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Port Richmond Green Mappers

Port Richmond, Staten Island - New York - United States - North America
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Port Richmond Summer Leadership Academy
Julie Behrens
Project leader
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Port Richmond Green Mappers are discovering the history and planning the future of our great Staten Island neighborhood!

Statement of Purpose

The Port Richmond Greenmappers came together in the summer of 2014 to explore the history and envision the future of our neighborhood, Port Richmond, Staten Island. Port Richmond is one of five neighborhoods located on Staten Island's north shore. This historic place was one of the early settlements in the New York region, established by Dutch sailors in the early 1800s. Located at the foot of the Bayonne Bridge with views to New York harbor and the Kill Van Kull waterway, Port Richmond is home to a working waterfront that serves the New York Container Terminal and ships arriving with cargo from around the world.

Despite it's fascinating history, Port Richmond is now confronting environmental justice concerns with contaminated waterfront sites left from current and past heavy industrial uses. Poverty, health outcomes and rapid demographic changes are other challenges in the area. Meanwhile, the waterfront has great potential for future development and many stakeholders are now in the planning phase on a number of projects.

Port Richmond Green Mappers are a group of 12 students from Port Richmond High School who were selected for the Summer Leadership Academy sponsored by the Port Richmond Partnership and Wagner College, a local university. Working over the course of three summers, we will explore the past, present and future of our neighborhood and create maps to educate residents and newcomers about the our vision for the future of Port Richmond.

This project is a collaboration between the Wagner College Summer Leadership Academy, Port Richmond High School, Project Urbanista and the Friends of Faber Park.

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