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Walk Colchester UK

Colchester - Essex - United Kingdom - Europe
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Walk Colchester
Rowena  Macaulay
Project leader
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Walk Colchester is a green community mapping initiative, which seeks to protect the local walking enironment and to promote pedetrianism for all.

Statement of Purpose

Walk Colchester exists to record, protect and enhance Colchester’s network of paths, trails, parks and green spaces, and to promote safe, enjoyable and informed pedestrianism for walkers of all ages and abilities. At the heart of the project is the Walk Colchester map which will ultimately support a range of pathway/walking information and tools, including: suggested leisure trails (nature, heritage and arts); walking tours and events, pedestrian route-finding facilities, and ‘supported walking’ tools, e.g. audio tours and ‘virtual’ (video/photographic) tours, enabling remote access to rural walks.
Through better mapping and auditing, WalkColchester seeks to encourage pedestrianism in Colchester as a primary form of transport and to advance the town as a ‘walkable neighbourhood’; longer-term it aims to support pathway planning, adoption and maintenance, to promote inclusive approaches to mapping, and to contribute towards enhanced classification of open spaces and pathway types.

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