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Jersey City NJ

Jersey City - New Jersey - United States - North America
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Sustainable Jersey City
Ashwani Vasishth
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Sustainable Jersey City is a Collaborative Network of green community groups and individuals within Jersey City who have come together to advance efforts to move the city toward a more sustainable future.

Statement of Purpose

There's more going on in Jersey City than meets the eye. There is an active and dynamic community effort underway to make JC greener. The purpose of this map is to capture that community knowledge, the projects and programs of all the various stakeholders across the city, and to help tell the really rich narrative of JC on this Green Map, both historically and for understanding our city in real-time so we can plan for our future. Another purpose of this map making enterprise is to use Green Map as a community building tool to encourage partnerships and neighborhood collaborations; also, we envision it as a way to bring municipal officials and community members together for planning discussions on sustainability initiatives throughout the city.

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