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Pierre South Dakota USA

Pierre - South Dakota - United States - North America
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Pierre Green Map Project
Brian Hemmelmen
Project leader
About this Mapmaker

We are a grassroots group interested in developing and promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability in Pierre.

Statement of Purpose

Pierre (pronounced peer and not pee-yair) is the capital of South Dakota. A community of about 16,000, Pierre is located on the Missouri River which contributes to the town’s topography (rolling hills ending in the floodplain), recreation (boating, fishing, camping), history (Lewis and Clark), and even climate (Pierre is a dot of USDA Zone 5 surrounded by Zone 4.)

The main industries are state government, health care, and tourism thanks to its central location in the state and proximity to good fishing and hunting. Pierre is considered a regional shopping center, drawing in residents from smaller communities in about a 90 mile radius. Being a hub translates to more and better amenities than what might be expected in a community of this size. The population is relatively well educated, financially stable, and community minded.

Pierre needs a green map project because it is a community with a high quality of life and a lot of assets that promote sustainability. This is not a coincidence in our mapmakers’ opinion. A green map project would inventory existing assets and promote them to the community. The first goal, therefore, is to use the green map to connect community members to the sustainability assets we have. Our objectives are to involve community members in the map’s development, facilitate community members’ participation in activities that promote sustainability i.e. recycling and biking, and identify asset providers to each other as well as potential partners for collaboration and co-operation.

The mapmakers anticipate this inventory will be the cornerstone for developing long term environmental and sustainability efforts. Using an asset based approach which builds upon existing resources to meet challenges, the inventory will be the starting point for expanding sustainability efforts to promote environmental, economic and social well-being.

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