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Curitiba Brasil

Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - Latin America
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Departamento de Ciência e Gestão da Informação - DECiGI - UFPR
+ 21 - 55 - 41 - 3360 4420
Departamento  Ciência e Gestão da Informação
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The DeCiGI is one of several UFPR´s departments located in the city of Curitiba, Parana. The DeCiGI is an undergraduate and a research community that crosses the boundaries of sociology, library science, information science, information technology, linguistic, business and strategy.

Statement of Purpose

The UFPR´s (Universidade Federal do Paraná) Department of Information Science and Management (DeCiGI) along with the Bothanical Museum of Curitiba is glad to announce that will host in Curitiba the first Information Management Conference: SuGestao 2009. Its main subject is "Information Management and Social, Sustainable and Regional Development".

The Conference presents information management as a social, environmental and organizational development process through the use of information products and technologies. The conference will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Information Management Undergraduate Course.
The objective is to offer participants a way they can enrich themselves both culturally and intellectually in terms of sustainable knowledge, therefore improving their lifes.
Will be offered lectures to community. The many icons from GreenMap will be exposed aside of the district maps of the city of Curitiba, all over the site, in order to involve the community letting them recognize, identify and point out their concerns and their knowledge about the place/location where they live in.
Besides identifying and pointing out both their concern and knowledge over the maps, the conference aims to motivate them to make a draw of their surroundings.
Moreover, team members will be hold responsible for verifying information accuracy and therefore it will be inserted in the Curitiba´s Green Map.
At the event, it will be displayed the actual GreenMap website through the use of a projector. It will show people how team members actually are inserting the information into the website.
The construction of the map demands both iconographic and semantic information, which brings together multidisciplinary areas as geoprocessing, geography, environmental education, city planning, public policies, engineering.
Another important fact is that the community will get to know and get involved with the classification regarding these information, which are internationally recognized and used by GreenMap.

Local Language Overview

O Departamento de Ciência e Gestão da Informação, representando a Universidade Federal ao Paraná, em parceria com o Museu Botânico Municipal de Curitiba, realiza I Jornada de Gestão da Informação: SuGestão 2009, cujo tema principal é "A GESTÃO DA INFORMAÇÃO E O DESENVOLVIMENTO".
A Jornada tem como objetivo disponibilizar conteúdos e meios interativos que ressaltem a função da gestão da informação nos processos de desenvolvimento organizacional, social e ambiental, via produtos informacionais. Atividades específicas serão programadas para promover a interação dos participantes com o meio ambiente, privilegiando a informação e a reflexão para sustentabilidade.

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