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Temecula California

Temecula (CA ) - United States - United States - North America
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Blanca's Vineyard
Blanca Price
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I am Blanca from Blanca's Vineyard and I am a Moringa Grower , Educator and Volunteer, Bee Keeper, Aesthetic Pruner, Master Composter, Vineyard Grower, Landscape Architect, and hold an MBA with a GIS emphasis... AKA: Green Queen! I love what I do!!

Statement of Purpose

• To establish mapping of Moringa growers and educators to support global health and education.
• To facilitate input, communication and logistics for enhancing production and maintaining Moringa harvesting standards.
• To combat malnutrition in developing countries by providing ongoing education and production exchange relationships between growers, educators, students, and users of Moringa.
• To establish provisions and criteria for Moringa storage and disaster relief aid to stricken areas around the world.
The Moringa-Green Map initiative is multi faceted. Moringa is one of the most nutritionally dense plants on the earth and all parts of the plant are edible. Not only is it used in cosmetics, food and feed, is used to combat malnutrition in disaster or underdeveloped countries. The thought of mapping initially began with the idea of forming connection of locations and information on Moringa as a local source of food relief for disaster stricken communities. Ultimately the map development would also strive to include other nutritionally dense plants sources and growing locations. My personal philosophy is a term that I teach and call Global Steward of Ecotecture. This combines natural and human designed Architecture to adapt and complement the Ecological environment to enhance and form lasting symbiotic relationships between all organisms.
I along with my husband John, the GIS Administrator here in the City of Temecula, have the combined knowledge and time to integrate GIS and maintain and update a Moringa Green Map on an ongoing basis. I am one of several educators who are part of the Moringa Team. I have begun to host classes on How to Grow Moringa on my property, Blanca's Vineyard, which one of my students has recently posted on u-tube. In the next few months will be 5-day sessions through a partnership with Our shared goal has always been to educate people about this life giving plant to promote health and combat malnutrition. Students have come from all over the world to carry this knowledge back to their countries. While we monitor those groves that we've assisted in establishing we also plan to include all Moringa Growers while continuing to be a resource for educating and promoting this truly amazing plant.

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