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Craik Saskatchewan

Craik (Craik ) - Saskatchewan - Canada - North America
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Craik Sustainable living Project
Paul Stinson
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The first completed version of our Green Map was developed to highlight the various "green" projects and features available in the area in and around Craik, Sakatchewan. Many of these features are the result of the efforts of members of the Craik Sustainable Living Project and other volunteers.

For the first version of our green map, I chose to use an aerial photograph of the area as a base, and overlaid the roads and icons to highlight key features, including both positive and negative sites as they occurred. One "eyesore" site was noted, and shortly after, the site was cleaned up!

The next phase of the project was to expand the focus on key areas in more depth (the developing eco-village and eco-centre areas) and adding new initiatives that have occurred since the first map was created. Unfortunately, the Eco-Centre facility burned down, with no plans to replace it, but other projects continue on.

According to the 2011 Canadian census, the population of the town of Craik is 453 (+11% from 2006) , an agricultural community promoting itself as the "Friendliest Place by a Dam Site". For almost a decade, community members worked passionately to help the community become a model for sustainable development, combining the efforts of the town, RM, local volunteers, and others inspired by the vision. The United Nations has recognized the area of Regina-Craik-Saskatoon as a "Green Corridor", which has been designated by UNESCO as RCE-Saskatchewan, one of four Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in Canada (over 100 established world wide).

Through the Craik Sustainable Living Project, local volunteers strive to promote sustainable development through education and action.

Local Language Overview

Organization overview in my local dialect: That there's a strange group there, eh - I spose they mean well bt they need to be realistic, eh. Jeez, this here is the heart of agriculture - farming country - always has been. Man, if they had their way we'd be pulling our dandelions by hand fergudnessakes. That's no way to gitterdun!

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