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Baltimore (Baltimore ) - Maryland - United States - North America
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Baltimore Green Map
Janet  Felsten
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Discover. Enjoy. Learn. Take action!...our Green Maps encourage the discovery, use and stewardship of the Baltimore region’s natural, cultural and green living resources for city residents and visitors alike.

Statement of Purpose

Baltimore Green Map grew from a first project in 2007 to an independent 501(c)(3) in 2011. Our goal is to provide geographically-linked information about local resources and to map progress toward creating a healthier, more sustainable environment in Baltimore City. Our maps are tools for consciousness-raising and constituency-building toward environmental stewardship activities and political advocacy. The more people value and use the existing environmentally-oriented educational, recreational, economic, social, cultural, and civic resources, the more our city will grow and prosper. Read our Map the Positive! blog for more about why we do what we do.

Baltimore, Maryland is a city of 640,000 people. Its four urban watersheds are all feeders to the larger ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Restoring the health of the Bay is a hot regional topic, as well as access to healthy food, exercise opportunities, waste management, water quality, park stewardship, mobility via bicycle and effective public transit, and community greening.

Our first print project, the Jones Falls Trail Green Map, made its debut on September 21st, 2008 at the Jones Falls' Rally for the River! a festival that turned the northbound lanes of our interstate highway over to strollers, bikers, roller bladers, etc. for a Sunday celebration. We printed 10,000 copies, all gone within 16 months. This map covered the entire Baltimore City portion of the watershed. The centerpiece is the trail, partly built, partly still under construction. An inset map of Druid Hill Park, our largest urban park, has 50 listings within the park itself! We want to help the trail be successful as a commuter and recreational path as we illustrate the many resources that can be accessed by using it. In the years since, those resources have greatly expanded. We will revise and reprint this map in 2013.

Next we partnered with Towson University on the Towson Green Maps graphic design studio in Spring 2009. Students created five wonderful themed maps. The university administration chose to print 10,000 copies of the campus map to distribute at the start of the Fall semester.

In Spring 2010, we did our first neighborhood-scale and youth mapping projects in one diverse and very resource-rich neighborhood. We have continued these initiatives in subsequent years with different schools and neighborhoods. We hope to instigate an international virtual exchange among Green Mapmaking students from many countries the near future.

Fall 2010, we published a stand-alone map of Druid Hill Park. In summer of 2012 we mounted a successful Kickstarter (crowd-sourced funding) Campaign to produce the Druid Hill Park Passport. Published in Spring 2013, it is keyed to the Druid Hill Park Green Map and uses Green Map icons as "stamps" to be gained when each activity in the park is completed and recorded within its pages.
All the while we've been making great use of Open Green Map, getting lots of site nominations and kudos. Thanks, Green Map System!

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