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Singapore Green Map

Sngapore (Singapore ) - Singapore - Singapore - Asia
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Singapore Environment Council
+65-6337 6062
Soon Chung Lim
+65 6337 6062
About this Mapmaker

The Singapore Environment Council is a non-profit organisation that sees itself both as a catalyst to individual action and responsibility , and also as tree offering shelter and roots to green groups, in aid of a better world and a better Singapore.

Statement of Purpose

The Singapore Green Map is very much a part of the overall objective of the Singapore Environment Council. We needed a fun, engaging way to tell Singaporeans from all walks of life about the abundant natural resources that we are custodians of on our tiny island nation. When we heard about Green Maps in 1999, we immediately adopted the idea.

Singapore is a small city nation of 4.5 million people living on roughly 700 sqkm of land. The population is diverse, with Chinese, Malays and Indians making up the main groups. Because we are situated just a couple degrees north of the equator, there is an abundance of sunshine and rain and consequently an abundance of both terrestrial and aquatic life. The Singapore Green Map is able to show only the best of what's available.

We set out to create a map that would inform both locals as well as Singaporeans. For hundreds of years, Singapore has been at cultural crossroads, attracting multitudes of travellers. The map would be a good way to help travellers discover our natural treasures.

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