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Galway City - Galway - Ireland - Europe
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Galway Green Map Project
Arlene Finn
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We are a group comprised of friends, communities, academics and local government interested in creating a Green Map for Galway City

Statement of Purpose

Galway City is situated on the west coast of Ireland. It is one if the fastest growing urban centres in the EU and had a population of 66,000 people in 2002. The city is known as the cultural capital of Ireland and has a wealth of history and architecture as well as being a key economic hub for the west coast of Ireland. The city centre is quite compact and everything thing in the city centre is within a ten-minute walk. The city has an active port and long beach promenade. In addition there is an abundance of water in the city – with it’s weir, numerous rivers and canals merging in the city centre, the city centre is a popular spot for keen fisherman – unusual in an urban context!

Drawing on experiences of other European and US cities our project aims to produce a green map for Galway City Centre. It is anticipated that the green map of Galway will bring people together to discuss their neighbourhoods and will help citizens and communities develop a sense of ownership of their localities. It also has the potential to develop eco-tourism in Galway. Research has already been carried out within the city on the physical environment - for example the City Habitats Map which identifies the wide variety of flora and fauna for the city of Galway. It is our opinion that the Green Map of Galway could complement this map as well as offer so much more.

Overall aim to produce an initial publicly accessible web based interactive map of Galway City Centre by October 2007.

Proposed time frame:
Jan-April: Initial couple of months spent publicising the mapping project and conducting workshops with community groups and open workshops for the interested members of the public.
May-June: Conduct workshops in schools with young people.
July-August: Collate the date and digitise the information – project a draft map and get feedback on it.
September: Launch draft map – Target audience: general public

Galway city is unique among Irish cities because of the strength of its Irish language, music, song and dancing traditions - it is often referred to as the 'Bilingual Capital of Ireland'. The city is well known for its ‘Irishness’, and mainly due to the fact that it has on its doorstep the Galway Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking area). The language is visible on the city streets, with bilingual signage on display on shops and road signs, and can be heard by locals around the city. We are particularly interested in incorporating this unique cultural aspect into our Green Map of Galway.

In addition, we are interested in exploring the possibility of including other dimensions to the interactive map – for example sounds, text descriptions and digital images of the spots/places that are identified.

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