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Detroit - Michigan - United States - North America
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Sustainable Detroit
Deanne Bednar
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Sustainable Detroit provides a gateway to sustainability efforts in and around Detroit.

Statement of Purpose

Sustainable Detroit represents the efforts of many people and organizations around Detroit who have put in tremendous effort on behalf of the city and region to build a better future in this post-industrial age. Sustainable Detroit itself is just a gateway of information to those varied and tremendous efforts. It does not begin to completely catalog those efforts, but it is a starting point for understanding the wealth of good work that occurs here.

We have been committed to being a source of information on sustainability efforts that is not "owned" by any one organization or perspective. While not registered as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity, neither is it a privately owned company. It's just a website, folks. Run by volunteers. And fueled by a lot of love.

Starting in 2009, Sustainable Detroit restructured itself. While still primarily fueled by volunteer work, it is also officially endorsed and guided by it's anchor organizations, key institutions for sustainability in Detroit. These anchor organizations are: City of Detroit Green Task Force, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, Greening of Detroit, Transportation Riders United and WARM Training Center.

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