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Long Beach California

Long Beach - California - United States - North America
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Long Beach Green Map
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K. Hatch
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K. Hatch Associate Professor
Physical Science Dept.
Long Beach City College

Statement of Purpose

The Long Beach Green Map project was initiated to encourage local students and residents of Long Beach to record geographically linked information regarding community resources that encourage the development of a sustainable city.

In 2007 the City of Long Beach established the Sustainable City Commission to make advisory recommendations to the City Council regarding environmental issues, resource conservation,environmental education and awareness in the city.

This Long Beach Green Map project endeavors to support one of the commission’s mandates to encourage input and participation by all sectors of the community regarding sustainability and the environment. Student volunteers from the community college environmental club and other interested Long Beach residents are encouraged to contribute place based sustainability/environmental information pertinent to Long Beach.

While the Long Beach Green Map focus is within the city boundaries it will highlight adjacent communities sustainable efforts if there is a geographic/environmental link to Long Beach.

Contributors to Long Beach Green Map are encouraged to identify positive sites and other hopeful signs of sustainability and opportunity in the community.

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