ways to match programmatic needs with the demands of today's students? Is your campus embarking on a sustainability retrofit and engagement program to reduce its climate and environmental impacts? Are students being challenged to lead and thrive in today's unpredictable economy? Get inspired by these case studies and highlights:

Curriculum, Engagement and Research

Green Mapmaking was central to the 'Charting Sustainability in the Real World' course developed and taught by our director at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study (syllabus). Her student's Green Map of the campus made in 2002 contributed to the formation of a campus wide sustainability program. In 2009, working under an NYU Green Grant from that program, the NYU Open Green Map shown below got underway. With NYU student interns, we created a resource guide for educators, and tourism management students were the first to utilize it. Interns from planning, environment and education programs continue to work with us – there's even a Stern School of Business doctorate student researching our movement's unique contribution to the clean tech revolution. While these students are nearby, Green Map staff mentors many students and educators via the internet who want to help their campus and community make the shift to green. You can also see this map with its legend and more at

Bringing Campus and Community Concerns

Harlem EcoMappers is the 2009 Green Map project that grew from discussions with our staff about ways to energize the growing 'green faith' and environmental justice movements in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. The Earth Institute's Center for the Study of Science and Religion brought students, religious leaders and community activists together for customized training with Green Map staff. Outcomes include this video.

Eco Tourism and International Partnerships

A presentation at Green Map System preceded a neighborhood tour when Dr. Claudia Green and Pace University' hospitality and tourism management students were planning ways to support emerging eco-tourism businesses in Parati Brazil, Italy and New York's Chinatown. Their community engaged Green Map projects brought local economic development officers insightful new perspectives on the value and implementation of ecotourism.

Claudia Green and class at Green Map in 2007, shown with a front page newspaper story about their project

Social Innovation Amplification

Recently funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Parsons The New School of Design DESIS program is amplifying local social innovation. In assisting Parsons in meeting its development goals and defining Green Mapmaking as a core activity, a new approach to low cost, high touch community engaged learning and creativity will be supported by Green Map System in 2010-2011.

We believe our experience, our tools and our network can help your campus make the shift. Contact us for information on our services and an intelligent, scalable approach today.