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Saint Lucia

St. Lucia (St. Lucia ) - Vieux Fort, St. Lucia - St. Lucia - North America
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Gems of Saint Lucia, LLC
Gems of Saint Lucia, LLC
Wilson Jn. Baptiste
631 703 7354
Non  English
About this Mapmaker

Gems of Saint Lucia is a Tourism Marketing Company aimed at marketing the Cultural and Heritage products on the island of St. Lucia.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this map is to provide visitors and others with an intimate knowledge of the specialty segment of St. Lucia's tourism industry. This map represents an aspect of the company which is geared towards providing interested with a diverse range of tools when exploring the touristic assets of St. Lucia.

Local Language Overview

My Green Map organization will serve as an additional tool to highlight the beauty of the island of St. Lucia and to point interested parties to the areas in which they are interested in a more efficient fashion.

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