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South Plainfield NJ

South Plainfield - New Jersey - United States - North America
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South Plainfield Environmental Commission
John Lapinski
Project leader
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The South Plainfield Green Team is a diverse collective of borough residents, organized to examine and apply the principles of sustainability for the betterment of the community.

Statement of Purpose

The Borough of South Plainfield is located within Middlesex County, and has a population of approximately 24,000 over 8.4 sq mi. Rich in community and family pride, the borough is a great place for residents of all backgrounds and at any stage of life. Its strong and strategically placed commercial and industrial base help keep property taxes down and preserve the residential core of the community.

The South Plainfield Green Team is comprised of borough residents and associated members, with unique skill sets and levels of experience. This diverse group includes individuals with professional, political and educational backgrounds, throughout a variety of disciplines.

The South Plainfield Green Map seeks to influence present/future planning and policy decisions by identifying existing constraints and opportunities within the community. As opportunities for new development becomes increasingly scarce, the need for sound policy creation is paramount. Through the use of online software, the SP Green Map will act as an interactive tool for residents and green team members to collaborate for the betterment of the community. Important places and people (including sustainable, recreational, academic, civic, historical, faith-based, people of exceptional community knowledge, etc.) will be plotted, reviewed and discussed by users to achieve a greater awareness and perceived community value. This interaction will also afford incumbent decision makers the opportunity to better understand the use and needs of the borough, while connecting with individuals less likely to get involved in more traditional forms. Allowing all residents/users to share their thoughts will strengthen awareness and unite the community for a more sustainable future.

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