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Monroe (Monroe ) - MI - United States - North America
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River Raisin Institute
Sharon Venier
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We sponsor educational works with the goal to respect, nurture, and promote the well-being of all creation.

Statement of Purpose

Our green map project is called The Resilient Monroe Green Map Kit and includes: 1) a printed 11”x17” green map pinpointing fresh local food resources including farmer’s markets, community gardens, restaurants and grocery stores that source local food, recycling and composting locations, and fresh food donation sites. The back side of the map provides information on recycling and composting, creating habitats for pollinators, and food bank locations. 2) A small booklet (4.25” x 5”) that will serve as a passport and green mapping sketch book for children. 3)Plywood medallions that can be worn as pins, added to key rings, or worn on a necklace, and will help spread the word through a grassroots method. 4) Large scale (3’ x 4’) interactive community maps at the Monroe Township, Frenchtown Township, and the City of Monroe libraries. These extend the range of the area that is being mapped, and invite the public to plot their findings on the public maps. Resilient Monroe Green Map Kits will be available at the libraries, and those who contribute to the community map can have their booklets stamped.

Each of these pieces intend to tap into the community’s awareness of their surroundings, and engage them in making thoughtful food—and more broadly, environmental—choices. Involving children is a way to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

The Resilient Monroe Green Map Kit will first be distributed on World Food Day, October 16, 2017. Materials will be provided to sixteen Monroe area K-5 schools through the existing RRI Climate Literacy Programs. And other community outlets will be pursued including the Monroe County Earth Day Expo in April 2018.

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