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Rennes Carte ouverte

Metro Rennes (Rennes Métropole ) - France, Ille-et-Vilaine, Rennes Métropole - France - Europe
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Rennes Metropole Green Map Project
Carte ouverte de Rennes Métropole
erik zilliox
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La Maison de la Consommation et de l'Environnement is a non-profit organisation with 17 members (17 associations, 10 of consumption, 6 of environment and 1 of open source). All of these members implement many common projects about consumption, environment and nutrition.

Statement of Purpose

We develop a local map on Rennes Métropole ( about 608 Km², 400 000 inhabitants. One of us know somebody from Cork who already set a local Green Map. We all find this project clever.

Our aim is to produce a map which shows key environmental areas and places where living more « sustainable ». The goals are to :
Strengthen local-global sustainability networks
Expand the demand for healthier, greener choices
Help successful initiatives spread to even more communities
To achieve this, we first implement a website map with Openstreetmap. Then, we will print a paper map. We get some contact with the FRAPNA and Cork to share experience.

materials: open sources such as Openstreetmap for implementing the web site. we hope to be ready for end 2008, beginning 2009. Later, we will print the map.

impacts : we are still working on this

Local Language Overview

Nous travaillons sur ce projet sur la base des logiciels libres (openstreetmap notamment). Visible sur Le site a été créé par Étienne Loks de l'association Gulliver.

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