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Manhattan Ranger Conservation Corps

Manhattan - NY - United States - North America
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The Ranger Conservation Corps
Jonathan Kovacs
Project leader
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The Ranger Conservation Corps is an after-school program for high school students interested in the natural world or environmental issues. It is an opportunity to gain experience working with the Urban Park Rangers and to earn community service hours contributing to conservation projects around NYC.

Statement of Purpose

The Green Map of the Manhattan Ranger Conservation Corps charts project sites and local community resources featuring solutions to environmental issues in NYC with a focus on the city's watershed and urban heat island effect. Sites, impact stories, and accompanying multimedia are created by high school students based in Manhattan as they actively engage in conservation and education projects around the city, such as in street tree maintenance and water quality testing. The program is led by the Urban Park Rangers of the NYC Parks Department and the high school students come from a variety of backgrounds and a common purpose to promote stewardship of our environment. The mapping project is geared towards others looking for ways to give back to their community and connect with the natural world.

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