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Washington Township Morris County

Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey - New Jersey - United States - North America
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Washington Township Green Team
Andrew Coppola
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The Green Team is building a green map of Washington Township, please visit the sites on this map and suggest more to add!

Statement of Purpose

The Washington Township Green Team is working to promote sustainability in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. Towards the end, we will be cataloguing trails, parks and other recreational activities as well as places to buy local produce and green businesses business to encourage residents to buy local and businesses to green.
The Green Team is a varied group of volunteers made up of people with backgrounds in business, environmentalism, facility management and construction along with some township and school employees.
Washington Township comprisesalmost 45 square miles and covers Long Valley and Schooley's Mountain. It has a population of about 18,000.

Local Language Overview

Creating a sustainable community will require leadership, vision, and a commitment to starting the long-term journey toward sustainability. The Green Team will be the catalyst for creating an understanding of what sustainability means in Washington Township. The team will also be responsible for determining how to monitor and evaluate progress towards this goal.

The Green Team will lead and coordinate the sustainability activities of the community. This will be done by leveraging the skills and expertise of team members to develop plans, implement programs, coordinate with sustainable and green efforts in other communities and assist with educational opportunities that support the creation of a sustainable community. 

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