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Green Map of Pilsen

Pilsen (Plzeň ) - Česká republika - Czech Republic - Europe
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Foster the City
Pěstuj prostor, z. s.
Marek Sivák
+420 777 593 692
About this Mapmaker

The Foster the City, registered association, was founded in 2014 to continue several projects created during the preparation of the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015, the projects include Foster the City programme, Pilsen Architecture Manual and the Greeen map of Pilsen.

Statement of Purpose

Czech Republic shares the main issue for all post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe - the topic of Public space, its use, regulation, ownership and degree of public involvement. The Green Map of Pilsen is a subproject in a wider portfolio of Pilsen 2015's (Plzeň 2015, o.p.s.) “Public Space and Community” project and will be interconnected with another subprojects. With this portfolio we aim to target public's attention to public space, raise its standard and prevent the city from further suburbanization and local deterioration.

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