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City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town - Western Cape Province - South Africa - Africa & Middle East
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The City of Cape Town
Arne Purves
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The City of Cape Town's unique environment is its greatest asset, making it one of the most sought after urban areas in the world, both to live and work in and as a tourist destination. Located within the Cape Floristic Kingdom, the smallest and most diverse of the world’s six floral kingdoms, the city is not only an economic hub but also a biodiversity hot spot of international importance.

Statement of Purpose

The vision of the Cape Town Green Map is to map hot spots of green areas and ecologically-oriented activities of Cape Town. It showcases different sustainable projects, biodiversity hotspots, eco-tourism sites, biological production and agriculture as well as eco-friendly transport and sustainable technologies. The primary objective of the Green Map is to make Capetonians and visitors aware of opportunities to visit and experience Cape Town’s wealth of natural resources and sustainable living options.

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