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Mount Tolmie

Mount Tolmie (Saanich ) - British Columbia - Canada - North America
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Mount Tolmie Commmunity Association
250- 472-2246
Jessica Lansfield
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The Mount Tolmie Community Association has been organized to foster a sense of community identity and pride among Saanich Residents who live in the Mount Tolmie area.

Statement of Purpose

This is a collaborative, community-based participatory research project between Mt. Tolmie Community Association and an academic co-researcher from the University of Victoria. The aim of this project is to engage Mt. Tolmie residents in the development of an assets-based community mapping project and to better understand and reflect upon the process of MTCA's strategies for social engagement. A wide range of approaches will be used to collect and analyze data from a number of different sources and groups within the Mount Tolmie neighbourhood. The information obtained throughout this project will be used to develop a community map, inform the community association's future strategic planning, and potentially influence policy.

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